Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Bhakti Retreat in Swiss Alps (Premahara)


PADA: Really do not know about these folks, except they do advertise Srila Prabhupada's photo, which is nice. Just glanced at some of their kirtana videos, which also seem to be well done. 

As for their retreat which apparently costs $1,600, not including air fare to Switzerland and other expenses, that is really out of the reach of most rank and file devotees. Then again, there are so few public preaching programs going on anywhere these days, we could argue that something going on is better than nothing going on. 

Its a sad fact that very few devotees have any active public preaching programs going on at this time, either charging money or not. Many public kirtan programs nowadays in the San Francisco area are held in places like coffee shops, bookstores etc. and they charge about $25.00 to attend. Then again, these kirtan people often travel, and have no big society to back them up, so they have to pay for their own travel, hotels and etc. Its understandable that they need to be funded somehow. If ISKCON is not really doing that much public kirtan, then naturally other programs will evolve on their own. 

In any case, it is our opinion that devotees who are trying to preach is a good thing overall, if they try to emphasize Srila Prabhupada (and not themselves) as the guru. If anyone has some experience with their program and their siddhanta etc. they can send me a report: 

@ angel108b@yahoo.com 

ys pd 

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