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RE: Chitradevi's Suicide / No room at the Inn for Young or Old

Apr 19, 2019 — From FRANCE 

In nine videos, mother Kishori devi dasi (ACBSP) explains the circumstances behind Citradevi dasi's suicide a number of years ago in France. Having revealed the hidden truth of the situation, Kishori dd now finds herself banned for life from ISKCON New Mayapur, the temple in which she served for many years.

After hearing her story, please sign this petition asking the GBC to put an end to the banning of Kishori dd. Thank you for the consideration you will give to it, for the sake of the truth.

your servants,
Mantra Yoga Team 

=========================================== (this is one of a series)


[PADA: Yes, a number of older -- and even formerly higher placed senior devotees -- ask me, where can I go for shelter now? And similarly, a number of newer and younger people ask me the same thing, where can we go and take shelter now? And the unfortunate answer is, there really are very few Prabhupadanuga programs in the West. 

Most of the Prabhupada devotees have no temples or facilities for a program, and so its pretty much grass roots home based at present. And! Presenting the GBC with a petition is really a giant waste of time and effort, they simply do not care about devotee's opinions which should be self-evident at this point. 

There are some loose knit communities in places like Alachua where their group gets together from time to time, but they really do not have a temple. So its a problem all round. I do not think that most of the Prabhupada devotees ever thought it would come to this state, where it was pretty much outlawed to worship their acharya Srila Prabhupada, and you'd have to promote the local "GBC voted in" living guru from the debauchee messiah's project, or else face being banned and so on. 

One thing this lady mentions is that some of these leaders are crazy, cruel and sort of mad men. Well yes and no. They are not totally mad though, they know exactly what the plan is, to gradually filter out the Prabhupada devotees and hi-jack the properties for their bogus living guru project, and then the gurus or their supporters also get a piece of the stolen pie. And if they have to be cruel to enact the plan, so be it. 

So they are sometimes appearing as insane, like for example Satsvarupa, but they are not really that insane. There is well thought out diabolical plot to dismantle ISKCON and make it a program of worship of deviants as gurus, and its working quite well for all these people because this is all calculated and planned out. They may appear as mad fools, but they all know what is the plan and they are sticking to it. 

Anyway, its amazing that we get questions from both older people and younger people, where can we go now? So this is not happening by accident, there is a clever plot and scheme to make it so that people will be driven out and barred from access to ISKCON without saying the magic words, "I will support the hokey hokester-pada program." 

Now this process has apparently driven some folks to suicide, and we believe that a number of devotees de facto -- died of suicide -- because they died from things like alcohol poison, drug overdose, cancer and many other things that caused them to depart prematurely. And had they been in the shelter of a bona fide temple, that would not have happened. 

Same thing with some of the ex-kulis who died from suicide. 

One of the kulis left a note here, which was read after he killed himself. It read "I have no place in this religion." So this is very sinful, to keep all these people out on some trumped up bogus program of worship of deviants. Anyway, if anyone can help this lady, they should, this is another sign of how badly things can get when we have a bogus guru process going on. 

Most devotees thought I was "way over the top" complaining about this process all along, but maybe now they are seeing the rotten fruits coming from the poisoned tree, and how its making life miserable even for many / most rank and file, never mind ISKCON's name is in the tank and the movement has been bankrupted by these people and so on. So maybe more people are starting to realize, this was a crisis, as we said it was all along. ys pd]      

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