Saturday, March 5, 2016

Krishna Leela Videos (and inexpensive DVD player)

You can order the whole set, 56 DVD videos, from E-BAY for about $70.00

You can use any standard modern DVD player which has the sub title function. Also! You can get this DVD player from Walmart for about $49.00, its the Sylvania SDVD7029. This model is significant because it has a sub-title toggle switch, which many of these players, even ones costing a lot more, DO NOT have. 

You'll want the English sub-titles, unless you understand a lot of Hindi. "Krishna leela" videos have all of the Krishna book stories and Bhagavad Gita and other things, very extensive. Ramanand Sagar also has made the Vishnu Purana series, Ram Leela series and others too, and they are pretty good. 

He gives a lot of credit to Srila Prabhupada as a source. Most of the stories are pretty close to accurate, some embellish the story somewhat, but hey, its a lot better than nothing! The Sylvania is portable, has a swivel screen, and it has plug ins for your car or home. The battery is advertised as 4 hours, which is pretty good for these products. 

You can also get the kid's little Krishna series and get your kids to watch this in the car. Anyway, I have the videos and the player and its a handy thing to have around when you need a little Krishna leela! The player also plays MP3 cds and has a pretty clear sound considering its size. Hope this helps. ys pd 

Little Krishna Videos For Kids

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