Saturday, August 4, 2018

Mayapura TVOP Project Deteriorating

ABP, I now stay at Mayapur, next to the ISKCON TEMPLE. I am seeing the present situation of the Temple. It's heart breaking. The foreign devotees have mostly gone, almost no foreigner is ever coming now to offer their seva to ISKCON, at mayapur. Few days back during the Chariot festival, I was there to participate the event, but I hardly found any foreign devotees there. 

It's due to the management of ISKCON, which should take steps to restore the normal situation. The construction work of the new TEMPLE has about stopped, the equipment are slowly moving out. Situation is devastating. Plz save ISKCON, MAYAPUR, PLZZZ. PLZZ. I appeal to all devotees , plz come to mayapur, come to ISKCON... LORD KRISHNA is there..... Plz come.....

KS: Perhaps it is the misrepresentation of the Universal structure that is bringing disfavor from Lord Visnu, Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva and their consorts / Shaktis ..... no worries.... Krsna is ALWAYS in complete control in all circumstances .... HareKrsna!!!

ABP: Yes mataji, but still I earnestly request all members of the ISKCON family to come to Mayapur once again. It's the same place, same minded people. We can make it better with our offerings and devotion. Plz come to mayapur, plz plz.

[PADA: Yes, someone told me more local Muslims are being employed by the Mayapura program to keep it up and running, because fewer and fewer devotees are present there. The GBC thought -- if we steal the buildings and deities, then we will capture Krishna and everyone will be forced to come to us, never mind we will force these poor people to worship debauchees, drunkards, drug addicts, sexual predators, criminals etc. as "Krishna's guru successors." OK great idea except, the same type thieves who stole Krishna and His buildings, and who made deviants into acharyas, were not having much success in the post-1936 Gaudiya Matha. Their temples ALSO became ghost towns, and so will ours under this scheme. Meanwhile our Prabhupadanuga temple here is packed out with people. This is not a coincidence. ys pd]   

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