Monday, August 6, 2018

Atmavidya Das "Butchering the books"

After a four-months break I am back on Facebook.

However, I am not going to be active here much.

In particular, I do not want to see any glorification of present-day ISKCON, its so-called leaders, and its laughing stock sannyasis. I consider them old fools – which, in some cases might be a bit harsh but in most cases I feel that I am being charitable in my statement. Collectively they have turned a once spiritual movement into a dead branch of the Caitanya Tree. 

First and foremost, by at least silently giving their consent to the butchering of the original literature of my spiritual master.

I hold that glorifying the wrong people is also an offence – an offence to the genuine Vaishnavas who are not easily found within institutions. Some of them may be a bit weak in their daily practice – however, temporary weakness is one thing, deviation is another, and much more severe.

So, before you send me any friendship request I humbly ask you to think at least twice – after reflecting on what I wrote above.

Atmavidya Das

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