Sunday, April 14, 2019

Devotee vs Devotee Lawsuit in Russia

PADA: Not exactly sure what is going on here, but the good news is, more folks are finally figuring out that Sulochana and others were killed to promote the GBC's molester messiahs program. Someone who can figure all this out and give us a proper English translations -- and background of of these events -- should send this to

The rough version I got so far is that a disciple of Narayan Maharaja made a person a devotee, and this person was then following the GBC and they came to blows over some disagreements. Now this is not part of another story we got  -- of a leader having incest and the baby dying because it was not viable. And this person is also reported to be keeping a pedophile on the property, and he is a GBC groupie and so on. 

Again, if anyone can confirm any of this and figure this story out properly I'd like to get the complete picture. In any case, it seems like more Russian folks are starting to wake up, (A) the GBC guru's process burnt ISKCON to the ground in the USA, and they fled to places like Russia and (B) now they are pulling the same stunts in other places. And that is what more folks seem to be saying although I'd like a better Russian translating person to help me out here.

Meanwhile, some other Russian devotees wrote to me that since Bhakti Vikas swami is for the changed books, he is now on their "hopelessly lost" list. Anyway, if anyone can help us fill in details of these stories, please do so. 

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