Sunday, March 13, 2016

We Become What We Worship

PADA: OK well there is our first problem, we are saying gurus are in a human condition, such as being sexual predators. And thus our worshiped gurus will enable and promote themselves and other sexual predators as our gurus, teachers, leaders etc. And they will spread the problem and appoint other deviants as their co-messiahs, school teachers, administration etc. as has happened in spades. 

So, if the messiah is a sexual predator, then the whole society will be infected because we become what we worship. If we worship sexual predators, we will have a society that becomes chock full of what it worships. 

That is why we are supposed to worship pure devotees and not "human conditioned" acharyas. And we cannot control sexual predators if we are worshiping sexual predators and their enablers. The people who caused the $400,000,000 lawsuit by promoting and enabling the enforced cult ritualistic worship of sexual predators by children should be removed from all posts of authority, or we will never remove the problem. 

We also have a big problem if we say sexual predators are, were or could have been members of our chain of God's successor gurus, its means we are keeping sexual predators in our chain of gurus forever, and the problems will thus persist forever. Then again this begs the question, how did people come to think God's successor gurus are sexual predators, deviants, drug addicts, porno watchers, etc. in the first place? 

All of the people teaching that acharyas are often debauchees have to be removed or there is no fixing the issue. We cannot say debauchees and their enablers are God's successors, or it means we are saying God is a debauchee Himself because His successors are also debauchees, this means, the problem never ends, ever. 

Gurus are human beings and thus sexual predators and their enablers, and then we wonder why this problem is so pervasive, its because we become what we worship, and if we worship sexual predators and their enablers, we will have sexual predators and their enablers pervading the society in perpetuity. Jayadvaita says ISKCON gurus are often found "engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children," ok and if we become what we worship, then what kind of society will we have? ys pd


Back in the 1980s I wrote long letters to Urmila, Hari Sauri, and many other GBC leaders like Mukunda swami, Ravindra Swarupa, Gunagrahi swami, Bhakti Vikas swami, Rupanuga, Satsvarupa and many others like rank and file (parents) and congregation members as well, warning of the impending doom from allowing the Kirtanananda / Bhavananda / Jayapataka / et al anti-children program to be "managing" the kids. No one cared. 

In fact Urmila and Hari Sauri wrote me back saying "we have no interest in your topic." So, that is why they say a fish rots out from the head, the head means, the leadership. They are responsible for what goes on under their charge, and they all suppressed us, and in fact killed Sulochana and had me chased with aluminum baseball bat armed thugs who would have killed me except I was under law enforcement surveillance and they stepped in to save me at the last second, otherwise I would not be here writing now. 

The leaders not only did not want to hear from us, they wanted to kill us. So molester rings, nests, webs, these things only stand when they are supported on many sides. A web requires all the pieces to function, or it falls apart, and Urmila was and is one of the pieces of this web. And as soon as the venomous spider's web is attacked, the spiders come down to bite us and kill us. ys pd

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