Sunday, March 20, 2016

New Film Sheds Light on India's Sex Trafficking

Srila Prabhupada: So as this man is talking about sex, so this entire world, material world, is enchanted by sex. That is the material world; striya, pumsam striya mithuni-bhavam etad. This whole material world is existing on sex attraction. 

Not only in human society, but in animal society also, this sex impulse is also there. Birds, beasts, animal, human being, even demigods, they are attracted in this material world by sex impulse. The sastra, or the Vedic literature, there is mention about this, that we are in this material world only for this sex impulse. 

Here, the real problem is we want to get out of this material conditional life. We are spirit soul. We are not matter. But in order to enjoy this material world we have come here. Every one of us who is existing within this material world has a desire to lord it over the material nature. 

It is said when a living entity, a part and parcel of God, he desires independently to enjoy or to lord it over the material nature, he comes down from the spiritual world to this material world. That is the cause of his falldown. Krsna bhuliya jiva bhoga vancha karepasate maya tare japatiya dhare

Maya means the illusory energy, where we want to enjoy, but it is not actual enjoyment. It is illusion. So the sex life in the material world is the center of this attraction.

So our Kṛṣṇa consciousness movement is how to get the living entity out..., how to free the living entity out of this material entanglement. Because real happiness is not sensual happiness. Real happiness is above the senses. 

It is supramental sense, or spiritual sense. With the gross senses, what we enjoy, that is temporary. It is not permanent. Permanent enjoyment is transcendental sense enjoyment. There is in the Vedic literature a verse: ramante yoginah anantesatyananda cid-atmaniiti rama-padenasauparaṁ brahmabhidhiyate.

Yoginah, those who are yogis... Yogis means those who are trying to reawaken Kṛṣṇa consciousness. He's called yogi. Our present consciousness is material consciousness. This material consciousness means, the sex urge is very strong. 

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