Sunday, August 12, 2018

Brooklyn Temple Legal Imbroglio (Update)

[PADA: Latest news we heard recently, the ISKCON GBC has filed a lawsuit for Ramabhadra to vacate the Brooklyn temple premises. Why should he? The GBC signed the property over to his charity, the Bharatiya Society, apparently -- in order to avoid having the property included in the Windle Turley lawsuit (?). So it seems like cheating upon cheating upon cheating. In any case, this is exactly what Srila Prabhupada said we should not do, start a bunch of lawsuits over properties (like the Gaudiya Matha).

And now, the thieves are fighting over the stolen bread? And they are bringing in more and more totally bogus people to lecture in the ISKCON temples, even those who are advocates of the Rama Krishna mission. And all this is getting ISKCON more and more advertised as "Hindu temples"? Which Srila Prabhupada does not want us to be advertised as? As one ex-kuli says, they want to be advertised as Hindu temples in order to bilk the Hindus out of cash, so they can keep their jet set guru's lifestyle going.

OK this is no longer factually ISKCON in any case? 

Rocana for his part now agrees that there are only 32 acharyas listed in the Gita, but he never explains why his "constitution" allows for "voting in" more and more gurus / parampara members into Rocana's "new parampara," to add to the list of 32. Meanwhile we all see that most of his alleged parampara members are not only bogus, they caused the Brooklyn lawsuit program? And this is the whole problem, none of these deviations are being conducted by acharyas. 

Same problem with Hanuman Croatia, he thinks all this imbroglio is about "sannyasas having secretaries." He overlooks or forgets that all the banning, beating, molesting, and murders were always about one goal -- gaining control of the assets, ok these buildings. The reason everyone was driven out was to seize the properties, same thing they did in the Gaudiya Matha. Has nothing to do with secretaries. 

As one devotee pointed out, we actually want to see them with female secretaries, that way we know they are maybe not having sex with their male secretaries, hee hee! Anyway, all this is making more public media scandals, expensive lawsuits etc. -- and as all of that gets more and more into the media, it makes the movement look like infighting among cats and dogs. Instead of saving the cat and dog fighting folks in  the material world, we have become the cat and dog fighting material world? Oh, heaven help us? ys pd] 

Let's look at this in a spiritually pragmatic way
Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Govinda care nothing for 60 million dollars
Their Lordships care only for their creation
Their little spirit souls
You and me

Srila Prabhupada wanted all his followers
To study his original unchanged books
His Divine Grace gave the example of
Lawyers in a court of law
Must know the laws in order to win their arguments
His Divine Grace wanted all his followers
To know and understand sastra like that
I would like to make my case here
Using sastra but
I'm not a learned sastra guy
That ain't me
If someone is so VAIN
That they believe
That they have surpassed His Divine Grace
And the entire sampradaya
And can change the sastra
What is the value of learning sastra
Or using sastra to prove or disprove anything

We should count our blessings
Shh don't tell anyone but
So far the maha mantra is the same

I'm just a little guy
Who lived in a community of Srila Prabhupada disciples
Immediately after His Divine Grace left us
So I couldn't be his initiated disciple
Too late prabhu
And everyone in the community knew it
They knew I could not be one of them
And still
They took me in and gave me their guidance
And their transcendental, for the most part, association
Not because I was a big book distributor
Not because I donated a lot of money
Not because I was a famous musician or actor or politician
Not because they loved me
Krsna knows how unlovable I am
It was because they loved His Divine Grace
And had no desire other than to please Srila Prabhupada
I'm talking about the little guys
Not the management
I had no association with management

It would be easy to play the blame game:
Look deep in your heart to where Supersoul resides
And ask your Self
Who is guilty of offending Sri Sri Radha Govinda, Srila Prabhupada, the entire sampradaya, and the aspiring Vaisnavas of NYC

NY TP and Associates GUILTY
NY Congregation GUILTY
Unknown Parties GUILTY

Everyone is to blame in that regard
Is this really about the money or the building
Except for the greedy materialistic hopelessly fallen individuals
I don't believe so
I believe
The real root of the situation in NYC
Is the karmic result of the poisonous weeds which were never rooted out
It all began with uttama-adhikari worship of 11 fallen conditioned souls
It may be said it began even prior
For the elites of 2018 "ISKCON"
You don't want to be reminded of your non-bonafide origins
You don't want to be exposed as frauds at this late date
Your ill-gotten material gains and faux spiritual reputations
Will be lost
In Naraka


If we don't follow Srila Prabhupada's
We will get the same results
We are experiencing now
Over and over and over
And Spiritual Fatalities

I am flawed
I am a fool
I am what I am
I speak from my heart
I belong to Krsna
I offer my fallen obeisances to all the aspiring Vaisnavas

[PADA: Consensus more and more is that Rocana's voted in / lawsuits ki jaya gurus are headed for naraka loka. We would have to agree. ys pd]

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