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Rupanuga's Walking Dead Gurus (Maypaura Update)

Srila Prabhupada: There was a fire in the Math

Rupanuga Das: This message is for all devotees, pilgrims–anyone–coming to the Holy Land of Mayapur at this auspicious time of Gaurpurnima. As His Appearance Day approaches, by the mercy of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu, the trials, tribulations and corruptions hampering timely completion of Mayapur Chandrodaya Mandir to honor His mercy upon the world, are being revealed.

[PADA: The GBC's corruption is finally being revealed? Where was Rupanuga and his glorious pals when: Hansadutta's farm, Laguna Beach temple, the Mississippi painting business, New Vrndavana and similar projects were raided by the police? Mayapura is simply an extension of all of the above corruption and more, which has gone on for decades. And its all connected to the same evil root, the corrupt GBC's post 1978 guru project, of which Rupanuga has been a supporter.  

Where was Rupanuga and ilk when me and Sulochana were reporting the gurukuli abuse, and various other criminal programs of Rupanuga's saintly messiahs, including big problems in Mayapura? Oooops, I almost forgot, he and his blind "goody two shoes" partners like Balavanta were sitting around having tea and crumpets with the GBC's guru program's leaders, and they were reinstating Bhavananda -- one of the leaders of the Mayapura corruption regime. 

And then the Rupanuga / Rocana / GBC group started saying Srila Prabhupada is the post samadhi, posthumous, post mortem acharya, and since we GBC are the "living" persons, hence we are superior to the acharyas by dint of our having a walking dead carcass. 

Except, as Srila Prabhupada says, fools wanted to become gurus so their policy was to "kill guru and become guru," and then they became the walking dead acharyas of the Gaudiya Matha. Which is why -- Srila Prabhupada wrote specifically to Rupanuga to have him act as the "living dead guru program" watch dog to avoid this process in ISKCON.   

Folks like Rupanuga and Rocana headed up the GBC's 1986 "guru reform," because for starters, they think they are the Roto Rooter reformer repairmen for acharyas. Rupanuga is the repair man for the acharyas? And the "reformers" first act was -- they reinstated Bhavananda and censured (and demonized) Sulochana, which lead to his being assassinated. And then, the banning, beating, molesting and assassinating program moved ahead full tilt.

Sorry! You reformer guys simply cemented in the nescience in Mayapura by reinstating its worst case culprit offenders. Of course, you reformer guys also wrote that Kirtanananda is a great guru who should not be offended, so you were propping all the corruption everywhere. And even after the New Vrndavana program story exploded all over the newspapers, you reformer guys then made its biggest promoters like Umapati, Kuladri, Tapah Punja, Radhanath, Chandrashekhar etc. your "new leaders." 

And! Who put Rupanuga and Rocana ilk in charge of repairing and "reforming" acharyas in the first place? Srila Prabhupada says Krishna dictates to the acharyas, but Rupanuga's club says -- nope. That is wrong! WE dictate to the acharyas! Krishna is gone, and useless, rather we reformers are taking over Krishna's job of dictation to the acharyas. 

And so we reformers will dictate all sorts of nonsense ISKCON "law book" rules to Krishna and His acharyas to govern Krishna and His acharyas. Krishna and His acharyas are the subordinates of Rupanuga and the GBC, and their law book rules? Who put Rupanuga's team in charge of Krishna and His acharyas, indeed they are the self-proclaimed repair man reformers of the acharyas! 

Isn't this why we came to the material world from square one, we wanted to dictate orders to Krishna and His pure devotees? Rupanuga, wake up from the walking dead please! YOU do not write the law books for the acharyas, the acharyas write the rules for YOU! You are not the boss of Krishna and His acharyas. Wake up! 

Also! Doesn't Rupanuga know that a lot of these gurukula abuses went on in Mayapura itself, and the SAME people who orchestrated that regime, like Bhavananda, Jayapataka, Hari Sauri etc. were the SAME people in charge at the same time that most of these crimes manifested, and they are STILL in charge there? This is just now being revealed? Where were all of you guys when ISKCON was sued for $400,000,000 and it was then known almost all over the planet that a lot of abuses went on in Mayapura under the regime Rupanuga supported?

Doesn't Rupanuga know that the GBC has since 1997 spent maybe $20m suing the ritviks instead of using that money to build the Mayapura temple? And again, this is the question we get from many ex-ISKCON kulis, where were Rupanuga and ilk when his society's alleged living messiah spokesmen were sued in Dallas for $400,000,000 because the courts decided Rupanuga's bogus messiahs were crooks and not managers? He is just now learning these people are corrupt?   

Doesn't Rupanuga know he has been a hand maiden helping to defend the GBC's antinomianism (criminal) messiahs project -- when all the banning, beating, molesting and assassinating was going on? And all along Rupanuga was enabling, empowering, endorsing and cheer leading the bogus guru's regime, but now he says it lacks accountability? What took him so long to see that, when karmis all over the planet knew his program was bogus in the 1980s? 

Doesn't Rupanuga, Rocana and all of these "living guru advocates" people not know we simply CANNOT make "ISKCON law book" legislation to CONTROL acharyas, because acharyas are not subordinated by legislation and councils of conditioned souls? And thus all of their ISKCON law book -- "rules for subordinating the acharyas" -- are not even worth the paper they are printed on? 

We cannot control acharyas by some council's legislation, nor is their any system of controlling acharyas by a council's legislation found ANYWHERE in our tradition. Thus, you'll simply create renegade "guru personality cults" by rubber stamping various conditioned souls as acharyas. And predictable resultant banning, beating, molesting and assassinating result .... like being in a walking dead movie.

And Rupanuga knew ALL of this better than anyone else because Srila Prabhupada personally wrote to tell him how these renegade acharyas emerged from the Gaudiya Matha and created major scandals which ruined their math. Thus, the first transparency issue is, why have people like Rupanuga supported this bogus living guru's project from square one, and then he and his pals did not take effective action to correct their bogus project once it started going off the rails, ok by say 1980?

And what has happened to Rupanuga's 11 alleged acharyas from 1978? EVERY single one of them has either -- fallen, got very sick, or both fell and got sick, or they are DEAD. Rupanuga did not notice that his guru parampara was disintegrating, and ISKCON was going down in flames in the fire started by this group, until now? Well jeepers, the general public knew these gurus were a giant scam way back in the 1980s. 

Earth to Rupanuga! Dude! Wake up! You do not have living gurus, you have walking dead gurus. Your program is killing ISKCON, and its killing your own living gurus who are sick and dying due to absorbing sins they are not qualified to take, and its killed many other assorted ISKCON victims. And you have killed ISKCON's credibility, and indeed bankrupted the society, by supporting this regime. 

Srila Prabhupada warned you guys, being a GBC is a big responsibility, and as the responsibility is great, the punishment is also very great -- if you misuse the post. Well then, as soon as he left, you guys decided we all need to worship your illicit sex and criminal pals as your messiahs. Didn't you old time New York devotees know about some of your pals proclivity for homosexuality and other deviations in the 1960s? Why would you make this lot your acharyas?

And the result is -- your program destroyed the mission almost wholesale; And destroyed many of the children; And lost or sold many temples, houses and farms; And basically turned ISKCON into a bankrupted ghost town basket case. And this has your fingerprints all over it because you encouraged the people doing all this. 

OK, and it seems that is how you guys treat Krishna's property, and we hate to point this out, but this is how Krishna will treat you guys, you'll be bankrupted walking dead ghosts. Just as you treat Krishna and His family and His property, that is how He treats you. 

If you folks orchestrate banning, beating, molesting and assassinating of Krishna's devotees, be prepared to have that happening to yourselves and for a very long time, because Krishna particularly goes out of His way to go after those who oppress His devotees. In fact Srila Prabhupada says people who oppress Krishna's devotees by acting as false gurus are never forgiven by the Lord or any agents of the Lord. 

And you as a leader are going to have to answer for ALL that. I just thank my lucky stars every day that by Krishna's grace I left your guy's company and got away from this soul killing and ISKCON killing process. There will be hell to pay for those who disturbed the movement of Lord Chaitanya in the way you guys did. 

Glad you are waking up a little Rupanuga, ok its too little too late. Of course better late than never is also true. You will get some mercy if you come clean now, but what you did here is barely a starting point. You need to write an in-depth analysis of how you folks drove Srila Prabhupada's movement off the cliff, and quit calling the acharyas your post mortem walking dead former saints, sorry, you folks are the post mortem walking dead.]    

Srila Prabhupada said April 8 1975:

“Within this universe…this plot of land, known as Bharatvarsa, India, is the most sacred place within the universe. And of the whole land of Bharatvarsa the Bengal is very sacred. And in the whole of Bengal this Nadia District is very sacred. And in the whole Nadia District, this part is very sacred–Mayapur Chandrodaya Temple.”

Recent straightforward disclosures by Radhajivan Das, a presentation clearly endorsed by denizens of Mayapur, including contemporary managers of daily Temple affairs, as well as responses of concern and support from around the world, indicate a concerted action can no longer be avoided or postponed. There is far more than meets the eye.

[PADA: Except that Amburish has supported Bhavananda the whole time and the GBC is complicit in allowing that.]

Devotees, leave not the Holy Dham without demanding from the leaders full disclosure regarding the tens and tens of millions of dollars and rupees contributed for decades in good faith from around the world by thousands and thousands of disciples, Life Members, and well-wishers of Srila Prabhupada.

Devotees, be not denied the truth about the many rumours, complaints, and allegations of corruption circulating abroad for many years. As Srila Prabhupada said: “Everyone must adore our members as honest.” (Letter to Rupanuga, 1/9/75)

Devotees, be not pacified by management’s endless promises of investigations, re-organization, and dismissal or prosecution of miscreants like child-abusers, embezzlers, and extortionists.

[PADA: OK well we said that in 1980?]

Srila Prabhupada promised to keep Mayapur Dham a sanctified place where Lord Caitanya’s cause of universal brotherhood could be pursued by everyone–regardless of caste, color or creed–that promise must go on to fulfillment without further conflict, compromise or hypocrisy.

Now is the time to assure, once and for all, protection and preservation of Srila Prabhupada’s legacy of the highest spiritual achievements, as immortalized by the construction of Mayapur Chandradoya Mandir, by installing competent, honest leadership of good character, free of perversion.

Devotees of the world coming to Mayapur, unite with those Bengali devotees who love Srila Prabhupada and share his vision of presenting Sri Dham Mayapur as the true and pure spiritual capital of the world, the sacred place where all peoples may congregate in the glorification of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Sri Krsna! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Humbly submitted by your servant,

Rupanuga Das, initiated New York City 1966


Letter to: Bhavananda
14 July, 1972

My dear Bhavananda,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letters dated July 5 and July 8, 1972, and I have noted the contents carefully. So far the speakers for Rathayatra are concerned, that is all right, but it is also a good idea to offset their nonsense by our own speakers. Yes, we should stand in our position and defy all nonsense propositions. Our math in Mayapur is not for Bengalis, the math is for you foreigners, to give you facility for offering respects to Lord Caitanya.

[PADA: OK. Our program is mainly to facilitate the Westerners. And then Rupanuga's program kicked out almost all the Westerners and Jayapataka has been initiating mainly Bengalis. The program for the Westerners was being clipped in the early 1980s, this was known to everyone. Why didn't Rupanuga address the issue earlier? And now ISKCON is transforming into a Hindu hodge podge, again, why didn't Rupanuga notice this before?]

I have notified Karandhara to send you the ten Krsna Books as you have requested, but in future I want at least two signatures to be there. One thing is, I have heard that Jayapataka is requesting Giriraja that Bombay should send maintenance allowance to Mayapur monthly. But I instructed in the beginning that Calcutta should maintain Mayapur. 

Also, you are not sending your collections regularly to Bombay, so how they can support you? If Bombay is maintaining, what are others doing, eating and sleeping? Why does Jayapataka want allowance? 

Anyone who cannot collect money, they should go to Mayapur and live there and simply eat and sleep, like women and widows. I shall arrange for their eating and sleeping. But in cities, those should live who can collect and earn. The widows are not earning in Hindu society, they eat and sleep at others' expense. 

So if you are not able to earn in Calcutta, better all go to Mayapur and eat and sleep and I shall accommodate all widows, women, and others at Mayapur and Vrindaban. Otherwise why should we maintain such large establishment in Calcutta simply for eating and sleeping and spending. 

These two places will be reserved for those who cannot collect. For them I am making provision. Only the active members who can collect, they shall live in the city. Eating, sleeping members, they shall live in Mayapur, that's all.
As soon as the first residence is finished, no more cash will be sent, only books. Therefore, you must work very hard to sell the books. 

Not that money will come from somewhere and we shall eat and sleep and so-called chanting. We must work hard like karmis, but not for sense gratification but for Krishna.

One thing, on the invitation card you have written All Glories to Our Guru Maharaja. This is impersonalism. As soon as we offer obeisances to guru, the name should be there. We are strictly personalists. The sahajiya's, they write Glories to Guru. Why you are learning this impersonalism, who has taught you? Daily I am offering obeisances to my Guru by vibrating his real name, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati, otherwise it is impersonal.

Formerly, I told that Calcutta should support Mayapur. So whoever can take charge of both, he should be President. You should discuss these things amongst yourselves. Simply taking title of President will not help. Why there are no letters from Tamala Krishna, why he is not taking active part in Mayapur? I originally entrusted him with responsibility for Mayapur, but he does not even write what is the situation there, nor does he co-sign for money to be sent.

Whether you can deal with so many problems? I am receiving so many letters daily from Calcutta. The temple officers are appointed to minimize my time, not increase it with so many letters. Best to stop expanding, or if you cannot raise funds there, close up the Calcutta center. It is not that the officers should be expert in one field only, they should be expert in everything.

I have written one letter to Syamasundara. Mallik, and I am glad that the preparations are going on nicely for the Rathayatra Festival in Calcutta.
Hoping this meets you in good health.
Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

[PADA: Anyway, lets see how this all unfolds, ys pd]


Swimming with Sharks...


Tut tut… very naughty... Radha jivana prabhu. You've been found out. It would appear that for all your self-proclaimed sevas... you haven't really learned much.

And that's a shame ... because ... like everyone else, you have traveled so far to come to Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON. Didn't you raise an eyebrow when you consciously knew the notorious Bhavananda was a leading figure in the project that you had become involved with?

How come you never raised any objections then?

And Ambarish das... you may be rich … and therefore untouchable … but haven't you ever considered how the rest of we lesser ISKCON souls view your relationship with Bhavananda?

Why should anyone want to come and be part of your society wherein protection is not offered to the most vulnerable... but to the perpetrators of the most sickening behaviour?


To quote Bhaka Vidyapurna Swami, another leading figure at Mayapur... "I have never abused anyone." And... as for your foolish anal joker Comrade Praghosa…
say no more.

A slow handclap will suffice. I say "your society"... because... I do not believe His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada would approve of the ongoing dynamics in Sridhama Mayapur or in His ISKCON.

And you, Jananivas prabhu … and you Harisauri prabhu ... and every other resident of Sridhama Mayapur ... all and everyone of you … why do we never hear a word of objection from your good selves even though you are willing to travel the world?

Everyone knows Jayapataka has looked the other way since he became one of the "chosen" 11. He probably looked the other way even long before that. And now the world waits to see the grand power struggle after Jayapataka dies.

As Radha Jivana das has rightly pointed out … Millions of dollars and £££s are being pumped into Sridhama Mayapur. Translate that somebody... into Indian rupees.

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