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Issues with some of PADA's "Senior God Brothers"

[PADA: There were many people "senior" to me, who knew about the deviations of Kirtanananda and other the GBC so-called gurus. And they should have blocked them from taking the ACHARYA'S seat of Srila Prabhupada way before myself. These senior devotees knew the GBC's people were not qualified to be acharyas. Yet these seniors were not taking hardly any counter action while seeing these GBC folks sitting on a vyasa seat just like Srila Prabhupada's vyasa seat, and they saw the GBC "gurus" taking over his pooja and etc. That means I should have been a follower of them, as they should be spear heading the opposition. 

Yes, I should never have ended up spear heading anything. Sometimes of course, Krishna just hands you a task, like cleaning out the sewer of a messed up guru imbroglio, and its up to you to accept the task or not.

For example, one senior devotee to me is Naranayan das (Nathan Zakheim), who has for many years said my expose of the GBC's program is "lies" "filth" "stools" and is "destroying ISKCON" and so on and so forth. This is how the false guru process was enabled, empowered and facilitated, according to -- whom? Well! According to my good friends here in Berkeley called -- the police. 

The police told me that my "dear God brothers" who are shouting us down, and essentially chopping our protest down, is what has been allowing the false gurus to thrive, and is also what -- caused Sulochana to be murdered. When the police, media, FBI, courts and the "mundane karmis" are your best help mates, you know you are in trouble. And yes, shouting down the protest to false gurus enables then, and thus enables all the banning, beating, molesting and assassinating etc. Even the police know this, its not rocket science?

The police would know all this better than anyone else, they have made it their career to study criminal programs and how they operate. So for Naranayan das to now detail all the problems that Tamal / Kirtanananda and so on had, saying he knew that information already in the 1960s, does not help us now. He came to Berkeley when I was there and he said he was too busy with his oil painting business to help me. Of course if you cannot help, at least you should not call us liars and join the GBC's slogans, to help get us killed? 

And then Naranarayan das aligned himself with the Bhakta Peter / Kamsahanta / Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / HKC Jaipur guys who also said our complaints are "all lies" and he incited them to attack PADA. Sulochana said these people are all direct or de facto supporters of the child molester messiah's program. That is why this agenda had to take him out (and wanted to take me out) ...? Of course! Ask the police!]

NN: Well, Puranjan! You were were senior, so what happened in 1977 when you raised the huge and cry about Kirtanananda, Bhavsnanda etc? A short time later you were working closely with Jayatirtha.... Did he turn out to be at much better qualified to sit on a big red chair than Kirtanananda?

PADA:  Jayatirtha was one of the people who booted me out of ISKCON? Actually 1978-9 in England is where I wrote some of my first papers, the first were only a few pages, but one of them was written on the problem of imitation of pure devotees. We only had typewriters and photo copy process at that time, so it was limited to what we could do.

I started handing stuff out quite soon, and it was not received well, even by most of my God brothers who chastised me for "criticizing great devotees." Even Sridhara Maharaja said we were wrong to protest, he said "none should protest." 

I also quit going to temple programs because of seeing the simultaneous pooja and so on, I could not tolerate seeing that. I also did challenge the GBC's guru appointment right away and kept asking Vicitravirya for evidence, none ever came. 

At the time I was living separate from the temple in a "council flat" and was only visiting from time to time, and it was not going well as my questions were causing a stir when I did visit, and the questions were not being answered. I was building my case at the time. Jayatirtha was taking drugs and having an affair, and then the GBC came and told us he was "a new sannyasa." Hah hah. That made me realize the whole thing was off the rails. Jayatirtha also called me up on the carpet into his office a few times and he warned me, my time in ISKCON was going to end it I did not cooperate. He also said "its my men, my money and my disciples" to Isvari, and we both concluded he had gone off the rails. 

But yes I was a little cautious at first. however to say I was "working closely" is not at all what happened, I was asking about the Volvo, the big guru's house, the servants, Manjuali's shoes being worshiped and all that, and was getting stiff resistance right out of the gate. However, my knowledge of the real story on a lot of these people was not as detailed as the more senior people, they should have spoke out way before I did. I also warned Sulochana not to go to New Vrndanana. He thought that would be better than Jayatirtha, I said that would be from the frying pan into the fire, you'd be isolated with one of these nut baggers. I had some idea of Kirtanananda, although I was not in the USA from 1971, so I was not to up on things over there at the time. The more senior than me should have said a lot more than me, I was not a big fish then, or even now. ys pd

CC Good on you prabhu ... I was simply a vulnerable seeker. I wanted to have Prabhupada only when I arrived but was more or less bullied to take initiation from Jayatirtha even during the ceremony my whole being was crying. Anyway my mistake. But I feel we need to close down their fraudulent mood. 

They hold up Prabhupada​s books of knowledge like they accept, but that's not what they do. I see what they are doing even more blatantly today is to recruit slaves to there mean and abusive system. Now I have no regard for this insidious group who use everything Srila Prabhupada stood for as a platform for their own gratification mood. The shocking truth is, I have myself been in a Duryodhana's camp of usurpers. Now to get off complaining and moaning and live my life in dedication to real bhakti? How to do that ? Its my own business and duty without the institution.

[PADA: Yes prabhu, Krishna is still available to a sincere seeker, no one has a monopoly on the Supreme Being. We still need to connect with Him no matter what the material circumstances. ys pd]

CC: The institutional rubberstamping of guru as well as the recurrently observed herding of unsuspecting fledgling devotional candidates into institutionally endorsed liaison with chic-awash, locally lionized, ecclesiastically rubber-stamped guru figureheads simply boasts of a preposterous over estimated shot at managerially manipulating, governing or meddling with the entirely independent will of the Absolute...

__Aindra dasa

Phew! well said. After research there is now so many groups for everything, ayascha yoga etc but they come with same script -- use ancient truths -- peppered here and there with some parts of the Vedas -- to secure followers. It's a minefield out there, and now the sad truth is -- iskcon is one of the experts in this field. It's not a religion at all, it's just an empty shell like a narcissistic person, love bomb yoga etc. 

When you are in it, they manipulate your life in the name of helping you surrender to God Krishna. Shameless leaders living like opulent kings etc. We must protect the public from this life sucking and life ruining group. It's our duty to human society.

One thing, I am not an authority on anything. I'm simply a vulnerable human being looking for answers. I have experienced some truths about Krishna's message: please don't give it all up continue on your journey, find new truths within yourself and find genuine teachers for you. It is very natural that after finding one was being lied to for so many years in iskcon, to give up everything and lose faith in the religion, which may be their real purpose. So we need to keep the essence, relish each given moment, practice to love unconditionally ourself and whoever is in our life ... be real and natural.

[PADA: Yep!]


  1. Right, Naranayan types and the GBC folks said form example that me and Sulochana are bogus gopi sahajiyas, who are blooped fringies etc., and thus we are against ISKCON. And Sulochana said to me, these people are saying we are fringie sahajiyas so they can demonize us and get us killed. This was verified to me by the police, my police friend called it "demonizing the messenger." And the police say, this is done when someone exposes gangsters or dangerous cults. And that is one way they can eliminate the messenger. The police told me that too: Sulochana's murder -- and the murder of the grand mother who calls the cops on her neighborhood drug dealings -- its the same exact program, stop the messenger and the criminals win by default. Yes, you knew that Kirtanananda was a deviant, so you should not attack us messengers who oppose him, that enables the gangsters, according to even -- the police. An ex-ISKCON child told me recently when we discusses all this, the GBC are like the sharks trying to bite your head off and eat you from in front, meanwhile the back biting attackers from the rear are people like NNV, and his pals Sanat, Mukunda, Prahlad and so on, they are like little Piranhas trying to eat you up from the rear. All of them are your attackers, and all of them wanted your existence to cease, and its only Krishna's mercy they did not succeed. ys pd

  2. Narayan Maharaja groupie #47: PADA makes stuff up thats non sensical Alice

    PADA: Yes, that is what happened, as soon as we said there is child molesting and other crimes, people said we made it up. Good news? The FBI and police believed my version and I advised them on police raids, and later a Dallas Court believed the molesting complaint in a $400,000,00 lawsuit (which they lost).

    Yep, we made it all up, that is what the police told me is the same thing people tell them when they go to ask about the grand mother calling them on the drug dealers, they say the grand mother is making it up, hee hee! Well, good luck, the police, media, courts, FBI and so on, believed my version, and now gradually more devotees are agreeing, the devotees were simply way behind (as the police confirm). Then, after they were sued people complained, why didn't you work things out with the GBC first? Well maybe because they were sending goondas to kill me? Hah hah!

    Of course another cheer leader of the regime was Narayan Maharaja, who was sitting at Tamal's feet saying we are "ritvik poison," he was with them. There are plenty of photos and transcripts of these meetings he was having with them, that's the problem, we could not make all this up. Saying we are poison, is for one purpose -- to have us killed. Ask the police, they know why people brand others as poison, its to incite violence! ys pd

  3. As soon as we said there is a molesting program, Hari Sauri said me and Sulochana are gopi bhava sahajiyas, and Naranaryana das became their number one parrot and cheer leader. Sulochana said that you people are saying we are sahajiyas so you can demonize us to get us killed. You are one of the people Sulochana said is trying to have us killed? No, Sulochana was one of the members of our 1975 group, and Sulochana specifically said you folks are calling us sahajiyas to GET US KILLED? And it worked, you folks did get him killed, and then you went on and on attacking me as "writing stools," to try to get me killed as well. And you would have except the police save me. And Sulochana said that the whole time, you people are saying we are writing stools -- to get us killed, he said you people are all part of the group trying to save Kirtanananda by attacking us, and you did save him and have us attacked. As soon as we said children are being molested, you said we are bogus, of course that means you are saving the molesters, and that is what Sulochana said about you people the whole while. This is not off topic, Sulochana said you folks are calling us bogus sahajiyas to GET US KILLED. And my family can confirm this, they are say NNV was trying to get us KILLED by saying we are writing "dirty stools" and etc. The police confirm that is how you folks are fomenting violence against us, that is even what they know. Sulochana said NNV is more with them than with us, he is a compromiser. Anyway, as soon as we said there is molesting program going on NOW, NNV said that the real is is -- me and Sulochana being sahajiyas in 1975? That means these people defended the molesters, and that is what Sulochana himself said. ys pd


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