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Ramesvara das (Robert Grant) And Sulochan's Murder

Killing for Krishna

April 1971: On this date in history, 48 years ago, Robert Grant became Ramesvara dasa at an initiation ceremony in Los Angeles. Prabhupada soon recognized his leadership qualities and appointed him as the manager of his North American Bhaktivedanta Book Trust (BBT). Ramesvara was responsible for organizing the printing and distribution of Srila Prabhupada’s books in North America. In 1976 Ramesvara became a GBC representative; around the same time he accepted sannyasa. In 1977, he served as Prabhupada’s personal secretary in India. In 1978 Ramesvara became one of the original eleven self-appointed ISKCON zonal acharyas, overseeing temples in Los Angeles, San Diego, Laguna Beach, and Denver.

In January 1986, when Sulochan tried to enter Govinda’s restaurant near Los Angeles ISKCON with a hand gun while Ramesvara was inside, security guards prohibited Sulochan from entering. Ramesvara then ominously and prophetically suggested, “Sulochan needs a new body.” 

Ramesvara, after meeting with Radhanath Swami -- who visited New Dwarka in January 1986 -- subsequently ordered his ksatriya disciple, Jeffrey Allen Breier (Krishna-Katha), the head of security for ISKCON Los Angeles (who carried a hand gun) to cooperate with the New Vrindaban hit men who were coming to Los Angeles to assassinate the demon Sulochan. 

Krishna-Katha served as Tirtha’s personal sidekick by helping spy on Sulochan and keeping track of his movements in Los Angeles. Without Ramesvara’s order to K. K., it is doubtful whether K. K. would have assisted Tirtha in hunting Sulochan. Without K. K.’s assistance in hunting and tracking Sulochan, it is doubtful whether Tirtha could have assassinated Sulochan.

Thirty-one years after the murder, in a comment on a post from the “Killing For Krishna” Facebook page, Ramesvara declared, “I was not involved in this heinous murder, . . . there being no truth to this false accusation.” The author replied to Ramesvara, 

"Considering your knowledge of the plot, did you try to stop or impede the murder? Did you try to warn Sulochan that hit men were hunting him? I think not. If this is not aiding and abetting, I don’t know what is. You were very, very lucky that you were not questioned or subpoenaed to appear in court. Why don’t you, like your disciple Mahamantra [who assisted K. K. in hunting for Sulochan in Los Angeles], just say, ‘I was misguided and I regret my involvement in this crime.’ 

Please do not continue to live in denial. Your dishonesty looks very bad for you. Please, I beg you, become an honest disciple of Srila Prabhupada.”


[PADA: Other people, like Ramachandra prabhu, confirm that Ramesvara's "guards" were assisting in going after Sulochan. The GBC's writer Satsvarupa was also writing that some people (like us?) are "poison pens" because we were writing documents against them. This was a wider conspiracy. Currently Ramesvara is right back in the saddle hanging out with other bogus guru conspiracy members. ys pd]

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