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Dayarama Starts to Doubt His Role as GBC Guru Defender

Jayapataka's Defenders Having Doubts?

Praghosa, the Back Stabber


The Indian RGB, recently mentioned in the article "Proposal to Bureau Regarding Mayapura", was dissolved and reconstituted under the name ISKCON India Advisory Council (IIAC), although still referred to as 'the Bureau'. Here is an interesting back-story the Sun readers will find of interest regarding the Bureau's position on Praghosa dasa and his unfortunate pastimes in Mayapur:

[PADA: Unfortunately the Basu Ghosh "Shastra Advisory Committee" (SAC), the IIAC (more "advisors" for their acharyas), the overall GBC, the Mayapura Bureau (which has recently dissolved the authority of the rest of the GBC), the NA GBC, the EU GBC etc. -- and their spokesmen like Jayadvaita swami etc. -- they all agree that their acharyas are often debauchees who are falling into illicit sex, drugs and crimes. That means despite all their umpteen committees, they cannot even decide what is an acharya and what is not an acharya? They never discuss this point self-evidently. 

This is their first problem which has never been resolved, that the bogus GBC's say their guru parampara is constantly being corrupted by deviants, debauchees, sexual predators, and even people who end up hating Krishna. If the guru successors to Krishna can -- and do -- deviate all the time, then its sort of hopeless for the rank and file lesser rung folks, which is perhaps why their lesser rung people are now fighting like cats and dogs, because their leaders / acharyas / messiahs are doing the same. 

Then, after declaring that Krishna's successors are often infighting deviants, they wonder why they keep getting infighting deviants in their managing group? Srila Prabhupada says that claiming Lord Krishna's acharyas are often debauchees, fallen, and / or deviants is the mad elephant offense, and yet that is what these people are saying every single day, then wondering why -- its not working? Of course Srila Prabhupada says one of the ten offenses is to consider that gurus are ordinary and thus fallen, but who cares for the rules of the acharya?]

Practically the day after Jayapataka Swami had his stroke, Praghosa et al. conspired to remove all managers in Mayapur, starting with Bhakti Puroshottama Swami and Dayaram das. 

[PADA: Bhakti Purushottam swami has at least said publicly that ISKCON should not have any more messianic "monarchs," he says -- we need people who will be humble and work together. Unfortunately, he has no plan to remove the ongoing monarchs he already has in his program like Romapada, Jayapataka, Shivarama etc. "No more monarchs" does not fix the ones they already have, but at least he is trying to identify the problem so we give him some credit.]

Their method was to make false allegations against Dayaram. They were doing all this while Dayaram was busy fighting on behalf of the GBC in Bangalore against Madhu Pandit dasa. A real stab in the back.

[PADA: Dayarama admits to PADA that his GBC program is making debauchees and homosexuals as members of their acharya's lineage. Why is he so dedicated to promoting this "deviants are God's successors and acharyas" program? Sulochana said some class of deviated homosexuals would be "having a wet dream" if they could create a system where their fellow homosexuals were made as the acharyas of their religion. Why is Dayarama making this "wet dream" come true?]

Dayaram was having to spend considerable time away from his family, continuously travelling and living out of a suitcase, while the GBC didn't provide or were often slow in providing him with funds to fight the Bangalore case. 

[PADA: Right, Dayarama is opposed to anyone who says sexual predators, deviants and criminals are not God's successors / acharyas / messiahs. Why is he being glorified all the time? 

Why isn't Dayarama helping us Westerners understand that acharyas are as pure as Krishna, and instead he has dedicated his life to "legally proving" that acharyas are commonly debauchees, drug addicts, criminals and sexual predators? 

How is that helping promote "the pure and original culture of Bharat Varsa"? Why would anyone from India want to "legally prove" that acharyas in India's guru chain -- are often falling and debauchees -- at all? Amazing, us Westerners have to preach to these so-called India folks that Lord Krishna's acharyas -- are not debauchees! Ever!] 

At times he had to spend his own money or borrow from friends to fight the case – even as Praghosa had the nerve to accuse Dayaram of stealing money from ISKCON! Which just shows you what a real bastard Praghosa actually is.

[PADA: These guys are spending their "own" money, but where are they getting their "own" money from? Are they siphoning from ISKCON?]

For years and years Dayaram prabhu has had to endure a lot of hardship because of Praghosa's actions. In fact, the case against Dayaram is still going on to this day, seven years later. As you will read below, the Bureau itself seriously discussed taking criminal action against Praghosa in 2009. In the end, the IRGB convinced Dayaram not to put the culprits in jail. Too bad… personally, I would like to see Praghosa hanging from a gibbet.

[PADA: Right, there are criminal actions going on, but the GBC is convincing people not to prosecute. Then they wonder why there are criminal things going on ....! "The Bureau" also discussed taking legal action against all sorts of criminal things over the years, but they never take substantial action. So what is the value of a bureau that does nothing all the time, and thus allows crimes and even child molesting to go on right under its nose, as happened?]

The reader should also take note of who the GBC EC members for 2009 were, as set down in the 2009 GBC Resolutions:


101. GBC Officers and Members


1. His Holiness Romapada Swami is elected GBC Chairman.

[PADA: And now Jayadvaita says that Romapada's sale of the NYC temple is fraudulent. But there will be no criminal prosecution .... of anyone.]

2. His Grace Madhu Sevita Das is elected First Vice-Chairman.
3. His Grace Hrdaya Caitanya Das is elected Second Vice-Chairman.

The following document provides details of Dayaram prabhu's situation with Praghosa, as put before the India Bureau in 2009:

Notes on the RGB topic- Dayaram Das's Complaint 11th April, 2009

Brief Back Ground & List of Events
Meeting & Correspondence between DRD and Praghosa
What is the purpose of the Criminal prosecution
Why this topic before RGB?

A. Brief Back Ground & List of Events

Praghosa Das has been slandering Management of ISKCON Mayapur for last couple of years. This slander was in the form of comments about how Mayapur management is corrupt etc. Witnesses - Srutidharma Das (UK), HH BPS [H.H. Bhakti Purrosottama Swami].

[PADA: OK so one black pot is calling the other black pot --- black?]

Praghosa Das in October 2008 told Brajasevaki Dasi that he had enough evidence of corruption by Dayaram Das (DRD) to throw him out. Brajasevaki Dasi informed this to Shankarshan Nitai Prabhu. Witness - Sankarshan Nitai Prabhu.

[PADA: If Dayarama is corrupt, why was he not removed?]

Praghosa Das, in Aug. 2008, also wrote an e-mail to Brajasevaki Dasi about corruption in Mayapur stating that HH BPS and HH JPS are the key obstacles.
This has been going on for about 2 years and wife of Dayarama (DRD) has been hearing murmurs about her husband being corrupt and investigated etc. DRD, all this while, brushed them aside as village gossip but now truth is out and it appears that all this was either coming from or supported by Praghosa, one of the GBCs of Mayapur.

[PADA: Meanwhile Praghosa has no problem supporting those who say that acharyas are illicit sex deviants, he is not going to fight to correct that issue, ever.] 

For last 2 years Praghosa Das has been pushing for Audit of Mayapur which DRD thought was a good idea but in the end DRD discovered that mandate given to auditors was to cover only Land and Treasury Depts. and not other Departments and areas such as Housing and SMPDC where huge funds of ISKCON and BBT were invested. This further gives credence to the old rumours in Mayapur that all this was pushed by Praghosa and others as an investigation against DRD & not with sincere desire to find the truth and help Mayapur run better.

After audit report was prepared in February 09 Praghosa on 11 February, 09 took auditors to the GBC EC along with Satadhanya and Ambarish Prabhu. In what capacity Satadhanya was present in this meeting where even other GBCs of Mayapur were not present?

[PADA: Satadhanya is alleged to have been part of the good ole boys child abuse program going on there, not sure why he is still around there in any capacity?]

Here Praghosa told GBC EC how Dayaram Das is engaged in money laundering, inside trading etc. and Satadhanya explained about how in India black money is made white etc. 

[PADA: Dayarama was caught by the authorities at an airport in India with a suitcase full of rupees, right, this does look like a money laundering program, or judge bribing program, or what? Why was this never explained or investigated by the GBC?]

Then the GBC EC decided to present these conclusions to the whole GBC body next day. All this was behind the back of DRD who was not even informed that such a thing was happening. After the meeting was over Bhima Prabhu walked out of the room and saw Bhavananda, who told Bhima "Heavy stuff isn't it?" So Bhavananda was well aware of what was happening inside the meeting of GBC EC, Praghosa and Satadhanya.

[PADA: Right, people keep saying Bhavananda is out of the management there, but he is always involved with it -- one way or another -- it seems? And he was clearly a leader in the child abuse issue there, so again, why is he still there in any capacity much less involved in managing?]

What was the initial cause of the Bangalore problem and present legal fight? Answer is the GBC's act of expelling MPD. Bureau or RGB had no role in this. And when DRD was busy fighting this fight in Bangalore and not his personal business, the GBC of Mayapur (Praghosa) was conducting this act of give DRD bad name and hang him.

[PADA: Madhu Pandit was expelled because he does not accept that Krishna's acharyas are often debauchees? Why was he expelled when he has the only good idea so far, that we need to worship pure devotees and not debauchees as the acharyas of ISKCON?]

Bhima Prabhu, who was in the above stated meeting told GBC EC & Praghosa that they should hear DRD before proceeding further. To this GBC EC chairman replied there is no need. Bhima Prabhu was shocked and informed DRD about this serious development and asked him to come to Mayapur immediately. Bhima Prabhu also spoke strongly to Romapada Swami not to proceed further without hearing DRD. Bhima Prabhu also spoke to HH GKG. Witness – Bhima Prabhu.

[PADA: Great! Bhavananda is a rogue and a crook, Romapada is a crook, Dayarama is a crook, Praghosha is another crook, this is all according to -- their own people?]

In the mean time other Mayapur GBC's i.e. HH RNS were very upset with Praghosa for taking matter to GBC EC without their consent or even knowledge. They had to push Praghosa and GBC EC, really hard, to stop them from presenting it to the GBC body without first hearing from Dayaram Das. Witnesses - HH BPS and HH RNS.

[PADA: Swell, and Radhanatha swami has been asked -- also by some people in ISKCON -- why he keeps his program as a "separated charity" from the name of ISKCON? And since his program is not even in the name of ISKCON, some of the other ISKCON people apparently think this is fraud, i.e. he is using ISKCON to promote his own program. Romapada also does not have an ISKCON named program, he also as a separated charity as well. Does this not mean there are a lot of crooks here?]

a. After considering all this in a judicious way if DRD is found guilty DRD promised to do the following:
i. Resign from all the positions of authority within ISKCON
ii. Publicly acknowledge DRD's wrongdoings in an istagoshti of all Mayapur devotees and others concerned and put the same in writing
iii. Wash pots of Sri Sri Radha Madhav & Sriman Mahaprabhu for few weeks or more for DRD's purification from the reactions of such sinful actions.
b. But if it is found that the charges were false then

i. Sri Praghosa Das, Sri Satadhanya Das and Sri Bhavananda Das resign from their positions of authority within ISKCON.
ii. Publicly acknowledge their wrongdoings in istagoshti of all Mayapur devotees and others concerned and put the same in writing.
iii. They may choose whatever they think proper as means for their rectification. copy of this letter dated 19th Feb. 09 was sent to RGB conference on 21st February as an attachment to email by DRD.
On 21st Feb. 09 DRD had second meeting with GBC EC and Praghosa (other Mayaur GBCs & Satadhanya were not present). Here DRD gave his second letter dt. 21st Feb. 09 to GBC EC, a copy of which was sent as attachment to email of DRD dt. 21st Feb. 09 to RGB conference.

DRD emails dt. 21st Feb. and 22nd Feb. 09 to RGB conference give detail info. as to what circumstances compelled DRD to explore option outside of ISKCON.
On 22nd Feb. Praghosa and GBC EC put forward proposal to GBC body to remove DRD as Co director of Mayapur and appoint Praghosa Das. GBC body with overwhelming majority rejected the proposal.

GBCs of Mayapur wrote letter dt. 25th February, 09 to DRD stating that the allegations made against DRD were unsubstantiated speculations etc. and express their regret. Mayapur GBCs also informed DRD that they will not be party to dispute between DRD and Praghosa & Co.

After this DRD and Praghosa met in Mayapur and Praghosa told DRD that he always had full faith in financial integrity and honesty of DRD, which DRD didn't believe.

B. Meeting & Correspondence between DRD and Praghosa. DRD and Praghosa met in Mayapur before Gaur Pournima. And then there was following email exchange between DRD and GBC EC, Praghosa and Mayapur GBCs

DRD wrote to GBC EC and Mayapur GBC

Yes I met with Praghosa. The important point of discussion as I remember.
Praghosa said "GBC wants me and you to work together." Dayaram said "How is it possible when you think that I am a dishonest person misapproriating ISKCON funds and I think that you carry malice etc."

Praghosa said "No. I have great regard for your moral standards etc."

Dayaram said "May be for morality on the point of illicit sex but not for financial dealings."

Praghosa said "No. Morality includes everything. I have full regard and trust in your financial honesty.'

This was news for me and I couldn't and didn't believe it. Praghosa then showed me a letter he wrote as response to Brajasevakis demand that he remove corruption etc. from Mayapur. And his response which blamed HH Jayaptaka Swami and HH Bhakti Purusottam Swami as obstacles in removing corruption from Mayapur. My name was not there. But does Praghosa have any basis to make such a statement? So he has again proven his attitude towards Mayapur management.

After that we went on some other topic like Nareshwar etc. on which we agree but that did not address the problem. This is for your info.

As the GBC EC and Mayapur GBCs have washed their hands to deal with my letter dated 19 FEb. 09. But many RGB members have insisted that I should not go to the forum outside of ISKCON to redress my grievances till the RGB meeting in the second week of April 09 I am waiting but want to clarify that, if I don't get just treatment from ISKCON authorities then I will be compelled to approach appropriate forum i.e. Criminal court of Justice for redressal.

[PADA: OK so there is illegal action that requires Criminal Court action, why is it not brought there so all this can be cleared up?] 

I am forwarding you copy of my recent letter to RGB Secretary requesting them to put this topic on agenda item. This is for your info.

Hare Krsna.
Your servant,
Dayaram Dasa

Praghosa commented on above letter of DRD

Well I agree with Dayaram das, if he simply doesn't believe me then how can we work together? Of course being the great ksatriya I am regularly told he is, I am very disappointed that he did not say this to me personally during our meeting, as opposed to now stating it in a public e mail. Radhanatha Maharaja also told me that Dayaram informed him that he was happy with the meeting he had with me. So what is going on?

Hare Krishna,

Praghosa dasa


DRD responded to Praghosa

I did tell you then and there that how is it possible that you had full faith and trust in my honesty in financial dealings when you have been talking about corruption for at least last 2-3 years i.e. much before the audit report was prepared. Then you went on to quote my presentation of some moral principles in some old meeting which you attended and then matter went on to Nareshwar, McPhar Canada etc.

I don't think I am a great Kshatirya etc. I never went to police station or court before I came to ISKCON. My family members always taught me not to step into courts or Police station. All of them were also always afraid of courts and police and kept away from them. I was forced to go to Police station and courts because I tried to loyally serve GBC and other authorities in ISKCON Mayapur.

[PADA: Right, as soon as Dayarama's illicit sex with men, women and children acharyas program was in trouble, Dayarama stepped up and said we need to go to court to stop people from worshiping Prabhupada -- and keep the children of India's worshiping of our illicit sex acharya's program going. We need to go to court to "prove" that children need to worship illicit sex acharya's programs? 

Isn't this criminal "corruption of the morals of minors," to tell minors their messiah's lineage members are illicit sex addicts? Why isn't the GBC prosecuting Dayarama for corrupting the morals of minors by preaching to children that their acharyas are a pack of illicit sex deviants? 

Initially, Dayarama said this Bangalore court case would only take a year and less than a million dollars, but his court case has dragged out since 1997 to the present day and has cost maybe $20,000,000. That means Dayarama dragged ISKCON into court to pay all this money, after which, they have not even won a paper clip. 

Dayarama sometimes claims he was put up to all this by the GBC, meanwhile he brags that the GBC dropped the issue many times -- and thus he had to keep it going himself "using his own money." PADA has never witnessed a more enthusiastic supporter for the worship of a debauchees guru program than Dayarama, he is really dedicated to dragging human society into the ditch!  

Anyway! ISKCON got nothing, nada, zip, zero, for all this expense, and yet they keep Dayarama in a post, knowing full well he just wasted all this money on nothing. Any normal business would fire the guy who wasted $20 million dollars on nothing. And not only that, they would sue him to recover these funds ... ]  

In 1987 GBC body, Satadhanya, Nareshwar decided to get rid of Nitai Chand Prabhu (then Maharaja) and I was pushed by them to take Nitai Chand head on and I did it. As a fall out of that I was forced to deal with not only Nitai Chand & his devotee followers in Mayapur but also CPM leaders, Goondas, Muslims, Rikshawalas and other political parties of Mayapur. 

[PADA: Oh great, Bhavananda, Nitai chanda, Satadhanya, Hari Sauri, Jayapataka, in sum all the original core people who created the orchestrated child abuse program there in the first place, are still in charge there now? After these folks caused ISKCON to be sued for $400,000,000 for mass child abuse, why were they not taken away from all posts, and sued to recover the massive losses?]

And Subsequently I helped with the courts to fight with CPM's attempts to encroach on ISKCON Lands and hold abusive public meeting right in front of our Main Gate in ISKCON Mayapur. This fight reached a high point when the then Local CPM MLA (Vishvanath Mitra), publicly threatened to kill me in 1995-96 and thereafter forcefully encroach ISKCON lands on the side of the PWD road. This time I was forced to purchase licensed revolver as advised by Harikesh Prabhu (then Swami) and then take this MLA head on till we succeeded in pushing him back.

[PADA: OK Harikesh was another guy living like a millionaire while having sex with his therapist, as the children in Mayapura report not getting enough food to eat. Why have these people been taken up as the advisors of Mayapura?] 

Then in 1999 GBC expelled Adridharan Das, the then president of Kolkata and he filed Civil suits in Kolkata against GBC (I was not party to the suits). As loyal GBC servant I defended GBC in those suits and even fought with many Bureau members of ISKCON in India to get them to support GBC action.

IN 2002 after ISKCON succeeded in Kolkata courts and the temple & Gurusaday Road property was taken over from Adridharana das, I was pushed by HH Bhanu Swami, HH Jayapataka Swami, HH Gopal Krishna Goswami to take charge of Bangalore fight from Sarvaishvarya Das who was then handling it in Bangalore. After consulting with some senior Vaishanvas I reluctantly agreed to take on Madhu Pandit, my friend and close associate for over 20 years. As ISKCON had already lost first round of court fight up to supreme court in 2002 itself I had no choice but to fight a long drawn trial and other proceedings in various courts in Bangalore and Delhi for last 7 years.

[PADA: So the GBC forces people to fight their best friends in court for 20 years, spending millions and millions, and this is their idea of helping spread Vaishnavism? This is like the corrupt cops who were forcing jailed criminals into a fight club, and they were arrested for creating these fights. The GBC never arrests anyone for starting these fights, or for spending millions to fund these fights.]

I don't know whether fighting as loyal servant of GBC is called Great Kshatriya? I guess as long as I fight for GBC and be their yes man I will be called great Kshatriya but when I say something different or don't agree with them then I am criminal. As both Criminals and Kshatirya fight it is not difficult to change labels as per ones convenience.

[PADA: Hee hee, good, yes Dayarama is one minute their Kshaytriya and the next he is their criminal, that means there is no loyalty among thieves.]

At any rate I am now introspecting and wondering whether it was correct for me to fight all these legal & physical battles for GBC at the cost of great personal trouble and sacrifice (Even my wife was arrested by Kolakta police at the instance of Adri) including financial losses.

[PADA: Right, fighting to promote the worship of illicit sex with men, women and children acharyas is not what a kshatriya does, its what demons are doing. I am glad Dayarama is having second thoughts about this. Yamaraja will be asking Dayarama why he supported this illicit sex acharyas program which bans, beats, molests and kill Vaishnavas, even for one second ... what to speak of for 20 years ... what to speak of in court etc.]

Now having a personal experience of how GBC members deal with devotee, I wonder whether it was proper and Just for me to fight Adri and others to enforce GBC decision. And whether Adri and others fought the GBC due to the way GBC treated them or they were genuinely wrong. May be I owe them a serious apology and more?

[PADA: An apology to those you offended would be a good start! Good idea! Start by apologizing to the gurukulis who went into your bogus schools.]

I was fighting Madhu Pandit in Bangalore in February 2009. What caused this fight? GBC decision to expel Madhu Pandit in 1999. I had no personal fight with Madhu Pandit. We were friends from IIT (Mumbai) from 1980 i.e. even before we got to know about Krishna consciousness. If not for this fight I would have been one of the most welcomed persons at the Bangalore temple but due to my loyally serving GBC I became the most hated person at the Bangalore temple.

[PADA: Well yes, promoting the worship of illicit sex with men, women and children as God's and Lord Chaitanya's successors will make you the most hated person in the universe. Correct. Even Yamaraja's dogs will be frothing at the mouth to get hold of anyone who dares insult God by saying His guru successors are sex fiends, drug addicts and fools.]  

And when I was busy in Bangalore taking care of Madhu Pandit battle without even talking to me my great GBC leaders were ready to give me bad name and hang me? And unfortunately they don't even have basic courtesy to admit it. So I wonder are these right masters to serve?

[PADA: Goody!]

Who will understand these pains of my heart? So, I am thinking, at least let me do something so that proper lessons will be learnt and no other devotee, in future, will be subjected to such treatment like me by my great GBC leaders.

Sorry for long comment but I am just pouring my heart and hurt.

Hare Krsna.
Your servant,
Dayaram Dasa

C. What is the purpose of the Criminal prosecution

Praghosa Das (and by extension other GBCs and leaders) will hopefully learn the lesson in no uncertain term that GBC or getting position of leadership doesn't mean the person gets divine right to act arbitrarily and hang anyone as per his whims and malice. This time DRD was the target of leaders like Praghosa and DRD is not a humble Vaishanva. So he fought back & they backed off. But if there was genuine, humble Vaishnava like Devamrita Prabhu or Braj Hari prabhu, who wouldn't defend himself against such malicious attack then Praghosa and Madhu Sevita would just trample such innocent, humble devotees & great injustice would be caused in the name of GBC authority. 

[PADA: Great, Devamrita, and he was the big henchmen of the Kirtanananda regime, why do these guys keep being placed as the leaders?]

So DRD thinks that the arrest by police and few days in lock up, impounding of passport and in the end trial before the Criminal court will make unforgettable mark in the memory of Praghosa, as well as, in the memory of others who are similarly placed. And hopefully such incidents won't be repeated in near future.

And as far as Bhavananda Das is concerned. DRD thinks that Bhavananda was such an hypocrite that he was having sex with Taxi driver in Vrindavan and at the same time asking innocent devotees to give him promise -no illcit sex and giving them Diksha promising them to take to Krishna. After his exposure and suspension in 1985 he got himself reinstated in 1986. 

After that they had great Vyasapuja in Australia and then Bhavananda ran away with huge sum of money. Then after doing all kind of sinful activities he came back to Mayapur and now goes around Mayapur calling devotees Bengali bums, Bangladeshi refugees and what not. In short ISKCON never punished Bhavananda nor did any court of law for his sinful acts therefore it may be for the good of Bhavananda, as well as, for the ISKCON that he be punished by court of law so that he will get much less reaction for all his past sinful activities & learn some good lesson.

[PADA: Right, why isn't Bhavananda punished, ever? This also means everyone there knows Bhavananda is a rogue, yet he still gets a post there? That means they are knowingly co-opted with a "sex with taxi driver's bogus acharya's program."]

D. Why this topic before RGB?

1. Many RGB members, although supportive and sympathetic to DRD's plight, were strongly against any action in criminal courts of Justice & wanted DRD to wait at least till the RGB meeting. Therefore discussion on this topic will give DRD chance to explain and take input of RGB members. It is not just a personal matter for DRD.

2. If the criminal prosecution is commenced there will definitely be immediate PR fall out. As criminal proceedings involves arrests and impounding of the passports of the accused by the police. This will generate some bad PR.

3. DRD has a proposal to set up a fund or create a Trust to help devotees get justice if in the future a GBC member or GBC EC or even the whole GBC body treats anyone the way DRD was treated.

Thank you very much for your attention. Hare Krsna.
Your servant,
Dayaram Dasa

[PADA: OK except Dayarama's program of suing Bangalore has produced all sorts of negative public media bad PR. Bangalore then had to go to the public media and courts and explain how Dayarama's program is worshiping illicit sex as Krishna's acharyas / gurus / messiahs / successors. 

Dayarama is the person who caused all this bad PR. Dayarama wanted to "legally prove" that Krishna's successors are often debauchees, but even after spending apparently $20M, he could not win others over with that idea? How many people agree that God's successors are often debauchees in the first place? 

Anyway, it appears that Dayarama is starting to realize that serving his illicit sex with men, women and children acharya's club was not such a good idea. Its not. Srila Prabhupada says false acharyas go to the lowest regions of the universe, and that these false acharyas are never forgiven by the Lord or any agents of the Lord. Worse, their supporters follow them to the lowest regions, what to speak of their barking dog legal advocates like Dayarama. Yamaraja's barking dogs will be waiting to take care of the barking dogs of the worshipers of illicit sex acharyas, that is what shastra says. 

Anyway, after barking to defend the worship of illicit sex as God's successors, Dayarama is now doubting this was a good idea. Its not. Maybe he is finally realizing this is a huge error on his part, and he is starting to figure out the karma for this deviation will be long, hard, and nasty, so he had better cut his losses and get out of there now while he can. 

He needs to go the full route and admit we are right to promote the worship of pure devotees and not Dayarama's debauchee messiahs program, and thus he needs to help us if he wants any sort of mercy for his oppressing thousands of Vaishnavas as he has done, and misleading in fact millions of people by creating a huge media storm over his molester messiahs project. Dayarama's program has given Krishna's name a black eye all over the universe, and this will never be approved of by Krishna or any agents of Krishna. Repent now, the time of reckoning is near. 
ys pd] 

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