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A few Words About Bangalore Yatra

May 23 2011, India — Hare Krishna, I have read your article by “ISKCON Correspondent”. I was appalled at the opinion given by the correspondent in the name of update on ISKCON Bangalore vs. ISKCON Mumbai Court case. Let me dissect all the points in this update categorized into various headings. Firstly it has come from an Anonymous, which means that either the author does not exist or someone is trying to impersonate oneself.

No authorship of the article indicates that he wishes to hide many things which itself is a sign of suspicious character. One of the main things being “Fear of contempt of Court” since he is openly mocking the Indian judicial system. It will be gentlemanly and brahminical for him to openly state who he is so that he can stand to his false claims.

On the whole this so-called correspondent equates the victory of ISKCON Bangalore with an individual that is Madhu Pandit Prabhu. He mocks the Harinama Diksha ceremony recently held at ISKCON Bangalore. He says that the properties and preaching of Prabhupadanugas in Bangalore is a “loot”. And he claims that TAPF is in a state of turmoil with in-fights between the trustees.

I wish to clarify that all these points are baseless allegations and just continuation of the unelected GBC and the guru hoaxer’s malicious plans, in which they have been very successful for past 30 years and a consequences of which has stolen/looted the followers and the temples of Prabhupada being engulfed by the guru-mara consciousness. In the past also many and many disciples of Srila Prabhupada have raised the issue of these gurus being unqualified and being hounded out of the movement by being accused of being materialistic and power hungry. History has witnessed all their atrocities.

This local Bangalore correspondent has been trained nicely by his guru His Holiness Jaya Pataka Maharaja and has seemed to imbibe that same spirit to attack Madhu Pandit Prabhu and coins this whole fight for re-establishing Srila Prabhupada as the diksha guru in ISKCON, as a personal fight. This fight is actually a hope for reestablishing Prabhupada as the sole diksha guru of ISKCON and sampradacharya of ISKCON.

Why this propensity of considering it as personal property/fight in you? I will give the reason, because all the guru hoaxers consider ISKCON as their personal property (as whole devotee community knows). It is their fields. Their consciousness is actually allowing them to think it as the loot from Prabhupada and his ISKCON. By actually calling it as a personal fight, it is like seeing the devotional service to Krishna on a very mundane platform, which is obviously an offense.

Madhu Pandit Prabhu is doing his service as a President as any President was doing previously and would do in such a case. We have many devotees serving here with Prabhupada as a centre. Everything here is offered to Krishna through Prabhupada.

That is the system we are following here. It is not a loot to anyone. All devotees have dedicated their lives and serving under the direction of an authorized President who is doing his duty as per the instructions of Srila Prabhupada. And we have many such temples like that.

The fight is actually between Prabhupadanugas and guru-hoaxers and not only Madhu Pandit Prabhu. We all understand this well. All devotees are supporting this not just sentimentally but after scrutinizingly and intelligently studying the July 9th Directive and Direction of Management (DOM) Letter by Srila Prabhupada. You all quote yourself on logic and not on sadhu, shastra or guru pramana. This itself is faulty.

Regarding the in-fights, there are actually no in-fights amongst the trustees in Akshaya Patra. In fact after the house committee report (Link), the operations of Akshaya Patra have even further improved. They are all very happy since they know that the house committee report proves the credibility of ISKCON and Madhu Pandit Prabhu to a greater extent.

And it is an established fact. Being inside the organisation it is easier for me to report these things on a very truthful platform than this “staff correspondent”. Since these kinds of people are envious, they cannot appreciate this fact and they keep trying to convince themselves. It is like a rabbit which thinks that let me close my eyes and I will not die, although the lion is just standing right in front, to eat it.
The Harinama initiations were conducted under the banner of an elected GBC, strictly following the July 9th Directive and DOM Letter by Srila Prabhupada. It is so funny or rather hilarious that this very corresponding person mocks such an authorized initiation process. This bogus anonymous correspondent should first look at this own backyard before mocking the diksha ceremony at ISKCON Bangalore which is a great offense in itself.

For widely opening his opened eyes, let me produce the following facts: H H Umapati Swami who was known from beginning for his sexual activities, was made to sit on the Vyasasana and glorified on the level of Acharya. And he is giving diksha. Everyone knows that Jayatirtha Maharaja used to be drugged while sitting on the Vyasasana.

Recently H H Lokanath Maharaja was banned from giving initiations due to a woman complaining that he touched her. Murderers, child abusers, and what not are giving diksha. A sexually inclined person sitting on a Vyasasana and initiating the disciples, is that okay for you? See how faulty your system is, a person who is accused of a murder and who was imprisoned for life, he was awarded sannyasa while in jail itself and he again started giving initiations by himself to others.

Such a stupidity and foolishness! History knows more. Initiation is not a mere process as how you are thinking. It involves the purity of a pure devotee and sincerity and commitment of a disciple. People who are on the platform of kanishta adhikaris cannot give diskha.
Neither unqualified disciples who cannot chant even 16 rounds can take diksha. It is like people sitting in the glass house and throwing stones on the others. They are speaking of the initiations in our temple but they are in dark of what is happening in open light on their side.

Now let me tell you the facts – what is actually happening in Bangalore. ISKCON Jagannatha Mandir in Sheshadripuram is filled with 300-350 people and with fights. Recently the viscosity increased so much that they had to resolve by making Narahari Chaitanya, the incharge of Kumarswamy temple and they even shifted out one sector and made a group for Girinagar. They are 300 people and there are 300 Presidents, each one of them President for oneself. That itself shows how chaotic is the situation there. Since ten years the only thing they are doing is to fight.

Even though it is not openly announced it is understood and known that they have a very small temple in HSR layout with some 5-10 devotees who are found to be unfit in ISKCON Bangalore and whom they grabbed. There is one more group of Anakulya Keshava and Madhusudhan Hari who are all sindhis. Narahari Chaitanya has another group who are all kannadigas. In verse 5 of his book Nectar of Instructions, Prabhupada writes,

“In this Krishna consciousness movement a chance is given to everyone without discrimination of caste, creed or color. Everyone is invited to join this movement, sit with us, take prasada and hear about Krishna.”

Where is this instruction of Prabhupada? Why these groupies of sindhis and Kannadigas? Well to me it sounds very funny indeed. Varada Krishna is sitting there in a hot seat trying to manage these wild passions all together. The temple is so small (obviously since they don’t spend a farthing on preaching and expansion) that even if they try dividing the temple amongst those 3 groups, they will only get one tile per President. Each one is not able to accommodate the clashes of others. Obviously this behaviour also finds it source in their guru who is a politician himself and who is known worldwide for harassing his god-brothers.

Before accusing Akshaya Patra, you better set your house in order. If you want I can send the reports every week about the fights which are happening there. Officially they are all trying to make a big face. They are all united only for fight and nothing else. Among themselves only they are fighting for nails. Even if you get this temple what will you do, you will all fight similarly.

For one group Prahlada Narasimha temple, for one group Srinivasa Temple and other group Radha Krishna Temple. One President for every temple and department! Please don’t spread these rumors. Don’t try to become the author of Pavana Purana. They falsely accuse Madhu Pandit Prabhu and devotees at ISKCON Bangalore (reg in 1978). They steal documents from our temple, they hack our database of our donors and send them false letters, they try to disturb devotees and youth here, they install spies in the temple here. They send dirty SMS to devotees and our donors and VIP’s. They are all involved in such nasty activities. Does this befit a character of a devotee?

One should judge by the results. ISKCON Bangalore is known for its preaching activities all over the world. Temples are opening, massive book distribution and prasadam distribution just like how Prabhupada wanted to be. As a President, Madhu Pandit Prabhu is managing so wonderfully. What is your problem in that?

Why you are calling it as a loot? For gurus it is a loot of course. Your own guru HH JPS said that Prabhupada is dead and how could a dead father produce children. No wonder for you Prabhupada is dead but for all of us he is still living and guiding us. He will surely remain to be our only spiritual master life after life.

HH JPS himself has said many a times that Madhu Pandit Prabhu’s service and integrity are beyond a doubt. Just because he is upholding the truth that Prabhupada is the only diksha guru, you people are maligning his integrity. For that he does not become a culprit. According to you then whoever does not accept your guru and accept even other living guru, is surely a culprit. You are all using politics to stop the preaching activities of Prabhupada’s own mission. What shall you achieve by doing so?

For the information of readers GBC at ISKCON Bangalore is elected through the Direction of Management Letter by Srila Prabhupada and initiations are conducted as per July 9th Directive. Everything is as per Prabhupada, what is your problem then? We are always defending for our services and I am sure that they will go on. It is a fact that all gurus have their own bank accounts. All the guru-dakshina goes into it. It is not accounted by anyone either whereas Madhu Pandit Prabhu has openly declared about his assets. Let one guru file such an affidavit.

Let them prove how much HH JPS holds in his bank account. How much H H Radhanath Swami has in his account? This particular property of ISKCON Chowpatty has never been in ISKCON’s name. Will you get that loot transferred to ISKCON?

This court case in itself is not everything. You just wanted to say that tomorrow is verdict but you made it very spicy. Please don’t do that. We are all interested in preaching and we will go on preaching.
You said that if ISKCON Bangalore wins than “ISKCON” will go to the Supreme Court. You better tell your Doyarama not to waste Krishna’s money for fighting. Let there be temple where Prabhupada is worshipped. Why do you want to fight this temple? Why do you support this cause? Are you seeking an authorization from Vaishnava community to fight for this? Or are you being paid nice wages to write such reports?

In the case of Civil Court judgement, although it was a 350 page long judgement, you approached high court yourself. And in this case if we lose, we also have a right to do so and we should do so to keep up the position of Prabhupada. You are the aggresors always and we have been defending. We have never been aggressors.

In the third option you are stating about your activities in 5 days. Whole world knows about what you did in Calcutta. Gundaism and Thuggery. They even rammed lorry to break open the gate of the temple to take it over and even tried blowing up the temple also. Are you warning everyone about this thuggery in Bangalore, which you did in Calcutta? Better watch out. Vaishnavas are watching you. HH JPS now is harassing Madhu Pandit Prabhu who is not accepting him as guru which he has very rightfully done as per the instructions of Srila Prabhupada. Are you trying to threaten for that? Hope you are not lost as much as you appear to be lost. Hopefully your mind is in your control.

Our only prayer is to be engaged in the service of Srila Prabhupada and I am sure that many vaishnavas will join me in this prayer.


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