Monday, May 2, 2011

ISKCON gurus fake and unreliable ys pd (05/02/11)

Natrajan Sinha: What is the similarity between the Iskcon gurus post 1977 and the Chinese products? Actually, both are fake and unreliable. P.S. Srila Prabhupada is the real n genuine spiritual master of Iskcon temples. Imagine that Olympics and commonwealth games decided to incorporate 'cheating award.' Rest assured, Iskcon bogus gurus will carry off all the awards. No body can beat them in this  Their prominent achievements: Killing gurus, sex with anybody and everybody, siphoning off the money earmarked for temple work, pedophiles, resorting to any cheap business which will give there selfish motives leg up, making changes in ... the real books, browbeating and intimidating the devotees who raise a stink, spreading notorious rumor to slander the good name of the real n genuine devotees, expert impersonators etc .The list is very long. Therefore, they win hands down.

Rosalba Rukmini Ramana: Ahahahahahah! These is funny too! Your're well humor today! You made a joke with the iskcon gurus! Why you do'nt make a weekly comic magazine with your friends. There a lot to write and paint!

Muralidhara Kg what natrajan sun is on west (morning).

Natrajan Sinha: ‎Rosalba Rukmini Ramana - It sounds hilarious but it s packed with fact.Is not it ? The spurious gurus parade themselves as the liberating gurus but they r t most conditioned. Yesterday, an incident invigorated me to get my acts together against the rouges.

Natrajan Sinha: ‎Rosalba Rukmini Ramana - Painting is not my cup of tea. I will continue to blow the whistle on the grotesque deeds hatched by all these unauthorized gurus. It will save some innocent people.

Rosalba Rukmini Ramana Ok. Someone else can take up my idea!

Natrajan Sinha ‎Muralidhara Kg- Namaskar sir - Dear sir, the sun is very much on the east side. During the MBA days, I did not raise questions in your account classes but I am redeeming the loss now. Since, u r a vaisnava, u know the importance of the spiritual master. He must be pure, bona fide and authorized. From earthly point of view, Srila Prabhupada disappeared in 1977 and duly signed a letter which promulgated that he would continue to be the spiritual master of Iskcon. And, the real association hinges on following the instructions. Physical presence was underlined. But, the self motivated disciples especially the foreigners concealed the letter and announced themselves as the diksha gurus. They started attacking the persons who tried to blow the lid on this matter (they have killed few devotees also), embezzling money meant for deity worship, molesting young boys, sex with the female disciples, many of them are still gay, made changes in the books of Srila Prabhupada which Prabhupada vehemently opposed. Sir, i am only trying to bring the facts on the surface which have been swept under the carpet. Srila Prabhuapada gives pure love of Krsna and will take the disciples to the real and eternal abode of Krsna whereas the maxim which enunciates the bogus guru position is, "Blind leading the blind and they both fall into pit .'' Prabhupada said ,'' SURRENDER WITH INTELLIGENCE , DO NOT SURRENDER YOUR INTELLIGENCE.'' I can support my claim with 100% evidence.

PADA The GBC's spokesman, Jayadvaita swami (Jay Israel) wrote that in ISKCON their acharyas are sometimes (ok many times) found to be "engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children." Apparently, slime bag sex fiends are qualified to be ach...aryas in their group. I almost forgot to mention, some of their "shaksat hari tvena" gurus have been caught taking drugs, listening to 1940s Jazz, watching football on TV, going gambling in Nevada, dating minor aged girls, living in four star hotels while the deity lives with cock roaches, bed bugs and rats, and so on. Yes, this sounds like a bona fried prampara to me. ys pd

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