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Conversation about Jayatirtha / Ramesvara / Harikesha / Sridhara & Narayan Maharaja

MC: I am curious about Jaya Tirtha. Was he the real monkey on a stick, in the sense that he had to be made an example of? In ‘Notes From A Pilgrim’, he appears to be on the brink of spilling the beans (ie. the secrets of the corrupt ISKCON GBC leadership). Seems like he had to be silenced. His assassination bears all the hallmarks of an MKUltra hit, with the crazed killer claiming he was the Antichrist.

[PADA: Yes, Jayatirtha said (or implied) that the other GBC were dangerous thugs who were coming after him. Maybe they would kill him? Great, so why did he say that he -- and these other 10 GBCs were all "Krishna's appointed guru successors" -- if he knew all along they were conditioned souls, if not dangerous thugs? And in any case, they were unqualified to be gurus? Jayatirtha was totally in support of the "appointed 11 gurus" process right out of the gate.

And Kirtanananda said the same type things later on, that the other GBC gurus are against me; And Hansadutta said the same thing, that the other GBC gurus are against me; And Harikesha said the same thing, that the other GBC gurus are against me -- and giving me bad vibhuti to make me go crazy, and so on. So each of them was playing the victim card to get sympathy from their individual followers to increase their personal guru cults. All the other gurus are evil thugs, but not me! 

This way, no one could be trusted except your own personal GBC guru, and that means the other GBCs / other gurus are not trustworthy. This is how they made their own individual cults prosper and grow. Its part of how mind control tricks are used in cults. You cannot trust the GBC, only me, your ONLY guru.

That also means Jayatirtha knew the whole while that he and the others from the 11 are not, were not, could not have been acharyas. So he went along with their cheating guru charade to get a seat in their crooked assembly, self-evidently because he wanted the glorious "guru post" that the vicious assembly could give him. 

Other GBC's gurus privately admit things too from time to time, but what good is that when they conjointly founded the bogus appointed guru Frankenstein monster, a monster that they could not bring back into control once launched?]

KL: A long and complicated story. He was forced to take Sanyas by the GBC - he did not want to leave his wife - they were a perfect vaisnava couple. He was never suited or wanted sanyas. I could tell you the tale leading to his sad death and the characters involved but would take a few volumes and weeks! 

[PADA: None of us were forced to follow the bogus GBC. We could either leave or stay with them. We left and JT stayed with them, that's his own doing.]

He was soft hearted and never able to hack the institution and GBC control when he realised what was happening as he wanted loving organic relationships with people and vaisnavas from the heart and respect for all faiths etc but he never stopped chanting, reading, writing, serving and was so kind that sometimes he was blind to the fact that some of his biggest enemies were those closest to him. 

He had a more controversial shamanic nature in the 80s. However he was never a pedophile, child and women abuser, control freak, murderer etc as the others mentioned and in fact for all his unique nature was a real, rare gentleman. He was another big Iskcon casualty in a way but never stopped loving Srila Prabhupada. But it’s all too emotional, sad and complicated to try and summarise here .

The guy who murdered him! Yes who was he really? I suspected him right from the start when he was praised for bringing in so much money to enable him to get closer into the intimate circle. It was him who told JT disciples to go to India - not JT etc etc. Indeed who were the infiltrators who entered Iskcon? 

Ever read the Jesuit / Zionist /secret society vows!!? Anyway I did wonder that maybe he had been assigned to JT and when he could no longer trail him or be in his realm of influence murdered him by beheading, which besides poisoning, is the preferred assassination by these sly coverts!

[PADA: Beheading is not sly or covert, it implies that the murderer had seen enough garbage going on and he felt he had a duty to stop it, since he had been part of building it up. Its a crime of anger, passion, rage, not like a subtle plot over time. Navanita perhaps realized he had helped create a Frankenstein monster, which was harmful and he wanted to rectify his mistake. Of course his solution is not recommended, better to preach and help people understand things.]  

May never know for sure ... . JT definitely knew first hand of the "dangerous drug GBC” as he said but was a victim to them too when he "had to leave as impossible to stay." I guess as he said, "this movement was meant to be run on love and not rules and regulations!" We knew exactly what he was saying in our hearts. It’s all pieces of the jigsaw puzzle ! I think JT “Tirthapada’ was more courageous than we will ever know!

[PADA: Jayatirtha is the dangerous drug GBC, and he is promoting drugs to boot.]

PP: I think we need a small version written out, otherwise you only ever get small glimpses of the story and they are very small, like LSD, Rishikesha tripping ashram etc. You must have known Caitanya Candra from OZ but lived in England in those days. He was at the Rishikesa ashram. Anyway when no one tells the inside story we only ever know the propaganda lies.

ML: For sure they did something to Harikesa Swami ... in some classes in Russia he was asking for help .... he was getting the things done properly in Mayapur ... some black magic, for what I was told.

GD: His case is very sad. He did not want to take sanyas and leave his wonderful wife and small son. It was forced on him by the others, the “Big Boyz” and he went mad on account of this. Similarly, this was forced on some of the others — even Rameshvar, yes, he is cunning, but he TRIED to end it early on. 

I am eye witness, he gave lectures in LA and Laguna, saying he was not fit to be a guru, Prabhupada is the only guru, and the Big Boyz threatened to ex-communicate him, and he was in the middle of printing Prabhupada’s books in La. (ORIGINAL books, this is before they got in there and changed them.)

He even had his Vyas asana dragged out of the LA temple, also laguna and Hawaii. But he fell victim to their power, and fell to the lowest ebb due to the virulent aparadha by this association. However, please note that he has not suffered as much, he still wants to be a devotee and loves Prabhupada, and is trying to make amends to those he hurt. He isn't as crazy or as dead as the others.

PP: Who were the main big boyz threatening the others to toe the line? We even see Tamal Krishna throwing in the towel with their game when they tried to censure him. I would have thought TKG was the main antagonists yet it seems others were more powerful. 

Then we had the whole group of them seeking the higher association of Srila Narayana Maharaja, yet they too were forced to disown him which meant they too created great apparadha by turning their backs on such a vaisnava and speaking bad words even about him. If we knew who were the top of this pyramid scheme.

I only knew Harikesa briefly in Sweden after we left Vrindavan due to the massive heartbreak of having the GBC / Gurus enter in 79 so they could claim Vrindavna temple as their own, rather than a special place just for Srila Prabhupadada as we who were there in 78, wanted. We didn't want their big Vyasana to move into such a sacred temple but GBC gurus would have none of that, they wanted their BIG chairs and that's what they did for quite a few years. Those stupid vyasanas all lined up. Anyway we went to Stockholm with Vegavan. 

Harikesa was now their guru. He was kinda crazy then. He would stay locked up in his room playing his saxaphone and complaining about seeing ghosts. Maybe the reality was that he and others on their group were really just snorting cocaine or taking LSD or other drugs.

ML: I remember the take over of the 11 gurus, I was in Vrindavana at the time. There has been a lot of use of black magic in Iskcon for maintaining the Vyasa-san and the power ... craziness usually is a symptom of an attack of black magic to the subtle body. I am not justifying Harikesha, but there was a reason to get rid of him, like Bhakti Tirtha, or Aindra Prabhu.

PADA: Jayatirtha's "peace Krishnas" came to the Berkeley temple and I was sitting out there chanting japa and they said, "There is that guy Puranjan, lets beat the stuffing out of that ***hole." Ooops, a Hansadutta person overheard that and he ran into the temple and rang the bell and he yelled, "Everyone outside." OK there was only maybe six of them, but they told the Jayatirtha people, "we don't like Puranjan, but we like you less. so we will defend him, and although there is more than 100 of you and only a few of us, we have the guns." 

That is how I was saved from the "peace Krishnas." I once told Jayatirtha he is not another Jesus and he cannot take sins, and later when he passed by me it sucked my life airs out, he was covered with a huge ball of sins around him. Very sinful man, a giant ball of sins in fact. ys pd

KL: Todd Jayatirtha never said he was Jesus etc and it was his entourage facilitating this illusion for their own little control and power games . When I questioned JT in Canada 87 and told him what "his followers" were saying about him and said "so who are you?" He said he was a disciple of Srila Prabhupada and not a very good one unfortunately. 

So you are another bitter and twisted soul it seems who is committing so much offences and vaisnava aparada to Srila Narayana Maha and S Sridhara M and to S Prabupada by your offensive nature which may have been influenced by all the lies and chinese whispers passed down unfortunately in ISKCON. S Prabhupada's International Krsna society could and should never be limited to an institution. Taking some sacrement (LSD) and chanting ecstatically is the other anarchistic end of the spectrum but can not be compared to GBC, teachers, sanayasis that were sexually abusing tiny children. WTFU.

PADA: Sorry! Jayatirtha HAD said MANY TIMES that he is a diksha guru, i.e. a person who can absorb sins like Jesus. When he was falling down his disciples were praying to save him from falling due to his "taking our sins." Self-evidently he was being advertised as a person who can absorb sins because they were thinking he is falling from taking their sins. 

Other GBC followers pray for their guru's taking their sins as well? When Jayatirtha passed by me on a narrow stairways, he knocked my breath out. The giant ball of sins surrounding him on the subtle plane was causing a disturbance to my life airs. Srila Prabhupada also told us if we neophytes become diksha gurus and take sins we will fall down, get sick or both. 

Many of them died. Jayatirtha was abusing children by telling them they have to worship him and the other 11 ship of fools people. 

That is abuse, to make children worship conditioned souls and LSD hounds as their messiahs. And so on. And Jayatirtha was telling everyone they had to work with the GBC, and so did Sridhara Maharaja and NM, and that is how the child abuse regime was enabled. Jayatirtha kicked me and my children out of ISKCON, he abused them by removing them from their home, and that was lucky because the children who stayed with his GBC guru program were treated terribly. Those of us who opposed their molester program were booted out by people like JT. That empowered and enabled the molester's program. ys pd

ISKCON's "Krishna Gurus": Srila Jayatirtha

And people like Sridhara Maharaja, Narayana Maharaja etc. also thought these 11 could absorbs sins like Jesus. Very foolish, it killed him. ys pd

KLT: I have never heard such horrendous offences as on here. The vine of devotion will certainly be killed off by such things and hard hearts and misfortune will be the result. I feel like I need to bathe in the Ganga, chant 3 million rounds to get purified and cleansed as soon as possible from all this. I pray for Lord Nityananda's, Lord Nrisimgha devas, Tulsi Maharanis total grace and forgiveness for all - otherwise no hope . The fact that the philosophy says we need to take initiation from a living Guru - is where it all falls down if no one is qualified. Luckily Tirthapada said he was only trying to facilitate in taking me to his Gurudeva 's - Srila Prabhupadas lotus feet !! Read original unadultered books!

PP: PADA makes a habit of offending the saintly vaisnavas for some fool hardy reasons. I can understand his statements but then he shows his true colours when he goes on to criticize Srila Narayana Maharaj and a great vaisnava as Bhakti Rasaka Sridhar Maharaj. Sometime we may not agree with what they did or advised but it was not these vaisnavas who brought down Iskcon to its changed level that it is today. The blame can only be put at the feet of those who lusted after Empire and they were going to use anyone who would endorse them.

[PADA: OK so they used Sridhara Maharaja and Narayan Maharaja to endorse them, that means these folks are co-responsible for the ensuing mess. In fact, they endorsed the leaders of that mess as acharyas.

Yes as soon as I said the GBC guru regime (aided and abetted by Sridhara Maharaja and NM) was creating a child abuse process, their followers said I was an offender. That is how they enabled the molesting infrastructure. And as soon as I said my children will never worship these deviants, and there is a molesting problem, JT kicked me out so he could enable and defend the evil doers. ys pd

BD: Bhakti Tirtha swami said the same, he was saying he got cancer because he was absorbing the sins of all his disciples and more. He was saying on his final days that he had asked Krsna to allow him to cleanse everyone of their sins. Meanwhile we know what happened to Hladini shakti mataji and another. They were sent to Liberia in the midst of a civil war and got murdered. One mataji got out and revealed to us all what went down. Pure devotees... Ha... Ha.... Ha !!

[PADA: Some people asked me why Gopa Vrndapal and Mula Prakriti and apparently some of their children ended up promoting Narayana Maharaja, when its well known: He criticizes Srila Prabhupada and his books; NM objected to our using the title "Prabhupada" when we were in Mayapura in 1971; NM said the 11 are monkeys -- and at the same time -- Prabhupada's successors; NM was a huge cheer leader of Tamal and their molester messiahs program etc.? 

Well there you have it, most people compromised with this process, and indeed, promoted the worship of the bogus gurus and / or their cheer leaders and enablers. NM also says we did not originate in Krishna's leela, Yani Kani Tulsi prayer is "karma kanda," worship of Lord Narasimgha in Radha Krishna's temple is bogus, and so on ad infinitum. He was against many of the things Prabhupada was doing, clearly.  

Same type problems we had with the Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / Krishna Kirtan / Pancali / Janardan / Dayalu Nitai's HKC Jaipur group. They formed a group to have  PADA "removed from the internet." Are they EVER going to remove the molester messiahs program from the internet? Nope, they NEVER, never EVER made any petition for that program to be removed from anywhere. HKC Jaipur people even told me that our idea that their favorite child buggery messiah's program is not fit to be worshiped "has no credibility." 

Who does have credibility? 

Instead, they told me I have to listen to Bhakta das, a cheer leader of Radhanath. Yep, as soon as these folks find a program of burying pedophiles in the dham, we have to listen to the cheer leaders of that program. Then they wonder why there has been so much crimes and molesting going on, when they are licking the boots of the advocates of that process? They promote the cheer leaders of the buggery messiah's program process, then they make pretend they are alarmed at the results? 

Then Prahlad and Kamadeva etc. ask me, "Why are you motivated for position"? OK so child molesting is not the problem, me being motivated is the problem. Me driving a taxi is the problem etc. This is what Sulochana called "bait and switch" to keep the evil doers in power. They asked the same thing to Sulochana, why are you motivated? Yep, Kirtanananda is not the problem, child molesting is not the problem, ok its YOU dissenters who are the problem! Hee hee!

Yep, they are in league and that is how all this mess was enabled, Sridhara Maharaja all the way down to these lesser enablers. Anyone who warns that the Titanic is going to sink unless action is taken -- is "motivated for position." OK never mind, you will sink then. Have a nice day in the water! Anyway, the good news is, more of this info is getting out and more folks are waking up.  

ys pd] 

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