Tuesday, April 2, 2019

"Killing for Krishna" No. 7 Amazon's "Hindu History"

Killing for Krishna

Unbelievable! Jaya Sri Krishna! "Killing For Krishna," 15 months after publication, has risen to Number 7 in Amazon History of Hinduism Category! Thank you, my dear friends, for spreading the good news. I am indebted to you for your support.


[PADA: Various devotees sometimes write to tell me "no devotees listen to PADA." OK, some do, some don't. However, we were already cited in: Rolling Stone Magazine, Time Magazine, New York Times, Fresno Bee, Moundsville Intelligencer, CBS News TV (23 million viewers), Monkey On A Stick, Killing for Krishna, Investigation TV Channel, and our documents were used in various lawsuits -- and so on and so forth. 

In fact some followers of Jayapataka blamed PADA for causing "over $100,000,000 legal fees for the GBC." Oh boo hoo!

Thus! Devotees who want to keep their heads in the sand can do so, but a whole lot of other people (includes a number of devotees) find all this history rather fascinating. "The 11 Princes" will be another book that is in the works at present. 

It is rather amazing that some devotees seem to be proud that almost everyone else is able to figure out that the GBC are a corrupt criminal operation, except a few of these "devotees"? Yes, "hardly anyone listened," ummm maybe so, but isn't that why their program had to be exposed by the "mundane society"? 

And in general is this not why their program was -- extensively exposed (and repeatedly) by the police, media, courts, FBI, and so forth? Its amazing that a number of people outside the institution seem to know more about the workings of the institution, than a number of the official internal members? OK that is not something to take pride in, just saying!

ys pd]   

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