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Tripurari Swami / ISKCON US, "sexual revolution" agenda?

Hrdayananda's ISKCON US and Tripurari swami's position on his 'Harmonist' first of all show examples of bad journalism. There was no in-depth investigation about the validity of the USA court's decision, on which basis "homosexual marriage" was made, and what will be the criteria, and material and philosophical consequences of it. If there is any institution in the world that has often made dubious decisions, it has been the Supreme Court of the USA.

[PADA: Which has also passed laws in favor of abortion.]

Hrdayananda swami, Tripurari swami and their 'Harmonist' agenda is too eager to please conformism with modern culture. I had an impression, from long ago when I was reading their articles, that they want to show themselves as go-between the so called "Vedic world" and the post-modern Western world.

They are "the interpreters" of how modern Western culture's moral values fit into Vedic culture, the invaluable guys we all need to hear from, because all others that claim any post of authority will "only cause confusion and dissention in society." Yes, they are exclusively needed because they are uniquely "cultured, polished, and sophisticated" and they have the deepest realizations of the Vedas.

Now when the decision was made by the US Supreme Court to approve homosexual marriage, they immediately jumped in to find corresponding "facts" to support that move from the "vast opus of Vedic literature" (which "they know by heart") to show how great this decision was. The ignorant Westerners need to know how wonderful this will be for human society, and how indispensable the 'Harmonist's' leading thinkers are.

The Westerners need to realize that the US Supreme court's ideas are all related to "the same truths that once ruled all over ancient India." And therefore we all need to follow people like Hrdayananda swami and Tripurari swami to be our interpreters, educators, and prophets on these matters. And of course Krishna West is simply another attempt at merging these two cultures.

Christianity has this same issue, and it is called Judas Complex. Many of today's Churchmen suffer from it. Named after Judas Iscariot, the ex-apostle. He was not an altogether bad man, but he believed he would be the indispensible go-between negotiator for Christ, the pharisees and the government. He saw something grand in Christ, and Judas thought Christ could bring glory to Israel, thus people will side next to him in great numbers ... but if only Christ "could be a bit more cooperative with the pharisees and local rulers."

In short, Judas saw himself as Christ's vassal in the court and with the local pharisees, a man to be respected, and someone who would be in a position to offer his own blessings, for benefits in return. And now our modern day communicators are people like Hrdayananda and Tripurari swamis, who are advertising themselves to be our new go-betweens to join modern Western culture and the Vedic culture.

The motive is simple, Judas wanted to be famous and popular for being linked to Jesus. He wanted his own glory, and that is what our ISKCON US and 'Harmonist' people want, to be popular -- at the expense of allegedly presenting the truth -- however incorrect or unpleasant it may be. Judas recognised finally that Christ would not tolerate fiddling with truth whatsoever, and that he would prefer to die than compromise. And even die on the cross rather than compromise, and sit himself in the same court with the leaders of the "modern" bogus society. Jesus despised their authority, and he would not surrender to false flattery.

And that is the crux of this issue, should we conform to modern society, just to flatter false religious and political authorities? Judas died in agony understanding that his imaginary career as a deal maker is over, and that he was now despised by the Pharisees who would never allow a go-between personality like him. The Pharisees simply wanted to be rulers themselves, they did not want or need Judas. And Judas was eventually despised by the true followers of Christ, who will rather die like their master than compromise the truth. That some people want us to compromise with mundane society now is simply another version of the Judas syndrome.

People who want to be popular themselves will weigh in with the popular opinion of modern society. They carefully weigh which direction the circumstances are going, to see which side will outweigh, and then they join the majority opinion. Vox populi. Then they find ways to be on the winning side as soon as possible, adding the extra weight of their fingers to move the scale further, and appear as populist "leaders in new paradigm".

Which is perhaps why Srila Prabhupada says bogus religious reformers are cast into hell. They transform the original religion into a mundane compromised package. Which is one reason Srila Prabhupada was alarmed that the priests were performing gay marriage, because this would institutionalize the populist "sexual liberation" agenda.

Swami Tripurari has been on the forefront of what he calls homosexual dignity for decades, giving initiation to many gay / lesbian persons who were considered as outcasts in other organizations. Yet the Swami is not telling us anything new. He has simply re-packaged the same form of sexual freedom and "Americanism" that has been exported throughout globe since the hippie revolution.

He is simply re-packaging and re-selling the same identical product of the 1960s, the sexual liberation movement, and calling that Vedic culture. Which is is perhaps why Srila Prabhupada says yogis and swamis who preach this sexual liberation idea will dwell in hell, because they are spreading fallen and conditioned behavior to others instead of saving people from it.

As we see from their writings, neither of these Swamis nor their team of journalists have properly analysed the background of the entire sexual freedom issue, and its impact on society. For example, that the sexual revolution is simply another form of political control. Aldous Huxley wrote earlier in 1946, "as political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends to compensate by increasing." In other words, as the mass of people are being more and more manipulated by deviant political and religious leaders from the mundane society, these sexual revolution agendas keep the masses busy in side issues and foolishness, so they will not be able to think of the real problems and issues that affect them.

"Sexual freedom" is merely another form of mind control rhetoric, and its used to engineer a system of covert political and social control; to allow the mass of people to drown in their own vices, and then they will mindlessly accept many masters, which they will serve without question. And these bogus priests and swamis are the hand maidens of this agenda.

And as Krishna Himself says in the Gita, their uncontrolled passions will dull and impede their intellect. Thus they will be too overwhelmed with the mode of passion, and too busy with lusty behavior, to see the real issues that are bringing them and their society down: such as -- the looting of public wealth, pension funds, more money spent on wars than ever before, lower and lower wages, total media control, enormous national debt, and never mind all the other problems like extreme global weather, rampant sexual diseases, abortions, pollution, and many other issues that the mass of people need to remain asleep over, for political control reasons.

Yet these Swamis are not factory workers, and have no families to raise, so why would they look for the real problems? Thus as one of the fore-bearers of the hippie revolution himself, people like Swami Tripurari still believe in the same things that made him "run off and be free" in the 1960s.

While on the other hand, to his teacher Srila Prabhupada, sexual acts are deep moral issues which both influence and compromise one's spirituality. The centre of devotion of Vaishnavas is the conjugal love of Radha and Krishna, and that is to be understood and meditated upon through homosexual inclination? No wonder Srila Prabhupada says false swamis are destined for hell, they are increasing the bondage of the human society and not liberating the masses from bonadage. Its very alarming that the entire ISKCON GBC now allows this agenda using the name of ISKCON, that means they are all compromised with this agenda.

Yet to Hrdayananda and Swami Tripurari types, and many similar bogus swamis from India, it is all good. So they are the new needed negotiators. The go-betweens. "The Harmonists", they who find all the impossible ways to make impossible connections between opposites. Only problem is that they do not harmonise two truths, but merge the truth with a lie, and that is why their written articles in question fail.

Same problem is there with many Churchmen. They also, from 1960s onwards, assisted the "freedom" movements around the world, new freedom and openness for free flow of ideas and capital, deregulation of this and that "to give us even more freedom." All "made possible by the invisible hand of the Holy Ghost". Then some decades later, all sorts of scandals erupted in Church: from sexual abuses to money stealing, money laundering, change of teaching, experiments with sacraments and change of doctrine. "Enabled by the Holy Ghost"? What a joke!

[PADA: Right, for example the conservative "family values" people almost all voted for the USA to have free trade with China, which shifted the USA economy over to China. This has made giant ghettos out of places like Chicago. China was also well known at the time to be the biggest producer of abortions on the planet. So, in order to make money for their big corporations, these so-called Christians compromised the USA with the communists. And now we have Chinese nukes pointed at our heads, all financed by the "Christian family values" agenda. We now have the freedom to go to Walmart and buy Chinese goods, and support the biggest abortion provider on the planet. They compromised ....]  

In light of these latest changes in the matters of state and its political control (but advertised "as liberation of marriage") some Churchmen openly propose Church should also reconsider *everything*, as "most likely, some apostles were gays too". In light of that, can we expect soon to be revealed that gays are welcome to Krishna Consciousness, approved by these Swamis, as it is likely that "some sakhas might have been similarly inclined too"?

Things are that bad, really. There is no role-model, no direct reference in relevant scripture that would allow such a position which either Harmonist, or the revolutionary parts of the Church would make us believe they exist. It has all become one big nonsense and it must be oppressed. We are losing sanity.

[PADA: Well said. The sexual revolution increased the bondage of the society, and these swamis are continuing that agenda because they are increasing the problem. This is what Srila Prabhupada did not want, for swamis to be increasing the illusion of the masses. ys pd]  

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