Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Jesus and us were attacked (an ISKCON Gurukuli)

KD: When I was a little girl in gurukula, suffering as we all did very badly, there was a lady in the temple. She used to take it upon herself to tutor me. And one of the biggest lessons she gave me was about Jesus. Just because bad things happen to you, does not mean you're a bad person, or that you deserve it. 

And she told me the story of Jesus, actually she read it to me a little bit every day, from his birth to his persecution. And she would tell me, look what a great person he was, but look what they did to him. The fact (my life also) has been full of pain suffering and trauma and loss and poverty. 

And despite that I still help people and do a lot of good things for people. I spent my entire childhood chanting Hari Krishna at the wee hours of the morning and suffering the whole time. If I had any bad karma it has been burned by now. I really think Western devotees do not have a grip on the concept of Karma whatsoever and their view of it is actually cruel, mean and not at all vaishnav like.

[PADA: Yep. There was a lot of suffering, trauma, poverty etc. going on here from a number in the "ISKCON youth." And it is truly amazing that folks like me and Sulochana became targets of death threats, and even murder, for saying that the suffering of these children needs to be stopped and fixed. Not only Sridhara Maharaja people, Narayana Maharaja people, GBC guru people,  even the Dalalu Nitai HKC and Prahlad people were totally against our saving these children from suffering and our exposing their molesting infrastructure and its webs and nests process. They all complained that we should not go after their children abuse and suffering regime. Yep, we need to save the Pharisees!  

And worse, these folks told me our attempt at stopping children from being molested etc. means "PADA has no credibility" etc. and maybe we should be assassinated for our complaining about their process. So there has been, as some of these kulis told me "a war against children." And clearly there has been "a war" against those of us exposing the war against these children. Yep children need to eat rotten oatmeal while the leaders eat 50 course feasts, and as Sridhara Maharaja said "none should protest."

And a lot of that was being justified by saying "its the karma of these children." Even Narayana Maharaja said these children are just getting karma. NM is authorized to help Tamal promote a war against children program? 

So this is like the ex-devotee here in Berkeley who started eating hamburgers and he told me, "These cows are already destined to be made into hamburger because that is its karma, so there is no karma for my eating them as hamburgers." OK so we can allow child molesting because -- its the karma of the children to be molested? So we should allow criminals and crimes to go on unchecked, all over human society, because its all karma? 

This ex-kuli is right, the children were being attacked just like Jesus was being attacked, by the demoniac elements. That is exactly correct, Jesus was attacked and so were these kids, by the demoniac. And the people who assisted this program are like Pharisees and the Roman soldiers who assisted in persecuting Jesus. Agreed. ys pd]   

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  1. Thanks LD Dasi for your questions, "How could anyone read this type of testimony and then object to PADA trying to help these victims? Have they no heart"? Right, that is why Srila Prabhupada says a person can chant for hundreds of lifetimes and remain a steel framed heart. Yes, agreed, they have no feelings.

    "Are some of them trying to make some sort of hidden homosexual agenda? Are some of them covert misogynists, covert molesters, and that is why they oppose PADA"? Well hee hee, that might be the case. Sulochana said he was fighting "the gay saffron mafia." Yes, there is some sort of not so secret agenda afoot to promote deviants as acharyas. And then, there is a wide variety of deviations going on among that group. And yes, some of them have been homosexuals, some have been misogynists, some have been molesters, some criminals, some mayavadas, and so on and so forth. Lets not forget, some would say part of their group are poisoners of pure devotees.

    Then others are acting as the defense team for that group, including some Gaudiya Matha and even some so-called Prabhupadanugas, who also oppose us because they are more in sympathy with the Devil than the Angels.

    Anyway, I am glad this kuli's letter struck you so powerfully. Yes, these poor children suffered badly because so many people just did not understand the depth of the problems, or worse, they wanted to ignore me and Sulochana because they did not want to know. Or worse, they were with the deviant's agenda. In any case, at least we did listen to some of these victims and at least we tried to help, and yes, that is more than most did. Thanks for agreeing, this is not just the right course, its the only course for human society. Danke! ys pd


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