Monday, April 29, 2019

Using Original Books for Temple Classes

TD: Not being able to find a significant fault, they try to teach us about the importance of the original books of Prabhupada -- as if we don't know it. They do not know that we have technical problems in execution. 

The supplier not having enough stock of books, a VedaBase of original books which doesn't work on MacBooks, and even on Windows, where it does work, the text size can be increased only to 200% which is insufficient to be shown on a screen during a lecture in the temple. The BBT version zooms up to 500%. 

We need a minimum of 350% zoom for the temple audience to see it. Our style of preaching in ISKM is groundbreaking, where the speaker is showing the verses on the screen while speaking in an impromptu fashion and at the same time, we are live streaming for those devotees who are far away. The other option to display the original translations is to go to while lecturing and the URLs that we have to type in order to effectively get the verses out on the screen are complicated. 

For example, for BG 4.9, we have to type For each and every verse, we have to do this. Imagine!! And because livestreaming is going on, this action of browsing becomes very slow. We have to have sufficient bandwidth to handle surfing and streaming at the same time. 

The logistics are unimaginable by these so-called Prabhupadanuga wranglers. And the 11th and 12th canto of Srimad Bhagavatam -- there was Prabhupada's order for them to be translated. That means, he wanted us to know its contents. And with even some basic Sanskrit knowledge, anyone can understand that the translations were quite accurate. There's absolutely nothing wrong in quoting from them.

More importantly, the word anuga means to follow in the footsteps. These rascals Prabhupadanugas who are actually Prabhupada-drohis (offenders to Prabhupada), do not follow in the footsteps of Prabhupada. Almost all of them don't have a morning program on a daily basis, don't eat prasadam, eat karmi food, don't wear devotional clothing or tilak, don't join full-time, don't conduct any preaching programs, don't distribute Prabhupada's original books, I mean absolutely nothing constructive. And they can't even appreciate someone pushing the movement forward for Srila Prabhupada. 

That's not a Prabhupadanuga!! That's a Prabhupada-drohi!! Rascals in the garb of devotees. Complete kali-chelas!

[PADA: Right. As soon as we said that we need to start a lawsuit to get the original books, Krishna Kanta (IRM) told me NOT to proceed with this process because suing the GBC would agitate the ISKCON leaders. He said he was going to "work out a deal to get original books -- and make the GBC into ritviks." 

Ummm, we told him -- this is dreaming in color. We were right, he never did work out any "deal" for original books.

And at the same time, Mukunda UK (and his program of Prahlad das / HKC Jaipur ilk folks) wrote to inform me that our BBTI lawsuit idea is foolish because  "lawyers are all nonsense" -- just at the time we were helping orchestrate the BBTI lawsuit in Los Angeles. OK, so Jayadvaita's changed books should get ALL the lawyers, while Srila Prabhupada's original books get none?  

And these people claim to be in favor of the original books, when simultaneously they say we should NOT even have started ANY lawsuit to get ANY rights to print ANY originals? Meanwhile, they are not capable of even suing a cheating pan walla? Of course these folks also wanted the molester's regime to have all the lawyers, the poisoner's party to have all the lawyers, and so on and so forth. 

Thus people ask PADA, not sure why they wanted the changed books to have all the lawyers, and Prabhupada's original book to have zero lawyers? OK, they really never wanted us to EVER have ANY legal rights to ANY of the originals. They think that they are going to have tea and crumpets with the GBC gurus and "work out a deal" with the bad guys? This is not happening folks! 

Anyway, the good news is, more people want originals. And the idea that originals should be displayed for the temple classes is a GOOD IDEA. Bravo! Yes, even a lot of my God brothers thought I was making a mountain out of a mole hill in the early 1980s for objecting to the changed books, but time seems to be working in our favor, and thus more and more folks are agreeing -- this is an important issue, perhaps the most important issue of all. ys pd] 


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