Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Urgent Prayers for Dying Russian Devotee

URGENT- Prayer Request
 for a Russian Devotee 

Her name is--- Ishamatri devi dasi--From -Moscow 

She is diagnosed as dying of Terminal Cancer at present. Please PUT her Name and Photo
On your Altar and say prayer's for her. 

-- Thank You--

Your servant, Jaya Madhava das (acbsp)-Moscow Russia. April 8th, 2019.

[PADA: We have had sometimes long discussions about how (A) Some GBC leaders seem to be falling down, getting sick, dying early deaths, and / or perhaps being murdered. At the same time, a number of (more innocent) rank and file seem to have an epidemic of fall down, sickness and early deaths as well. 

What has happened? 

We think the guilty parties will fall down, get sick and die as a reaction to their sinful behaviors. Whereas the more innocent are in some cases getting sick and dying, because they cannot function in the dubious guru atmosphere created by the bad leaders. They may sort of be losing their will to carry on, which sometimes happens in concentration camps as well, people just sit down and die -- because they are no longer inspired to continue. A nurse friend of PADA says they same thing happens in her hospital, once a person loses their will to live, they cannot be saved by any amount of treatment.  

So at least in some cases, the innocent are sort of "checking out of the situation." And I know at least some folks who more or less told me that was happening to them as they were dying. We cannot say for sure that is happening in this case, this may be 100 percent all medically caused, but we can say premature deaths have happened due to mental stress and etc.

In either case, the leaders are the primary problem here. Of course then again, many people had big problems from the Gaudiya Math's more innocent rank and file, its kind of what happens when Kali Yuga's agents take charge of things, it creates a crisis. We do know one thing for sure, the more innocent will go upwards in their process of devotional service in their future situation, and the guilty parties will -- go downwards. Its really that simple. As for this particular lady, we wish her all the best and God speed. May the feet on her soul take her onwards towards Krishna. ys pd]     

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