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Guru WAR in Narayana Maharaja Camp (ISKCON) ys pd

Demand of Sripad Madhava Maharaja and
Brajanath Prabhu
May 13, 2011 — May 1, 2011 at 2:02 AM Dear Sripad Madhava Maharaja, Brajanath Prabhu, Srila Gurudeva's Advisory Committee, Bhakti Trust International, respected interested devotees: Dandavat pranams, all glories to Srila Guru and Sri Gauranga!
On a personal note; Srila Gurudeva, by his causeless mercy, has forged and maintains a very nice personal relationship between Madhava Maharaja, Brajanath Prabhu and myself, Jamuna Prasad. Regardless of some disagreements, legal or otherwise indicated below, I trust we will remain friends and certainly god brothers going forward.
As you all know much better than me, Guru instructs in many ways, both by what he does and what he does not do. What Srila Gurudeva clearly, morally, legally, and indisputably instructed, with regard to the following specific matters, is evidenced by both spoken and recorded words and legally executed and legally binding documents.
1. Sanyasi Council:
a. Srila Gurudeva created the Sanyasi Council (SC) to instruct and spiritually advise His Sanga, spread His mission worldwide, speak Hare katah to His Sanga members, initiate disciples as they see fit or feel qualified to do, and other valuable spiritual activities. 2. Bhakti Trust International:
a. Srila Gurudeva legally formed Bhakti Trust International (BTI) and delegated management and administration of all the assets of His estate through his legally binding last will and testament. BTI helped form and actively participates (via board membership and oversight) in the financial execution arm of the Trust, Bhakti Projects (BP) which has full transparently, professionally and legally executes its responsibilities as a US registered, internationally recognized, and fully compliant non-profit organization. BP handled Srila Gurudeva's assets when He was physically with us, and now that He is not, is still doing this service continuously under the guidance of BTI. 3. Various worldwide Trusts:
a. Srila Gurudeva encouraged and participated in numerous trusts necessary to legally execute His mission, hold title to real property, and provide facilities to the Sanga. Venu (UK), IGVS (LA), Houston Temple Trust, IGVT (Delhi), GVST (India) are just a few that come to mind. These Trusts are primarily, or should be, managed by grihastras, advised in spiritual matters by Sanyasis, and their duties are clearly to provide facilities such as buildings, prasadam, water, and electricity for Sanyasis, brahmacharies, and the Sanga in order to meet in association. Nowhere has it been said these organizations, in our Sanga, control spiritual advisory.
Nowhere did Srila Gurudeva instruct anyone whether spoken, recorded, in writing or in legally binding documents authorize some of the following activities that are recently being perpetrated in the Sanga by Madhava Maharaja, Brajanath Prabhu and GVST.
1. Madhava Maharaja is not Acaraya, nor is he Chairman or in any other way a person of legally authorized power in Srila Gurudeva's Sanga. He is only one of several "humble and cooperative" members of BTI, the Sanyasi Counsel, and may from time to time be chairman of some Indian Trust within their natural rotation of duties. From reports received both from members of Srila Gurudeva's Sanga and those outside the Sanga, Madhava Maharaja is exhibiting disturbing commanding and controlling behavior within several of our affiliated Maths in India. He has been reported to be Interrupting hare katah speakers, taking an inordinate amount of time speaking, ordering math managers to do this or do that in the physical operation of the math, and taking money from them. These are a few of the disconcerting activities reported. Additionally we have witnessed flippant and disrespectful emails sent to devotees from both Madhava Maharaja and Brajanath Prabhu indicative of further unwarranted delusions of "entitlement to power" on their part. Generally these behaviors would not be noteworthy, but are particularly disturbing in our devotee community especially in light of financial abuses noted below.
2. Neither Brajanath Prabhu nor Madhava Maharaja are Chief Financial Officer(s) for the Sanga or executer(s) of Srila Gurudeva's estate: Brajanath Prabhu is one of several "humble and cooperative" members of BTI, BP, and nicely serves the Vishnavas in whatever capacity he is capable. He has no special authority over the disposal of Srila Gurudeva's remaining assets. Forensic financial accounting and personal investigations have uncovered facts leading to the allegation that Brajanath Prabhu and Madhava Maharaja are personally controlling from $150,000 to, in excess of, $300,000 in Srila Gurudeva's assets consisting of both cash, book inventories, and other personal property. These assets rightly belong under the control of BTI, per the above referenced probate documents of Srila Gurudeva's, and their illegal use constitutes fraud and unlawful conversion to site just a few legal violations.
3. GVST has no authority to manage the spiritual aspect of Srila Gurudeva's Sanga: GVST has no right to issue, nor does Brajanath Prabhu have the right to widely distribute, childish and unprofessional memos purporting to give them some exclusive right to initiate disciples in India. Their gross error of judgment in this matter, as well as other recent revelations as to errors, intentional or otherwise, regarding the content of brochures distributed to Bengalis at this year's Navadweepa Parikarama are further indications this group is quickly becoming, or being revealed to be, a rogue organization within our Sanga. Considering Madhava Maharaja's recent behavior noted above, his assumption of chairmanship of this group is further cause for worry.
Regarding unwarranted commanding behavior and childish attempts to gain control over some aspects of Srila Gurudeva's Sanga by Madhava Maharaja and GVST:
This particular matter is best left handled by the Sanyasi Council, BTI, and senior devotees. I am pleased to note the rising tide of indignation from individuals in these groups confronting this matter in a dignified and polite way via quotes on instructions from Gurus in our Parampara. I pray this will be sufficient to correct the improper behavior and confident in propriety of this approach.
Illegal conversion of Srila Gurudeva's assets: This is a legal matter and will be handled as such. It involves Brajanath Prabhu and Madhava Maharaja as well as possible accomplices and coconspirators. A few of the legal issues at stake here are; Illegal conversion, felony fraud, tax evasion, and money laundering, among others.
The fact Srila Gurudeva and Madhava Maharaja were and are US citizens as well as the fact Srila Gurudeva's will was executed and drafted under US law make this particularly easy to prosecute. The crimes alleged here are also applicable in Europe and of course India and will be perused there as well. Additionally there likely may in fact be additional codefendants, especially in India. It is important to note that these allegations are both criminal and civil. Many cases in the Indian Sanga have been only civil. The size of the criminal allegation makes it a felony under US law, with extradition and imprisonment a real possibility.
Madhava Maharaj and Brajanath Prabhu, to avoid further action, you have until no later than midnight GMT April 30, 2011 to report fully and completely to BTI, Gurudeva's lawful asset management designate, all the assets of Srila Gurudeva's you have under your control. You have until no later than midnight GMT May 07, 2011 to surrender all Srila Gurudeva's assets to BTI. This will end the matter and we will be pleased to sign a stipulation to that affect.
Your failure to take this opportunity to settle the matter completely, thoroughly, morally, and legally will result in unrelenting pursuit of all legal remedies both civil and criminal. The pursuit of this matter will include civil and criminal law suits, including but not limited to filing of legal actions in all relevant jurisdictions such as Holland, United States, Europe, India, and any other relevant jurisdiction. In the absence of full compliance with these demands I strongly suggest you consult legal consul to plumb the depths of your, and possible codefendants collective exposure in this matter.
I pray you will merely comply with these reasonable demands and end the matter civilly, clearing your reputation and your obvious misunderstanding of your authority and responsibility for administering Srila Gurudeva's assets after his departure. It would be wonderful for you to resume your valuable service with other devotees as part of the organizations Srila Gurudeva established to serve him after his departure.
Please carefully consider this matter for the good of yourselves and the Sanga.
Yours in service
Jamuna Prasad

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