Friday, August 24, 2018

Government Cover Up of Seer Laxmivara Theertha's Cause of Death?

[PADA: Yes, even us non-medical professionals cannot understand how the original investigation claimed to have discovered toxic weed killer type chemicals, causing internal intestinal bleeding and other severe symptoms, and now all of a sudden -- he instead died from apparent alcohol poisoning -- which generally does not produce these sudden and dramatic symptoms? 

There were people saying there would be a cover up as to the actual cause of death due to paying off government officials and so on, to allow the apparent culprits a free pass, and this might be what happened? Or what? 

Then people wonder why its so hard for our folks to get the poison investigation of Srila Prabhupada launched in India. Ummm, because justice is not easy to obtain there perhaps? If anyone has some inside info on this case, send to ys pd]

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