Friday, March 11, 2016

Bureau Mayapura Resolution

Bureau Mayapur Resolution -

2016 Whereas, during December and January some complaints were received by the Bureau regarding the current management team at Mayapur, and these were heard in depth at the recent Bureau meeting at Juhu. At the same meeting the Bureau also heard in depth from a number of members of the current management team. To find out more about the situation, the Bureau appointed a team of Bureau members to visit Mayapur.

The team has completed their inquiries and has recommended that immediate action be taken to calm the situation so that all the various complaints can be properly investigated. They have recommended the following steps:

Resolved that: - The current top-level management team at ISKCON’s Mayapur Branch is hereby dissolved. - The top-level management of Mayapur Branch shall consist of the following committee, to be known as the Mayapur Executive Board (MEB): Jayapataka Swami, Bhakti Charu Swami, Gopal Krishna Goswami, Bhakti Purusottam Swami, Anuttama Das, Hridaya Chaitanya Das, Dayaram Das, Basu Ghosh Das, and the current GBC Chairman, ex-officio.

The membership of the MEB will be reviewed by the Bureau at its next meeting. - All previously existing top-level management structures and positions, such as Mayapur GBCom, Co-Directors, and Deputy Directors, are discontinued, and the MEB shall establish appropriate new top-level structures and positions and delegate authority to them as appropriate. - The MEB, in consultation with the devotees at ISKCON Mayapur, shall assemble a list of complaints that require investigation and forward that list to the Bureau together with a suggested plan for how they shall be investigated and the matters resolved.

The Bureau pledges to take prompt action in this regard.

Until this is done, Praghosa Das, Hansarupa Das, Satadhanya Das, and Bhavananda Das shall not be involved in any managerial capacity at ISKCON Mayapur Branch. - The Bureau requests Gopal Krishna Goswami to appoint, in consultation with others as appropriate, someone with a high level of integrity to conduct an in-depth audit of the finances of the Mayapur branch and all associated projects and activities, including TOVP construction, and give a report to the Bureau at the earliest. - The Bureau appreciates the offer of Bhakti Rasamrita Swami to spend at least two months per year at Mayapur to help establish improved training programs and Vaishnava sanga for the community. -

The Bureau appreciates the offer of the ISKCON Sannyas Ministry to bring sannyasis to visit and preach in Mayapur. - The Bureau appreciates the offers of Kavicandra Swami, Bhakti Vijnana Goswami and Lokanath Swami to spend two weeks per year in Mayapur outside of meeting time. -

The Bureau requests Dayaram Das and Bhaktarupa Das to meet with ESCO leaders to reassess ESCO policies and develop procedures for processing reports of ethical violations. This will include policies for how allegations will be reviewed, what constituted due process in different situations, how matters will be adjudicated, levels and guidelines for consequences of ethical violations, how appeals will be processed, and how decisions will be enforced.

These policies shall be opened for comment from the members of the Mayapur Branch community prior to their adoption by the MEB. - The MEB shall recruit a qualified individual to oversee the activities of ESCO so that it can continue its important work. This individual shall not serve in any other capacity at ISKCON Mayapur Branch. - The Bureau declares that it is committed to ethical integrity in Mayapur and that it will actively support the activities of ESCO and other efforts by MEB in this regard. - The Bureau requests the MEB to assure that within 60 days an office of internal communications for the Mayapur community is functioning effectively so that: 1. management decisions are understood by the community. 2. community members are encouraged to express views, ideas, and concerns about the management. 3. a sense of community and shared vision and values develops among Mayapur’s diverse resident base.

[PADA: Oh goody, so the Mayapura management finally realized they have to get rid of Bhavananda. Sheesh! Yet they keep Bhavananda's main henchmen supporters for decades, namely JPS, Dayarama dasa, Anuttama, Hari Sauri etc. Dayarama is the guy who told me that PADA is correct, the GBC are making homosexuals into acharyas. Then Dayarama spends $20 million dollars suing the ritviks, because the ritviks do not believe that homosexuals are part of the parampara of Lord Chaitanya. 

Anyway, this is another sign how they are falling apart, and it takes a series of crises before they take any action to fix anything, and the fix is only partial, they remove one or two bad guys and keep all the rest who supported these bad guys all along, its window dressing at best. As one devotee told PADA about all this, they are only expert at re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic and not much more. Of course now this dismantles the idea that the GBC is in charge, they dissolved the overall GBC involvement and have created a separate board of authority. They are spinning. ys pd]

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  1. "Shuffling the good ole boys around into different posts, but making no actual changes," "all the Bengalis here at our temple are getting salaried or they would leave," thanks prabhu, good summary. ys pd


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