Thursday, March 3, 2016

Roots of Today's Hindu Nationalism

[PADA: Yes, its a problem. We might want Hindus to be more proud of their Vedic heritage and culture, and want them to preserve and resurrect that culture. At the same time, simply nationalism itself is not necessarily God consciousness or Vedic cultural-ism. In other words, instead of big political rallies demanding more "Hindutva" consciousness, there needs to be more rallies for Krishna consciousness. 

Meanwhile, the artificial caste system of current times is being glued together basically by bully tactics, and its causing a lot of the people in India to convert to Christianity and Muslim faith, or to simply lose faith in the so-called Hindu process. Srila Prabhupada said that the artificial brahmana class are causing people to reject the so-called Vedic culture, apparently because of its hypocrisy.   
And worse, its creating an atmosphere where more and more people of India are simply "Westernizing" their consciousness, to avoid the nationalistic and "caste by birth" process which is now out-dated and no longer functions as it was originally intended. 

They are going to lose more and more people if they continue the false structure now ongoing which emphasizes national and caste consciousness over Krishna consciousness, i.e. freedom from mundane designations. So, we are glad some of their people want more of the original India culture ideal, but they need to become more aware of what that really is. 

At the same time recently a group of India Sanskrit scholars attacked some USA sanskrit scholars who are translating "Sanskrit Classics," but the India scholars are not able to answer -- why these classics have not been translated into other languages a long time ago? 

We need to spread the Vedic knowledge, not keep it locked up. At least Srila Prabhupada translated the main essence of these writings, so we are very lucky to have access to the heart of these classics. We feel these classics were being locked up due to this nationalistic mentality, but India should be spreading their knowledge worldwide and not locking it up. Anyway, Narendra Modi's attempt to emphasize Hindu culture is way better than the much more secular programs that went on before him, and we do appreciate how difficult it is to get anything done in India. ys pd]      

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