Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Taking sins is not for the neophyte

Gaurahari dasa: Anyone who wants to act as a savior for others better be a eternal associate of God filled with the pure spirit of devotional love of God. Such devotion is the only solvent that disolves Karmic sins. Krishna says even in holy places sins of pilgrims accumulate and it is the living saints filled with the pure spirit of devotional love who purify this accumulation of sins and why they wander from holy place to holy place. Unqualified Gurus and their followers, disciples are not thinking straight to enter into such a useless material relationship with each other. No wonder there is all this ghost busting going around which is a symptom of mode of ignorance. When I was living in the temples for five years, following such Gurus I also felt like a living Ghost. Thank God I found out what real life is and I am spending my helping others also find out that the only thing really alive in this world is the pure devotees and their instructions of how to remain connected with them (faith in the ritvik instruction). Those who preach against such orders should be strictly avoided if they want to feel the transcendental nature of devotional service and not be controlled by those who are less inteligent or materially motivated in this way.


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