Thursday, April 11, 2019

Who is Radhanath Swami? (Paleo Orthodoxy Site)

PADA: Yes, there are so many people who simply cannot understand why former vociferous henchmen of sexual predator and criminal "Srila Kirtanananda swami Bhaktipada" have been elevated to the status of Jesus - like sin absorbing spiritual masters, God's successors no less? 

And many of the big staff members of that criminal enterprise are now elevated to be the big leaders such as: Radhanath swami, Devamrita swami, Umapati swami, Kuladri, Tapah Punjah, Chandra Shekhar and others. And in fact there has been a conspiracy to bury the dead carcass of Kirtanananda in a samadhi in Vrndavana with Gopal Krishna swami and others.

This keeps begging the question from various PADA readers to us, "Is there anyone at the steering wheel of the ISKCON society"? And part of my answer is, "Yep there are people at the steering wheel, and they are steering the society in the wrong direction." ys pd 

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