Monday, March 14, 2016

Retirement Community in Alachua

Together with Ambarisa prabhu, we are planning a retirement community (55+) in Alachua. It will consist of approx 60 homes on small, easily maintainable lots. The homes will be about 1,000 square feet heated and cooled. It will probably be called Bhaktivedanta Village and it will be on 25 acres in downtown Alachua. There will be walking paths, a community center with a small Temple, cafeteria, kitchen, exercise room and maybe even a pool. It's in the development stage right now. Keep in touch at: Thank you. Kirtiraja das

[PADA: OK bravo, this is better than nothing. Yet it seems a lot of the ex-ISKCON Alachua people have already retired -- although its not the official position of most of the elderly ex-ISKCON residents. They are just sort of coincidently old; and really not very active in preaching anymore; and in Alachua. And lets face it, there is really very little preaching going on there, and no one seems to know why all of these people had to abandon ISKCON and "retire in Alachua" in the first place. 

Similar things happened in the Gaudiya Matha. Most of the congregation members left, and Srila Prabhupada says, many folks fell down; most quit preaching, many ended up having divorces and sex scandals, and a number of ex-Gaudiya folks were getting intoxicated, all of which also happened in ISKCON. Srila Prabhupada also told us, there were ex-Gauidya Math old men sitting around in tea shops, smoking beedis, reading newspapers, and gossipping about mundane politics. Yep, similar thing has happened in ISKCON too. History repeated. ys pd]     

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