Monday, March 28, 2016

Bhakti Vikas Swami and "Women -- Masters or Mothers"?

  PADA: First of all, women are supposed to be protected. What happened instead is: 

(A) Many of the women were farmed into the 1980s "women collecting parties," where they were basically exploited and not really protected. A number of these women are now living alone or with little support, scattered around, and they are getting no benefits for all the money they collected (I know a number of them). 

(B) These same women were told to "surrender" and place their children in the GBC's schools, where many of these "surrendered mothers" ended up finding that their children were either being abused or not being cared for properly. This produced the 1997 "child abuse lawsuit" where the leaders pleaded "no contest." 

(C) Srila Prabhupada said he wanted varnasrama rural communities for his women, children and families, and this program was also stunted, suppressed, and women were sometimes being divorced and remarried a number times (i.e. exploited) due to the mis-direction of some of the leaders at these places. 

And then -- a number of the farms were closed, or run down in disrepair, and some of those few remaining are ghost towns. In sum, there has to be facility for women, and children, and families, and the leadership has not provided it. That is not the fault of the women class. 

A follower of BVKS told me women belong living in the villages with their children, fine, where are these functioning villages and how come we are not hearing about them? We should not place the burden of providing all this facility on the women, its the job of the managers to provide all this and they are not. BVKS is saying women need to surrender, to what?, the same leaders that created all of the above problems for women and children and brahmanas? ys pd

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