Saturday, August 4, 2018

A Few Problems with Narayan Maharaja (Iskcontimes)

PADA: Yes prabhu, I said there is a child molesting program, and -- banning, beating and assassinating program going on. At that time Narayan Maharaja was promoting the leader of that program, Tamal Krishna swami. Narayan Maharaja was angry as fire that I was attacking the person he was calling "the dear Tamal tree of Radharani." OK so Narayan Maharaja defends programs that ban, beat, molest and kill Vaishnavas, and the leading dictators in charge of such programs. Worse, he said we are "poison ritviks" so he could demonize us, to get us killed, and he did help get some of us killed with his virulent rhetoric. 

And yes, some of my God bothers like Naranaryan Visvakarma das (Nathan Zakheim) were saying the same type things, PADA's editor is a bogus sahajiya, he is writing poison, writing stools, he is a cesspool, the ritviks are slimy snakes --- and so on, so he could incite violence and assassinations against us. So it was a conspiracy to emplace the molester messiahs program in the seats of acharyas, and kill off the messengers who protested (ok like me). 

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