Monday, June 8, 2015

Russian Cow Seva Needs Urgent Help!

Dear Puranjana prabhu,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Prabhu kindly consider publishing the following appeal for help to a Prabhupadanuga farm in Russia at your krishna1008 blog. Thank you in advance.


I am writing on request of one mataji from Russia, she has been in contact with Hare Krishna Movement since mid 1980-s, her name is Nareshvari Devi Dasi, and she has got a goshala in Russia (13 cows, bulls, and calves). The mataji and her husband Varuni Krishnamani Das accept Srila Prabhupada as their spiritual master. Please see the video of their goshala and farm:

I know them personally. They are focused on protecting cows, not on deriving some extra commercial benefit out of them and even have bought several cows that were going to be sold by other people to a slaughterhouse and keep them alive and well served. They have an ongoing problem with their goshala. Local veterinary authorities have been demanding that their one cow and one bull with leucosis disease be given to a slaughter house. You can check the enclosed photos of police and veterinary service visiting the farm (taken on April 8th, 2015) and a piece of relevant documentation. Its translation is as follows (more documents have been translated and can be sent if necessary):

in order to assure veterinary and sanitary safety of foodstuff and raw materials of animal and plant origin in circulation (slaughtering of animals and birds, transportation, storage, processing, sale) and to protect the territory of the region from infectious and parasitic diseases of animals
1. Deliver the animals with blood changes typical of leucosis (diseased ones) to slaughtering and meat-processing factory. Scheduled time: immediately beginning from 08.04.15
2. Sanificate the dung in the dung-yard during 12 months.
Scheduled time: immediately beginning from 08.04.15
Person(s) responsible for rectification of the violation of the veterinary-sanitary requirements at the stated time:

Citizen N. I. Karpenko [legal name of Naresvari Devi Dasi]
In case the rectification of the violation is not done at the stated time administrative action will be brought against the culprits in accordance with current legislation of Russian Federation.
This enjoinment has two copies.
(signature) N. T. Komarova, senior state veterinary inspector
Report in written form about the execution of this enjoinment before June "15th", 2015 to address:
114 a, Oboronnaya Str., Tula 300045. (Phone:) 36-73-59
One copy received on 08.04.15 (signature) (end of document)

Also the officials say we can alternatively open a cow hospital on a separate tract of land 2-3 miles away from any other domestic animal and take care of them separately in a special cow hospital to save the lives of the cow and the bull, as they have leucosis, which they say is infectious. Now our first issue is financial one since apart from registering a cow hospital we need to buy an appropriate land that satisfies the veterinary standards. 

We have had hopes for several businessmen here in Russia but they said they had problems with their businesses, since it's difficult situation in Russia as far as credits are concerned due to sanctions, all the mid-term and long-term credits from foreign sources have been cut off and internal credits are kept too costly, state help for business start-ups is lacking. We have published an appeal to Vaisnavas here in Russia, but donations received are of too small amount. 

The Vice Ambassador of India has advised us to find some sponsor among rich Indians abroad since he said that particularly in Russia and particularly at the present moment the leading Indians connected to the Embassy are not in strong financial position. 

Local ISKCON authorities doesn’t provide help, as per mataji’s words, as some of them call the farm ritvik and discourage devotees visit it. So we're in kind of desperate situation now. Prabhu perhaps you can advice someone who wishes and is able to help with donations/loan - we need $2 million to buy the land and make the cow hospital according to veterinary standards and thus save the lives of the cow and the bull and future ones also and avoid quarantine of the whole herd. 

The problem with the land that here we have different land categories and such cow hospital can be built only on tiny portion of lands here, and all lands of such category have been already divided among collective farmers in our region/state. The only offer we have found is 270 acres tract. They offer to sell it for 50 million roubles (about $1 mln) - although in order to prepare the building, the sanitary zone, make arrangement for further development, etc. we would need another $1 mln. 

So since the situation is urgent and we need to offer report to the veterinary officials about our efforts before June 15th we need financial support - $2 mln (as a donation or as a loan) OR any amount of donation because regardless of the required date we’re going to construct such a cow hospital to avoid this kind of danger in the future. Also, if you can advise someone who can help, kindly write back about this. Mataji Nareshvari says she is ready to send more documents, video reports on the progress of the cow hospital, reports on how money is spent etc. - on request.


Thank you very much.

Your seravnt, Alex

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