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Sanaka Rsi / ISKCON's Parent's Guru Gambling

PADA: Sanaka Rsi says that PADA does not seem to have a lot of credibility, so why is a person with so-called little credibility exposing some of the major issues?:

Sanaka Rsi: It is truly mind boggling ... With all due respect to Puranjan, he would likely fare on the "extreme / radical / very eccentric" side of the spectrum for most people, and yet he appears to be more aware, and at least more vocal about the child abuse problems in ISKCON, than any (of these ISKCON) leaders...

That's pretty nuts!

PADA: Agreed.


PADA: Some ex-gurukulis from ISKCON told me recently their parents had told them -- they have to be careful (buyer beware) which GBC guru their children select, because "many of these gurus are not worthy of the guru title." Swell! So your children should be told they have to select a guru, just like they would have to select a dubious used car off "Smiley Joe's Used Cars" lot? That is the state of guru tattva post-1977 in ISKCON? Selecting a guru is like selecting a used car, from a dealer with a known track record of selling faulty cars? 

I simply don't get it? Be careful about spinning the roulette wheel and gambling over what guru you might select? You might choose a losing number? Did I forget to mention that gambling / speculating is against the principles of Vaishnavism?

Why not give our own children a brand new Rolls Royce guru, aka Srila Prabhupada, and save them all the trouble of speculating at a used car lot / broken down guru process? Oh oh! What if ALL the cars on Smiley Joe's Lot are defective? And that is also why some people kept saying, well ALMOST all of them are bad -- except Gaura Govinda maharaja, or Bhakti Vikas swami, and so on. OK! Maybe they are better than the rest of the lot, but why are they getting certified by the bad guru group if they are good gurus? 

This begs the question, what if there is not even one good car on the lot? And in this case, why wouldn't the parents at least go with the child to the used car lot and help the child select the better car, using their superior mature knowledge? This makes no sense, some of these parents would send their kids off to the used car lot to purchase a possibly dangerous used car -- on their own? Of course other parents proudly told me "my child will be initiated by Srila Jayatirtha Tirthapada" and so on. OK that really is a defective used car! They made the WRONG choice of used car for their children! They forgot to give their child the new Rolls Royce car?

Then Rocana's crew came out with their 1986 "guru reform." The GBC and their newly minted "guru repair shop" mechanics are going to fix and repair some of their defective used car gurus, however if their guru needs repair and "reform," how is he a guru? OK Rocana's "50 man committee of guru reformers" think gurus are like defective used cars that constantly break down and need repair. 

Evidently, they could not repair a lot of their original defective used car gurus, and worse, they voted in even more defective used car gurus. And thus there are still piles of deviations going on among the duly "reformed gurus," including burying sexual predators and / or porno swamis in samadhis. Claiming that gurus are defective has been the trouble from the get go. Whether it was some parents who were telling their children gurus are "buyer beware" -- or saying we are going to help those cheated by the used car lot's bad products by -- reforming and repairing the bad guru products. 

How can we repair a bad guru? And! You mean people forgot, gurus are not like defective used car products that need constant repair?

Then, what if the first wave of defective gurus are the same people who "voted in" the second wave of defective gurus? The defective first wave of gurus are hand selected to vote in the next wave? Anyway, the burden of selecting which of these gurus is bona fide is now being passed off -- to some of these children?, i.e. those who don't have a lot of the training and experience of the elders? 

All because -- their parents self-evidently do not know who is a bona fide guru themselves, so then they could not tell their children who their actual guru should be? And! Its the same process with many new bhakta members of ISKCON, they are told they can select one of ISKCON's gurus, but the senior and mature devotees who have some knowledge on guru tattva have no input on these matters? Therefore people keep selecting bad used car "gurus" who are part of a process of falling down, left, right and center? 

Jayadvaita says that the GBC guru program is "buyer beware."
Same as a used car lot!

Anyway, this seems to be the root of a lot of the "troubles." These parents know the GBC has been mass producing bogus gurus, thus they tell their child to use a lot of care when selecting their guru from the GBC's used car parking lot, where a number of these bogus used car gurus burned up and exploded on the way off the parking lot. But why should anyone have to select a -- more than likely -- defective car from a bogus used car dealer in the first place?

Then, Tamal's bucket boy and rasika shiksha guru Narayan Maharaja became a person many parents were sending their kids off to. The cheer leaders of the molester messiah's program should be accepted as gurus too? So these children ended up getting the short end of the stick there as well.

How this happened in our opinion is part foolishness, and part egotism, because a number of these so-called original Prabhupada people do think they are somehow special people. Some of them thus thought -- I have a special connection to Srila Prabhupada which I can capitalize on and use to profit and promote myself. 

Hence a lot of folks started writing their own books like Acyutananda, Satsvarupa, Hari Sauri, Guru Dasa, Shyamsundar and others, to capitalize on their own alleged special status. Meanwhile many others became dubious used cars on the GBC's used car guru lot, and they tried to sell themselves off as the next sum total of the demigods / parampara acharyas, because they became part of the whole process of diminishing the guru platform to a used car lot experience.

And a whole lot of other people either went along with this charade, or they for surely did not protest well enough, often to protect their position in the society of cheaters and the cheated.

In any case, this is why the Vedas say, do not become a leader, a parent, or a guru, unless you can liberate your subordinates. And that starts off with, make sure you connect your subordinates to the proper acharya. Just got a nice call from a new bhakta and he says, he is simply going to read Srila Prabhupada's ORIGINAL books and keep that as his primary connection to Krishna. And he is VERY GLAD at least some of us so-called original disciples agree that this is THE PROCESS, i.e. the same process we got is still available for ANYONE ELSE. 

He says, unless ISKCON starts to promote its actual acharya properly it is going to further DECLINE and become more and more insignificant. He is right!  
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  1. Past quote from Bhakti Caru Swami: *** Thinking that Srila Prabhupada had appointed 11 successors we also plunged in to the same syndrome of appointing spiritual heads of the institution presuming that after Srila Prabhupada’s disappearance they inherited ISKCON. In 1987, about 10 years after Srila Prabhupada’s disappearance, this mistake was addressed by concerned leading devotees of ISKCON, but was not fully corrected. Just by adding more gurus and allowing them to initiate wherever they could attract disciples, that mistake was only diluted to some extent but was not really corrected.....BCS

    PADA: Correct.

  2. Dear PADA: Yes prabhu! You are always right with your point: what is this crazy idea of having still (very) conditioned souls being gurus? I always thought like you since at least 1987. The very worst is that they FORCE you to accept one of their bogus gurus if you want to stay in ISKCON. What to say if you want to have any even insignificant position. You cannot just accept and serve Prabhupada! YS PNd


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