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Hanuman Croatia Re-defines "Sane"

This is a diksha guru who can
absorb sins like Jesus? 

Sridhar Swami with Bhakti Caru swami

PADA: Hanuman's guru (Sridhar swami) was known as "the jolly swami." How jolly is this? In Sridhar's program devotees are being banned, beaten, molested, sued and assassinated. And Sridhar is always patting the leaders of the abusers network on the back in jolly-ness. Why is this jolly? And why doesn't Hanuman Croatia explain how all this is "jolly"? Citizens in their society are suffering horribly in many cases, and this is why they are "always jolly"?  


Hanuman das (Croatia)

Thank you Srila Prabhupada for giving me chance to lead superior life

Chanting 16 rounds.
Following 4 regulative principles.
Daily contact with Srila Prabhupada’s books.
Initiated by His Holiness Sridhar Swami ACBSP.

[PADA: Hanuman's guru Sridhar swami was a huge pal of Tamal Krishna swami (who said his best friend is Bhavananada) and he was "voted in" to the GBC's illicit sex with men, women and children guru program. Not sure how illicit sex with men, women and children makes a bona fide guru parampara, nor does Hanuman ever explain how it is?  

"In Bombay, Sridhar Maharaja was admitted in the Bhaktivedanta Hospital at Mira Road, which is run and staffed mainly by devotees. There, he had a further reversal, and he went into a coma. Soon, His Holiness Tamal Krishna Goswami and some of Goswami Maharaja’s close friends — Giridhari Swami and Kesava Bharati Maharaja — came from Vrindavan to Bombay to meet Sridhar Maharaja in the hospital." 

Tamal was with Sridhar swami as a regular companion. And when Sridhar swami was sick, some of his followers said -- we have to pray for our guru maharaja who is sick from taking our karma. Anyway, Hanuman at least admits he is a card carrying member of the illicit sex with men, women and children guru program, and Tamal's best buddies program, so at least he is honest. 

Did we forget to mention that their best buddy Tamal is credited with orchestrating Srila Prabhupada's poisoning? Just got a nice letter from a European mother who says, "Why are they still worshiping the party that poisoned their guru"? And why is Hanuman still glorifying the "Tamal's buddies program pals," like Sridhar swami? We love Sridhar, because he is always patting Tamal on the back and encouraging ISKCON's Judas? 

And why were some of the followers of Sridhara concerned -- saying he is sick from taking our karma, but Hanuman says -- so what who cares if others are getting sick from taking our karma? OK lets face it, Sridhar along with many others in that group have been getting very sick on a regular basis, and a number of them died at a younger age than many karmis die at.]

Hanuman: Puranjana das and the tale of karma vacuum-cleaner guru tattva

By Puranjana das, benefited the world by presenting the vacuum-cleaner guru tattva.

Rtviks belong to Neo-Christian sahajiya apa-sampradaya. Their teachings revolve around retards who perform a lot of sins. And then somebody needs to “absorb their sins”. This is usually Jesus, but in this case, it’s Prabhupada. Only Jesus and Prabhupada are able to absolve sins, everybody else is “neophyte”. 

If neophyte tries to absolve sins, then he gets sick or goes crazy. And to conclude, neophytes should not initiate anybody, because they will “fall down” or “die from taking karma”.

[PADA: This is what Srila Prabhupada says: if we neophytes take sins we will get sick, fall down or both. A lot of them died prematurely. I never said neophytes would suffer from taking sins, Srila Prabhupada said that. Hanuman says there is no need to worry about Srila Prabhupada's instructions, we need to have more neophytes take the post of diksha guru, get sick, fall down and die. OK that imbroglio is already going on and -- he wants to expand that. 

When some of the GBC gurus get sick, their disciples sometime say "pray for our guru who has become sick because he took our karma." Bhakti Caru gave a lecture saying the GBC gurus are taking karma, and so on. So the argument that Jesus, gurus, and / or the GBC's gurus -- take karma -- is already going on -- in ISKCON -- and left, right and center. 

Moreover Srila Prabhupada says the diksha guru is taking karma. Devotees in Berkeley had a big fire sacrifice to save Hansadutta from taking their sins when he was falling down, but Hanuman has no idea folks in ISKCON are being trained this way? 

Sorry, the diksha guru has to take a portion of the disciple's karma, that is well known in all Vedic circles. Actually any leader has to take karma from his followers, even the boss of a company shares karma with the workers. Or a government leader shares the karma of his citizens, that is how karma works even in ordinary circumstance. ONLY a PURE DEVOTEE can resolve the karma of a conditioned soul, others cannot.] 

So, main rtvik templar Puranjana das sometimes produces articles where he comments to my articles, and how I am misunderstanding karma. So, in his post he writes:

"Yes, Hanuman Croatia says that we conditioned souls should be taking karma as diksha gurus, including GBC people and even guys like Bhakta Das and Kailash chandra. Yep, any church janitor who sweeps the floor in the Church can then take the post of messiah and be the next Jesus — and absorb sins.

Then, when his conditioned souls gurus keep getting sick, falling down, going insane, and even dying from taking karma, Hanuman has no idea what causes that? They are commiting a crime, they are suffering, but they have no idea what is the crime, or how this process works. Kailash Chandra and Rocana keep saying the same thing, we need to have “the disciples of Prabhupada” (us neophytes) taking the post of diksha guru. Its not working is it?

OK, Hanuman has helped along causing this suffering by his encouraging these neophytes to take sins. He is directly involved in helping this bad karma process. Yet Hanuman is correct, most people cannot understand why Hanuman’s false gurus are being punished? He is encouraging people to commit a crime, then he wonders why they are being punished?


So, in one of my previous articles, I wrote that all Srila Prabhupada’s disciples who are his faithful followers have the right to initiate disciples. And this is not my opinion, this is directly confirmed by Srila Prabhupada. Srila Prabhupada says:

[PADA: Initiating in what capacity? The priest is also giving people initiation into following Jesus with a baptism, that does not mean the priest can absorb sins like Jesus and that he is a diksha guru. Srila Prabhupada never said any neophyte devotee can take sins like Jesus. Apart from that, no process of having people initiate on their own as diksha gurus was ever implemented. Apart from that Hanuman himself admits, he is with the illicit sex with men, women and children guru party. Apparently, only sex with goats is forbidden in his parampara? And many neophytes fall down and smoke pot, watch football, go to bars etc. what kind of diksha guru program is that going to make? 

And Hanuman's guru Sridhara was always licking the boots of people like Tamal, who had to be sued for $400,000,000 for mass child abuse. That is the person we need to offer respect to? And how did you guess, when Tamal was sick some of his followers said, pray for our guru because he has taken our karma. Now Hanuman makes pretend this process is not going on? The guru takes karma, its known in all bona fide sampradayas.]  

Mohsin Hassan: You have ten swamis. And outside of swamis, what’s the lower…
Prabhupāda: Now, they’re competent. They can, not only the swamis, even the gṛhasthas, they are called dāsa adhikārī, and brahmacārīs, everyone can, whoever is initiated, he is competent to make disciples. But as a matter of etiquette they do not do so in the presence of their spiritual master. This is the etiquette. Otherwise, they are competent. They can make disciples and spread. (Room Conversation — July 18, 1971, Detroit)

[PADA: Yes, but a priest is also making disciples -- of Jesus. If a person is qualified, i.e. he is pure, then he can absorb sins as a diksha guru himself, that is another topic. The priest is not claiming to be the diksha guru.]

Now, Puranjana das is directly contradicting Prabhupada, While Srila Prabhupada says “everyone who is initiated is competent to make disciples”, Puranaja claims that “Nobody who is initiated is competent to make disciples, because he is a neophyte who can’t absorb the sins of their disciples. Only Jesus and Prabhupada can initiate.” We don’t find this neo-Christian sin-absorption philosophy anywhere in Srila Prabhupada’s books.

[PADA: Make disciples of whom? You mean ISKCON will have 5,000 gurus each with their own disciples, and then we will have 5,000 vyasa seats in each ISKCON temple? Why does Hanuman think we need to have 5,000 vyasa seats in each temple? How can we run a unified society on that basis? This is already a problem. There is a GBC meeting, and the "guru" says, why should I listen to the GBC, I am a guru. 

So this guru factory is ALREADY not a manageable process. ALREADY! So lets add 5,000 more to the current un-managed situation? And Sridhar swami knows that his illicit sex with men, women and children guru sampradaya pals are sitting in Vyasa seats, being worshiped as good as Vyasa, and he thinks that is a very jolly program. Jolly for the victims?  

And meanwhile notice, Hanuman avoids the fact that his living gurus are falling down, getting sick and dying prematurely, never mind making police raids, lawsuits, murders and bad publicity. We need 5,000 more people making fall downs, scandals, lawsuits and police raids? So we are already having problems with Hanuman's living gurus like Radhanath, therefore, lets make another 5,000 of these maverick gurus? How will Hanuman's society of 5,000 gurus be managed at all, when they cannot even manage the 80 they have already?]

Puranajana imagines that the main role of the guru is to absorb sins. 

[PADA: It is part of the process, and yes it is one of the main roles. I did not imagine that, Srila Prabhupada mentions many times that a guru takes the karma of the followers. Hanuman thinks designer drug dealers like Bhakta das can absorb sins like Jesus, so he has no idea what is a pure person.]  

So, a guru is like a karma vacuum-cleaner. The whole point of getting initiated is that guru vacuum-cleans your karma. And then guru falls down because he is a neophyte. Now, I’ve seen some pretty dumb philosophies amongst Srila Prabhupada’s followers, but this is the one of the dumbest.

[PADA: This does not explain why so many of Hanuman's living gurus are getting sick, falling down, creating scandals and dying?] 

Guru’s main duty is not to vacuum clean karma, neither Krishna wants to see that guru suffers the karma of his disciples. 

[PADA: So Krishna wanted all these GBC gurus to get sick, fall down into scandals and die? If Krishna is protecting the guru, this would not be happening. He is not protecting them because they are not authorized.]

The main role of guru is to give transcendental knowledge. 

[PADA: Wrong, diksha means divyam jnanam and ksha, to absolve the sins, both parts are important. Of course when Hanuman says Krishna protects the guru, therefore his living gurus are falling down, getting sick, creating scandals and dying, you might have to ask -- what kind of protection is that? That is Hanuman's idea of God's protection? And telling people neophytes can absorb sins is not divyam jnanam, its false.] 

People lead a sinful life because they are in ignorance, just “absorbing their sins” will not change anything, since they will remain retarded and continue to perform sins. So, the main role of a guru is to give transcendental knowledge. Therefore, the first verse that we learn regarding the position of the guru is:

om ajñāna-timirāndhasya
cakṣur unmīlitaṁ yena
tasmai śrī-gurave namaḥ

I was born in the darkest ignorance, and my spiritual master opened my eyes with the torch of knowledge. I offer my respectful obeisances unto him.

[PADA: So Sridhara swami has opened up our eyes with transcendental knowledge, that we have to worship his illicit sex with men, women and children guru parampara to attain God? Sorry, worship of Sridhara's pedophile guru process takes one to hell, not to God. I offer my obeisances to a person voted into the "oral sex with taxi driver's in the dham guru parampara." And that is Hanuman's idea of being saved by a guru?]

But according to rtvik neo-Christians, this verse would be like this:

om ajñāna-vacuum-cleanāya
karma unmīlitaṁ yena
neophyte śrī-gurave namaḥ

I was born with a ton of karma, and my spiritual master vacuum cleaned it all. I offer my respectful obeisances unto him, although he is a neophyte.

So, Srila Prabhupada wrote hundreds of pages about the position of the guru and about the relationship between the guru and the disciple. He was talking about transcendental knowledge of the guru, he was talking about the perfect behavior of the guru. And the fact that guru absorbs sins of his disciples was mentioned only a few times.

So, if we concentrate too much on Neo-Christian sin absorption nonsense, we will never be able to develop real knowledge and stop making new sins. 


Puranjana continues:

At the same time, Srila Prabhupada told us that Jesus is still accepting the sins of his sincere followers. Thus, even the Christians know that only pure devotees can absolve the sins of other conditioned souls. Other conditioned souls, if not falling down neophytes, can NOT absorb our sins. Hanuman Croatia says that when a neophyte devotee worships a pure devotee that is “the bogus Christian idea” and we have to worship other neophytes instead.
That means he is blocking people from access to worship of the pure, and having their sins absolved. Worse, that means he is loading up sins on conditioned souls posing as gurus, which means they then have to suffer.]


This is complete nonsense. First of all, Srila Prabhupada never said: “that Jesus is still accepting the sins of his sincere followers.” This is a Neo-Christian imagination. 

[PADA: No that is what he said, when we were in India.] 

If you are a sincere follower of Jesus, then, why would you sin? Srila Prabhupada mentions Christian sin-absorption idea, but he was not very fond of it. He especially disliked the idea of repentance and committing the sins again.

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: Whenever we meet the Christians, they always say that “It doesn’t matter because Jesus came to save us from our sins. So now it doesn’t matter because we’re saved.”
Prabhupāda: Then Jesus is a fool, and he has taken contract to suffer, and these people are free to commit sin.
Dharmādhyakṣa: Jesus actually said…
Prabhupāda: And they are so clever that they can make God’s son also fool. Over-clever. (Room conversation, June 22, 1975)

[PADA: So Hanuman is making Krishna into a fool by saying designer drug sellers are equal to Jesus and they can absorb sins like Jesus.] 

And also:

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: He says, “Did Jesus die on the cross to redeem all the sins of the world?”
Prabhupāda: This is another sinful thought—Jesus has taken the contract for ridding your sinful activities. That’s a plea, what is called plea for the sinners, that they will continue acting sinfully, and Christ will take the contract to counteract. This is the most sinful conviction. Instead of stopping sinful activities, we have given a contract to Jesus Christ to counteract it. (Room conversation, April 2, 1977)

[PADA: Right, so Hanuman already knows his bogus sin absorbing diksha gurus are suffering, if not dying prematurely, and then he just says -- keep it up, keep on pretending you are another person who can absorb the sinful actions of others, and Krishna will counteract it. Why does Krishna have to counteract Hanuman's sinful program. 

And worse, we see no evidence Krishna is counteracting their program, rather they are getting sick, falling down and dying. And one devotee said "its an epic epidemic of suffering, fall down and failure in the GBC gurus." So the epidemic of Hanuman's false gurus, is proof they are being protected by Krishna?] 

This is the real philosophy of Krishna consciousness, stopping sinful activities, but Puranjana is talking all the some about sin absorption, which is just another cheating philosophy of Kali-yuga.

Nursery school level philosophy

The whole website of Puranjana das revolves around Jesus sin absorption, this is mentioned in almost every article. Thus, this website becomes boring very quickly. It is very childish to assume that Krishna would allow his pure devotees to suffer the karma of their disciples. Krishna removes that karma from a guru.
Furthermore, we see many people do terrible crimes and sinful activities and they don’t die or get sick prematurely.

[PADA: So Hanuman's living gurus are getting sick, falling down and dying, because they are protected by Krishna? What kind of God protects people by making them suffer? So if God is making a sinful person suffer, that proves He is protecting that sinful person? Wow, so when I am falling down, getting sick and dying, that proves God is protecting me? That is Hanuman's idea of God's protection?]

The greatest defeat of Puranjana’s philosophy can be seen in Radhanath Swami. He was involved in the murder of Sulocana, he has the biggest number of disciples in ISKCON (except Jayapataka). To add further to the insult, he preaches mayavada philosophy. Did he die? Did he get sick? Did he go insane? No, he didn’t.

[PADA: Radhanath is one of your living gurus in the Sridhar swami process? And he did NOT go insane? Yes, burying pedophiles in the dham is called "sane" by Hanuman Croatia. Their gurus orchestrate murders, also sane. Wow, never knew burying dead pedophiles in samadhi is "sane"? Why does Hanuman prop up these guys as "sane"? Sorry, all of their actions are insane. 

And preaching Mayavada is also not sane. Amazing, causing murders and burying pedophiles in the dham is something Hanuman Croatia thinks is normal sane behavior. But even a crazy person does not offer his obeisance to a pedophile samadhi like Hanuman's "sane" person. And why didn't Sridhar Swami know something was wrong when Kirtanananda was sitting on a big seat, covered with the hands of dozens of boys? Is that sane? 

Why wasn't Sridhar Swami helping me and Sulochana oppose Kirtanananda? Because he was too busy having a jolly party -- licking the jack boots of the other GBC's leaders -- who were propping Kirtanananda up. Propping up gurus sitting on a huge seat covered with the hands of little boys is what Sridhar swami was part of, so he is also not sane. So those of us who worship pure devotees are not sane, and the people who bury pedophiles in the dham are sane. That is what we thought Hanuman Croatia was saying the whole time.

And Kailash chandra is as good as Jesus, he too can absorb all your sins, because he should be made a diksha guru. Is this sane?

Sridhar's being "best buds" with a guy who has to be sued for $400,000,000 for orchestrating mass abuse is also not sane, etc. etc. etc. Of course Hanuman Croatia also defends Bhakti vikas swami, who was "voted in" as guru by the same people who reinstated sex with taxi drivers as their Vishnupada acharya. Is this sane? And Hanuman says I am making offenses to an advanced devotee, BVKS, because I don't think we should be "voted in" to their sex with taxi drivers in the dham guru sampradaya programs.]

So, Puranjana neophyte karma-absorption philosophy can’t be proved anywhere.

So, then, why did so many ISKCON gurus fell down? The answer is very simple, they become puffed up with false prestige, they started thinking that they are smarter than Prabhupada, they started preaching weird philosophies and thus they lost the protection of Srila Prabhupada and thus, the Maya cut them down.

Sandbox initiation.

Here is another example. If children are playing in the sandbox, and one child starts acting as a diksa guru and “gives initiation” to another child, who pretends to be a disciple, will the karma really be transferred from child-disciple to child-guru? Of course not.

[PADA: However Srila Prabhupada told us not to allow people to touch our feet because we will be acting as diksha gurus, and karma really is being transferred.]

So, real transfer of sinful activities is possible only if a guru is bonafide and a disciple is bonafide. Guru is bonafide when he follows his own guru, and disciple is bonafide when he interested to receive the transcendental knowledge.

So, in the ISKCON circus performance where corporately approved guru “gives initiation” to his corporate disciple, this initiation is fake and there is no transfer of karma. Because so-called diksa-guru is just a corporate officer who signed gag-order to “never criticize the leadership”. 

And the disciple is a corporate retard who is not interested in reading Srila Prabhupada’s books and who just needs a new fancy name. So, if a guru can not speak openly and freely, and if a disciple is not interested in Srila Prabhupada’s books, then what is the value of such initiation? It is just a show similar to children playing in the sandbox. There is no karma transfer because the whole thing is bogus.
Radhe Radhe Japa Kapo

So, right after he wrote an article about my lack of understanding of karma, Puranjana publishes some stupid Bollywood song:

[PADA: Yes, even Bollywood people know that burying pedophiles in samadhis is not sane. Sridhara swami was a huge compromiser with the pedophile guru program, no, that is not sane. And Hanuman still worships that process because he still says this is his guru. ys pd]


  1. LD: Sridhar Swami was propping up all the people Hanuman loves to use as his favorite punching bags like Tamal, Giriraj, Indradyumna ... all of them. So its no wonder he thinks worship of the pure devotee is the bogus Christian idea. He wants us to worship the people who propped up the criminals and their poisoning and child molesting program. He is with them, has never left them, that is all. He is one of them posing as a reformer. Sridhara swami was another person who was suffering for years and years, he was not qualified to take the karma of a flea. Another cheater. Likes attract.

  2. M Dasi: I saw Sridhara swami crying that he needs association with dear brothers like Tamal. They just made their own Vyasa seats. And made worship of their own bodies for profit and distinction. Subtle sex. They are another Vyasa? And they made hellish years for many of us with exploiting the women. Now the followers are just like them. They don't want Prabhupada to be the guru. I believe that is why they all have to rot in hell for millions of years. They made a big problem for us while they were alive. Then they train people to give us trouble for generations. Long after they depart, they attack us with their brain washed children. They wanted people to suffer for generations. Forever really, but they will have to suffer forever. And they are falling, getting sick, dying, that is what happens to these sinners. They still don't learn. Rascals cannot be trained. Krishna gave Sridhara swami so many illness so he would wake up and see ... he cannot take sins. He does not care for Krishna's warnings, so Krishna does not care about him. He was laughing while we were all crying, so Yamaraja planet will laugh while he is crying.

  3. Jojo: Kailash has a lot of mental issues. Not a sane person. He lives in the middle of nowhere ... because he has no social skills. And this is the person Hanuman wants as "Krishna's guru successor"? Hanuman really knows how to insult Krishna! How many devotees think Kailash is Krishna's guru successor? These people are not sane. Srila Prabhupada says a fool will select another fool as his guru. These are the people he is talking about.

    [PADA: Yes, Hanuman says Kailash should be a diksha guru, therefore worshiped on a big Vyasa seat as good as God. And we should promote Kailash's being worshiped as good as God and as Krishna's guru successor or -- we are bogus Christians. I think you are right, apart from Hanuman, how many other people agree that Kailash is Krishna's self effulgent diksha guru successor and God's living spokesman on earth? OK sound of crickets, we cannot find other people who agree with Hanuman. Hanuman even says designer drugs seller Bhakta das is a diksha guru who is another as good as God diksha guru. Hanuman really has no idea who is God, that is self evident, or he would not think conditioned souls are God's guru successors. Bhakta das was arrested for some sort of sex crime and was in jail in Puri, as soon as he gets out of jail, Hanuman thinks he has found God's successor guru? These people are not making any sense, but they are influenced by Tamal's pals, that explains a lot. ys pd]

  4. PADA: Yes, we have to expect that a person who worships a homosexual pedophile guru lineage member (Sridhar) like Hanuman Croatia will object to anyone who wants to worship the pure devotee. His own guru was one of the biggest supporters of the worship of his homosexual pedophile pals as God's successors. We are glad Hanuman admits that he worships his favorite pedophile's guru program because at least he is honest. Then he says that the people who bury pedophiles in samadhis are sane, and the people who worship pure devotees like us are insane. So this was one of the points we raised with him some time ago, he offers his bhogha to a pedophile guru lover's club member like Sridhar, that means he is then contaminated by that process. You become what you worship, and he worships a person who is a pedophile guru lover's club member. Then he defends Bhakti Vikas swami, who is another member of their pedophile guru lover's club. When the GBC was discussing Bhavananda having sex with taxi drivers in the dham, they reinstated him back as acharya, and then they voted in Bhakti Vikas and Sridhar as the co-acharyas of Bhavananda. And they excommunicated Sulochana. So Hanuman worships the people who promote pedophiles as God's succcessors, they poison pure devotees, and they shoot people who object to their pedophile worship program. He is with them. So as long as he offers bhogha to a pedophile guru lover's club member, he will have sympathy and love for them and he will then attack people who worship pure devotees. He also loves Kailash, a person who writes papers that the pedophile guru club guys circulate. And he loves Bhakta das, a Gaudiya Matha groupie and a person who loves Radhanath. So anyone who buries pedophiles in samadhi in the dham is sane, and we are not, that about sums up his whole idea. Yes, it is good that he admits he worship the pedophile guru lover's club's members, that pretty much means, he is defeated by his own admission. No sane person will agree that we need to worship members of a pedophile guru club, so he is complaining about what is sane and what is not, but he is not sane himself because cent percent of sane people do not worship pedophile guru programs. His own guru got sick and died prematurely from promoting pedophiles as gurus, and from taking karma, like many of them did, and he thinks that is wonderful. And that is sane? Hee hee! ys pd

  5. Robert D: I think you are right. A lot of "Hare Krishna's" don't like Jesus followers. Because his followers do not worship pedophile gurus like they have been. The followers of Jesus know more than they do. They use name calling to attack Jesus followers. No followers of Jesus ever worship pedophiles. Its disgusting that they think worship of pedophiles is better than worship of Jesus. They are sick people. I am glad you are proving them to be sick people, the world needs to know about their sickness. I worship Jesus and Krishna too. And that is why they don't like me either.

    [PADA: Thanks Robert, yes a Christian church group posts PADA links on their church's bulletin board. I think they are glad someone is defending Jesus too. It is amazing that Hanuman Croatia thinks his worship of a homosexual peodphile guru process is superior to worship of Jesus. That is why these people are all gliding to hell, down there their homosexual pedophile and Jesus hating guru program will re-assemble, and they will all have a jolly time with their jolly pedophile worship guru program. Srila Prabhupada says people can still worship Jesus now, and they hate that since it takes away from their pedophile guru worship program. ys pd]

  6. Mahesh Raja: "In Bombay, Sridhar Maharaja was admitted in the Bhaktivedanta Hospital at Mira Road, which is run and staffed mainly by devotees. There, he had a further reversal, and he went into a coma. Soon, His Holiness Tamal Krishna Goswami and some of Goswami Maharaja’s close friends — Giridhari Swami and Kesava Bharati Maharaja — came from Vrindavan to Bombay to meet Sridhar Maharaja in the hospital."


    Sometimes, when a person is dying, he falls into a coma and lies unconscious. We do not know what kind of fearful test this person is undergoing. He may be dreaming so many things, or he may be crying. He cannot express what is going on. Those who are very sinful especially die in that way.

    Link to this page:


    Indian man (2): But what if they die in coma? What if they die in deep unconsciousness?
    Prabhupāda: That is not very good. Coma is not good. That is the sign of sinful life. He must be conscious. That is good.

  7. JD: I was distributing some "Pro-Prabhupada worship" literature many years ago at an ISKCON festival. Sridhar swami came up behind my wife and he tapped her on the shoulder and he said, "Your husband is distributing anti-ISKCON materials to the devotees. We need to find you a new husband."

    Sridhar is totally against having people worship Prabhupada. And he will break up marriages to intentionally create chaos for the families and children of ISKCON. This is another technique the leaders use to break down the family. This is creating many hundreds of divorces by their coercing. And this leaves the children vulnerable for molesting. And then they make pretend they are alarmed at all the molesting, family break ups, drug problems, suicides and divorces they are creating.

    Arjuna says that the people who break down the family tradition dwell always in hell. Arjuna is right. I cannot believe that this Hanuman Croatia is defending these marriage breaking up people who always dwell in hell. He does not even understand common moral principles, which is typical of many Sridhar followers. People who break up marriages on purpose with this lot ... might have another purpose, to create vulnerable children to feed to their pedophile program. That is what it looks like to some of us. That is also why they dwell always in hell. Anyone who does not worship molesters is anti-ISKCON? This is what people who live in hell would say to us.

    [PADA: Right, ISKCON has a horrible divorce record in large part to these gurus creating friction in the marriage, and this leads to making vulnerable children for abuse and exploiting. And Sridhar is one of the people who is supporting this program, and he even wants to break up marriages himself. Yep, anyone who does not agree to worship their illicit sex with men, women and children bogus messiahs is "a bogus Christian" who is "anti-ISKCON." That is what these guys have said all along since 1978. Even Christians know that we cannot worship illicit sex with men, women and children "gurus" as our path to God. Hanuman will take a long time to be as advanced as any average Christian. Yes, we need to find you another husband, who worships our pedophile guru lineage, that will be good for your children! They want our children to worship their pedophile guru lineage ... so they can corrupt these children. And this is Hanuman's idea of saving human society? Sulochana said even a dog does not bow down and worship pedophiles, because a dog is much smarter than these people. No wonder the Sridhara program killed him. Same thing, they forced a divorce on the poor Sulochana family, breaking up the family, that is what the demoniac are doing as Arjuna himself says. And that is why Hanuman is their hand maiden? ys pd]

  8. RSD:

    We all know Hanuman Croatia has a brain infected with hepatitis just like his bogus guru. Actually he is criticizing Radhanath but his hepatitis infected bogus guru stayed at RN's hospital. So Hanuman Croatia should lick the feet of RN for helping his conditioned guru.
    Totally bogus philosophy and mind you did he get permission from his dead guru to criticize RN and his buddies?

    [PADA: Yes, Sridhar swami was very good pals with Radhanath, and he stayed at Radhanath's medical clinic. Hanuman Croatia worships the people who promote Radhanath, and who stay at Radhanath's ashram. Sridhar was with all these bogus GBC gurus the whole time and he was telling people to NOT worship Prabhupada, because we need to worship the members of Sridhar's molester guru lineage instead. Hanuman thinks human society needs to stop worshiping pure devotees -- so they can worship Sridhara's molester pals guru process. I told Hanuman some time ago, if we offer bhogha to members of a sexual predator guru program, we will be infected with their consciousness. And his defending that program proves I am right, he is getting the infected karma of that program by worship of that program. Anyway, Sridhara is another guy who tells women to leave their husbands when the husband disagrees with their molester guru process, so he is another person who was doing to families what was done to Sulochana. We should NOT EVER tell women to leave their husbands just because the husband does not worship predator guru lineages as the family's guru process. And if we need a living guru, who is Hanuman's guru now? He has none, and he never mentions any. He is a mayavada, because Srila Prabhupada says people who do not name their guru are mayavada. Anyway, yes, he worships the dedicated pals and bucket boys of Radhanath, while making pretend he is complaining about Radhanath, he is a hypocrite. Srila Prabhupada said we neophytes cannot allow people to touch our feet or we will be acting as gurus, and we will have to suffer from their sins, and Hanuman is giving his guru karma to make his guru suffer and die, and that makes him an expert on the topic? One younger devotee just now told me, anyone who worships sexual predator guru programs like Hanuman does is going to hell, and that is known even to the Christians, why doesn't Hanuman Croatia know that? ys pd

  9. PADA: Sulochana said he was fighting the saffron MAFIA, ok Bhakti Vikas Swami, Sridhar swami and all of these other Hanuman Croatia worshiped people who enabled the whole Kirtanananda and Radhanath program to become the vicious bogus acharyas program it became. Hanuman worships the SAME people who co-created the whole Radhanath baba program from square one. And his guru Sridhar goes for shelter at Radhanath's when he is sick, then Hanuman makes pretend he is against that program. Yep, we worship the SAME people who created the whole New Vrndavana nightmare, and its subsequent Radhanath spin off, and we make pretend we are against that program. That is why Jesus says, oh ye hypocrites, sons of vipers. We cannot simultaneously worship the people who make the who New Vrndavana child molester and murder and Radhanath baba program, and oppose it at the same time. These Jesus hating pro-pedophile guru lover's club folks are all going down to Hades to associate with Beelzebub, and that is all there is to it. Its what shastra says all over. ys pd

  10. LD: Hanuman wants us to worship a founder father of the Kirtanananda and Radhanath craziness, his guru Sridhar. And thanks to Sridhar support ... we have the "Killing for Krishna" problem. And Hanuman thinks this will help ITS-SICK-CON. I don't know if Sridar is a homsexual. I do know ... he is always going along with them. And he was always kissing up to them and telling us how wonderful Radhanath is.

    Sridhar was attracted to the homosexual guru nonsense promoters. And he was defending them all the time. This makes me wonder, why is Hanuman attracted to them? And he is defending them? A mother I know was married by a GBC guru coercing, and she says she was beaten, bitten, abused, and severely mistreated. She hates these saffron elites. She says when she was being beaten ... she had no one to turn to, because clowns like Sridhara could not help her. He is one of the saffron elites. Hanuman is a good example of the products Sridhar produces.

    PADA: Yes, this woman also could not get help from Bhakti Vikas swami types either, they are a more or less unified MAFIA. Radhanath baba is a creation of the whole saffron MAFIA, they all went along with propping up first of all Kirtanananda and then his heir apparent, Radhanath. And then they buried Kirtanananda in a samdhi. As soon as Sridhar sees a guy who likes to promote worship of a bogus guru who is covered with the hands of little boys, and this guy also wants to bury pedophiles in samadhis, then Sridhar falls off his seat and thinks he has found another Jesus reincarnated. Yep, something is really sick about all these people. I agree with your point, why is Hanuman attracted to this saffron MAFIA and its star members? ys pd


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