Sunday, August 19, 2018

Srila Prabhupada Bhagavatam Sets Available Now

Rsi Kumar Dasa : I have wasted my spiritual life though I claim myself a devotee. Now I have come to my fag end of Life 64 - Srila Prabhupada kindly lifted me from the gutter and gave me the shade of his Lotus feet, for whom I am eternally indebted to him .

When News reached that a group of Sankirtan devotees were here to see him, his eyes would open wide as his smile. He gave priority to see them first. They’d read to Srila Prabhupada about so many books distributed, he would be very Pleased and said My Spiritual master is pleased — he would go on and he would say that makes me Happy.

He loved book Distribution.
He once told Bhagavan das what would your lecture do — let my books do the Talking. At my fag End of life I am taking this on - to Distribute Srila Prabhupada’s Books - These Books are Transcendental books as — Such they have The Full Power to Deliver Both the avid Reader and the Book Distributer equally .

I Humbly Request my friends pass this out — Help me Distribute these Transcendental books this will help my Soul — you’d get Full Credit.
These 10 Volumes are amazingly set in a case — all Original paintings are there .
These Books are Priceless Gems.

They make excellent gifts for any occasion - Birthday , Wedding Gift , Graduation. I accept all major Credit cards on Square Act 

Now $150 Plus $15 S/h .
Text me Now 352 215 9535.
All Glories tonSrila Prabhupada.
All Glories to the assembled Devotees
Jitarati Prabhu ki jai

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