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Trump and The Illuminati Rising Program!

Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / Janardan / Tamohara -- Illuminati-ism finally revealed! Yes, PADA is getting paid by the CIA! Question: Where is my CIA paycheck, its never in my mailbox? ys pd  

Annapurna's Art Gallery

Shiva Ratri (Feb 25 USA)

Radhanath Swami's Impersonal Leanings

[PADA: It seems like a lot of people, including the GBC, forget that Radhanatha was Kirtanananda's right hand man when all the crimes were going on at New Vrndavana? And he was a leader of having the Jesus deity program, concocted Western songs, dressing devotees in brown monk robes, making women sannyasas, and so on and so forth? Why is this type of person made -- the biggest leader of ISKCON? ys pd]

Radhanath Swami Shares Teachings of the Mayavadis and Sahajiyas He Associated With


"In 1970, at the age of only nineteen, Radhanath Swami left his home in America seeking adventure and spiritual knowledge. After trekking across Europe for months, he reached his long hoped for destination: India. After living there for many years as a Sadhu or wandering monk, he returned to America in order to share the sacred knowledge and wisdom he had learned from the many holy men and women he had met there. He is a disciple of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the founder Acarya of International Society for Krishna Consciousness."

Radhanath Swami associated with bogus mayavadis and sahajiyas, yet he is going to share their teachings, Prabhupada just being one among many of his teachers.

On the Internet, I just saw someone had posed a platitude attributed to Radhanath Swami, which uses a background picture of the Ganga at Rsikesh as its watermark. In and of itself, that's no problem, but added to all the mixed messages Radhanath Swami tends to communicate (see below), it creates an impression one simply doesn't get from Srila Prabhupada, his books, or his followers.

At, one is hard-pressed to find any explicit mention of the five practices Rupa Gosvami lists as the mukhya-angas of bhakti (Deity worship, sankirtana, residence in the dhama, hearing Bhagavatam, and associating with pure devotees)—which Srila Prabhupada also instituted as the daily practices of ISKCON temples for good reasons.

To be sure, the website mentions ISKCON, Krishna, and Srila Prabhupada at least once, but such passing reference hardly balances the much greater emphasis given to yoga, yoga teacher traning, and the two-dozen mundane initiatives and outreach projects that actually form the bulk of the website's core content. It also doesn't appear to mention Lord Caitanya. Neither does it ever explain Srila Prabhupada's teachings in any detail—at all—what to speak of urging viewers to read (or buy) his books.

So the Govardhana Eco-village website's approach rather reminds me of what Sri Govinda dasa did to BTG when he was editor for brief period around 1977--when Srila Prabhupada replaced Sri Govinda because he didn't like the quasi-secular trajectory Sri Govinda was taking ISKCON's "backbone."

Quotes attributed to Radhanatha Swami very often have an unclear referent—especially when talking about "love." We don't always get the understanding Srila Prabhupada most often emphasized--that love is exclusively for Krsna, who is the Supreme Person. So what exactly is "divine love," and who is it ultimately directed to?

Often, Radhanatha Swami quotes don't even clearly address spiritual life at all.
Many of them appeal chiefly to the emotions. Most of them are distinctly impersonal and vague.

Here are several examples of these characteristics (each quoted without its original context) taken from

"God loves each of us whoever we are or are not, whatever we've done or not, nothing can change this ok eternal truth: The Supreme loves us unconditionally and eternally."

"Even our greatest achievements are hollow unless we've achieved a measure of inner satisfaction."

"When spiritual ideals form the foundation of a relationship, the relationship can survive whatever challenges may arise."

"Hope can nourish, sustain, and inspire us to grow even in challenging circumstances."

"Caring for each other with patience, tolerance, and humility is part of what it means to walk a spiritual path." (This one has a picture two people holding hands.)"

"The will to grow despite the heat of adversity is necessary if one wants to thrive."

"Every moment is perfect and sacred, and a divine power has engineered it in some imperceptible way and woven it into our intricate tapestry of life for our spiritual progress."

"Replace behaviors that impede growth with behaviors that nourish it, and the flower of self-realization will bloom." (What specific behaviors does Radhanath Swami have in mind here—or more importantly, what specific behaviors do various readers have in mind?)

"If you really care about somebody, then there is a force beyond our own that can empower us to actually inspire them."

Those who carefully study Srila Prabhupada's books every day and are familiar with his activities, and the policies he established for ISKCON, already understand the significance of this. It seems reasonable to wonder how much of Radhanatha Swami's popularity actually derives from the fact the one can more easily derive whatever one desires to hear from so much of what he says.

Srila Prabhupada wasn't so ambiguous; he made his intended message inescapably clear. For one example, Prabhupada deliberately chose not to name ISKCON the "International Society for God Consciousness" because he wanted to obviate any potential misunderstanding about who God actually is. Thus Srila Prabhupada carefully prevented the kind of misunderstanding that characterizes so much of what is publicized in Radhanatha Swami's name, as seen above. God has a name—Krsna—and Srila Prabhupada attentively insured that everyone knew this.

Comparatively speaking, Srila Prabhupada similarly avoided using the general terms "devotion" and "love." Throughout his books, lectures, letters, and conversations, any mention of "divine love" is by far surpassed by his use of more specific and descriptive phrases like, "pure devotional service to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krsna;" "transcendental loving service to Lord Krsna;" "surrender to Krsna," "Krsna-prema," and so on. He didn't avoid these explicit terms or refer to the surrendering process merely as "a wisdom tradition," for he was too faithful to both the spirit and example of his own guru, whose unambiguous and unsparing "chopping technique" earned him the moniker, "lion-guru."

Even when Srila Prabhupada necessarily spoke of material life in order to direct his disciples (particularly grhasthas), his books especially endorsed the traditional and standard authorities for such affairs, including Canakya-niti, Hitopadesa, and codes by Yajnavalkya, Patrasara, and of course Manu (e.g., See the purport to Bhagavad-gita 16.7, and many similar references).

Srila Prabhupada also made it clear that real love for anyone in this world extends only from Krsna-prema, as its natural concomitant; he was consistently clear that no love otherwise exists in the material world. His purport to the song, "Gaurangera duti pada" represents this nicely, but other such references are legion.

Far from publicly appreciating (or allowing himself to be identified with) various Indian "gurus" of dubious persuasions, Srila Prabhupada (like his own guru) adamantly distinguished his movement from any scent of nondevotional affiliation—especially any hint of mayavada or impersonalism. Toward this end, he directly instructed his disciples to avoid even bona fide slokas such as "gurur brahma gurur visnuh" and "sri-krsna govinda hare murare," largely because these were commonly sung by impersonalists. Similarly, Srila Prabhupada even changed the Panca-tattva mahamantra from "bhaja sri krsna-caitanya" (which was sung also by sahajiyas and others) to "jaya sri-krsna-caitanya," etc. Like his books, Srila Prabhupada personally always prohibited ISKCON devotees from intimately mixing with such persons.

Bhagavad Gita in foreign languages?

Sachisuta Dasa <>

Hare krishna prabhus / matajis
For our temple we are collecting different languages of original Bhagavad gita as it is. We are in need of below languages, and if any devotee can send them please send me an e-mail.

Ys Sachisuta dasa


[PADA: If anyone knows if there are original editions of Bhagavad Gita being printed in ANY foreign language, please let us know so we can advertise that book and the program that distributes it. ys pd 

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Artificial Intelligence (video from Montreal)

Hare Krishna Tunes on Harmonium (Videos)

Hari Sauri (Denis Harrison) Kills and Preserves the Parampara?

Hari Sauri now says we need to preserve the writings of Srila Bhaktivinode Thakura, to save the teachings of the parampara for future generations. Except, Hari Sauri and his book changing termites program are chomping up the books of Srila Prabhupada with tons of unauthorized changes. His program is not even preserving the writings of his own guru. And they are kicking out the book distribution devotees who do not want to promote these termite edited materials.

And Hari Sauri is the number one person who has preserved the worship of his illicit sex GBC's gurus project, and his program claims it is common for acharyas to fall into such illiusions, why preserve their writings if they are subject to maya left, right and center? 

Hari Sauri's program says God's guru parampara successors and acharyas are often: alcoholics, sex predators, drug fiends, machine gun swamis, porno swamis, criminals, chicken salad eaters, orchestrators of murders of vaishnavas; book changers, deviants, rascals, persons who illegally sell Prabhupada's temples and properties; people who orchestrate mass abuse and molesting; people who are watching star wars movies; people who are dating their 13 years old female students, ad infinitum. 

And this is how he has "preserved" the parampara? 

By killing it? Yep, even my trash man is way more spiritually advanced than Hari Sauri's debauchee-fied messiahs program. Hari Sauri has dedicated his life to adding all of the worst behaviors known to man into his alleged God's successor parampara, thus Hari Sauri has made God's successors into the worst examples of debauchees and naradhamas ever seen in any guru parampara in the history of the universe, and that is how he preserves the parampara?       

Hari Sauri wants to preserve his illlicit sex guru parampara, and have us protesters banned, beaten, sued and killed, and that is all he has ever done since 1977. He has thus preserved a nice seat at Yama's court, since no one is allowed to say that the successors to God are degraded debauchees left, right and center, because that is identical to saying God is a degraded debauchee Himself, because the successors are shaksat hari tvena, same as God Himself. 

So Hari Sauri's program says God's successors are deviants because that makes God a deviant. Why does Hari Sauri hate God? And why is he always allowed to preach his program's nonsense ideas, that God's successors are often illicit sex criminal deviants, in ISKCON temples?   

ys pd

India's Motorcycle Temple

[PADA: Warning, graphic car crash scenes. India is suffering from over emphasis on Western technology, a problem that cannot be solved by this motorcycle temple program. Meanwhile a travelling devotee says he keeps seeing more and more demigod's pictures in ISKCON temples, because they are also going in the direction of being another version of various Hindu-ized programs. This is not what will save people either. ys pd]  

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India World's Top Arms Importer

[PADA: Yep, in India, its common that many temples, sewer systems, water delivery systems, old buses, roads, bridges, trains, polluted rivers, cows eating plastic, and conditions of infrastructure overall, are often falling apart, but there is always plenty of money on hand for buying jet fighters, bombs, missiles, guns, tanks and other useful wartime items. Hmm, and this is what the GBC does, they often let the condition of the temples and devotees deteriorate, but there is always money for lawsuits! That is what Kali Yuga is all about, the leaders will spend money on things that do not benefit the citizens, like arms and endless lawsuits ... ys pd]  

Akshaya Patra Opens New Distribution Center

Kirtana in Moscow Russia

[PADA: This is really nice, its a shame these people are being told that the path back to Godhead is to worship the GBC's illicit sex messiahs project. Anyway, a lot of them will worship Srila Prabhupada on their own and they will pull through this by the potency of the vani of Prabhupada. ys pd]

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Sri Rama Trilogy (Nice Art Here!)

Hare Krishna (?) Scam-Kirtana Expose (

GBC takes their guru to -- court?

[PADA: Wow! Perhaps the most unpopular person in the universe, Jayadvaita swami the book changer, is now the main hero and "savior" of the Brooklyn temple sale fiasco. So this is amazing, the GBC first appointed Romapada as their guru -- then they found out much later, that the guru does not need to listen to the GBC because the guru is independent of ecclesiastical bodies. 

So now the GBC has had to go to court to get the legal justice system to contain and control their bogus gurus, gurus which they themselves appointed. Doesn't the GBC know, gurus are not controlled by ecclesiastical bodies, or courts, and so on and so forth, and guru is controlled and dictated to -- by God? The guru is getting dictation from God, not Jayadvaita swami? 

Now the GBC is saying they need to use the courts, to check what God is dictating and doing? Why not admit, their gurus are bogus and they are not getting dictation from God? 

Meanwhile, the GBC has launched YET another multi-million dollar legal problem, because their members are being charged with crimes in the Karnataka court, which the GBC will presumably pay possibly millions for their legal defenses. Why is the GBC always figuring out ways to waste millions more money on lawyers, court cases and -- now, taking their own guru to court? 

And the GBC / Rocana / Torben Nielsen crowd are still saying, we simply need to have better rules and regulations for our acharyas to contain and control them, and this will fix things! Fine except, if you have to fix your own acharya with legislation, rules, censure, removal for deviations, and now -- lawsuits -- then he is not an acharya. ys pd]      

GBC "vigorously opposes" the Brooklyn Sale


For immediate release
February 18, 2017
Contact: Jayadvaita Swami

GBC to NY Attorney General's Office:
The GBC "vigorously opposes" the Brooklyn Sale

On January 3, the GBC Executive Committee notified the New York State Attorney General's office that the GBC "vigorously opposes the [Bharati] Center's petition seeking approval of the Sale" of the Radha­Govinda temple in Brooklyn. The Executive Committee's attorney, Daniel Alcott, wrote to the Attorney General's office on the GBC's behalf.

The GBC's move dramatically boosts the likelihood that the State will disapprove the sale. Without State approval, the sale cannot go through. Mr. Alcott wrote to the AG's office that the GBC is the "governing ecclesiastical body" of ISKCON and the Bharati Center. And: "The ISKCON GBC is convinced that the sale does not promote the purposes of the Center or the interests of its members."

By narrowly focusing on "the purposes of the Center" and "the interests of its members," the GBC prudently offers strong reasons for disallowing the sale, while at the same time affording the prospective Buyer no grounds on which to sue the temple. (Last year in Mayapur, the NY leaders had raised the alarm to the GBC that if the sale were blocked the Buyer could file a multi­million­dollar lawsuit, and so the GBC proceeded with caution.)

Mr. Alcott's letter also asks that the EC be notified if, as expected, the question of whether the State should allow the sale goes to a local Brooklyn court. The letter reserves the right for the GBC to appear, through its EC, in any such proceeding.

Eric Weiss, an attorney representing congregational members opposing the sale, says that the GBC's letter is "a game­changer." Now the State will see a pending sale opposed not only from below by a large segment of the congregation but also from above by the highest body of ISKCON's religious hierarchy. Under the circumstances, the chances seem high that the State will disallow the sale.

Vijaya Ekadasi (Feb 22 USA)

Yudhisthira Maharaj said, “Oh Lord Sri Krishna, O glorious son of Vasudeva, please be merciful to me and describe the Ekadasii that occurs during the dark fortnight of the month of Phalguna (February-March)"

Lord Sri Krishna replied, “Oh Yudhisthira, Oh king of kings, gladly I shall tell you about this great fast, known as Vijaya Ekadasii. Whoever observes it certainly achieves success in this life and the next. All the sins of one who fasts on this Ekadasii and hears its sublime glories are eradicated.

“Narada Muni once asked lord Brahma, who sits on a lotus flower about the Vijaya Ekadasii. Sri Narada said, ‘Oh best of all the demigods, kindly tell me the merit one can achieve by faithfully observing Vijaya Ekadasii.’

“Narada’s great father then replied, ‘My dear son, this oldest of fasting days is pure, and it nullifies all sins. I have never revealed this to anyone until today, but you can understand beyond any doubt that this Ekadasii bestows the result indicated by its name… (Vijaya meaning Victory).

“When Lord Rama was exiled to the forest for fourteen years, He, the goddess Sita, and His divine brother Lakshmana stayed at Panchavati as mendicants. Mother Sita was then kidnapped by the demon Ravana, and Lord Rama seemingly became bewildered like an ordinary man by distress. While searching for His beloved consort, the Lord came upon the dying Jatayu and thereafter killed His enemy Kabandha.. The great devotee-vulture Jatayu returned to Vaikuntha after telling Rama how His dear Sita had been abducted by Ravana.

“ ‘Later, Lord Rama and Sugriva, the king of the monkeys, became friends. Together they amassed a grand army of monkeys and bears and sent HanumAnji his minister to Sri LankA, where he was able to see Janaki (Srimati Sita devi) in an Ashoka grove garden. He delivered Lord Rama’s message and showed the ring proving his authenticity for rendering such great service to the Supreme Lord Sri Rama.“ ‘With the help of Sugriva, Lord Rama proceeded toward Sri Lanka. 

Upon arriving at the shore of the ocean with the army of monkeys, He could understand that the water was uncommonly deep and hostile. Thus He said to Lakshmana, “Oh son of Sumitra, how can We earn enough merit to be able to cross this vast ocean, the unfathomable abode of Varuna deva? I can see no easy way to cross it, teeming as it is with sharks and other ferocious aquatics.”

“ ‘Lakshmana replied, “Oh best of all beings, Oh origin of all the devas, Oh primal personality, the great sage Bakad Albhya lives on an island just four miles from here. Oh Raghava, he has seen many BrahmAs come and go, so aged and wise is he. Let us go to him, take his darshan (audience) and ask him how We can safely reach Our goal.”

“ ‘So Rama and Lakshmana proceeded to the humble Ashrama of the incomparable Bakad Albhya Muni. Approaching him, the two Lords paid Their respectful obeisances to him as if he were a second Vishnu. Bakad Albhya could immediately understand, however, that Sri Rama was actually the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who for His own reasons had appeared on the Earth and was enacting just like a human being.

“ ‘ “Rama, “ said BakadAlbhya, “Oh best of the human beings, why have You come to my lowly abode?”

“ ‘The Lord replied, “Oh great, twice born brahmin, I have come here to the ocean shore with My phalanx of monkey and bear warriors in order to cross the sea and conquer LankA and its demon horde headed by Ravana. Oh greatest of sages, please be merciful unto Me and please tell Me how I can cross this vast ocean. That is why I have come to your Ashrama today.”

“ ‘The sage said, “Oh Lord Sri Rama, I shall tell you of the most exalted of all fasts, observing which You will surely conquer Ravana and be eternally glorified. Kindly now listen with full attention.

“ ‘ “On the day before Ekadasii, fashion a water pot of gold or silver, or even copper. Even clay will do if these metals are unavailable. Fill the pot with pure water and then decorate it nicely with mango leaves. Cover it and place it near a holy altar upon a mound of seven grains (the seven grains are barley, wheat, rice, corn, chickpeas, kukani, and dahl or peas). Now take Your morning bath, decorate the water pot with flower garlands and sandalwood paste, and inn the concave lid atop the pot place there the barley, pomegranate, and coconut. 

Now with great love and devotion worship the water pot Deity form and offer Him incense, sandalwood paste, flowers, a ghee lamp, and a plate of sumptuous foods. Remain there awake that night beside this sacred pot. On top of the lid filled with barley, etc., place a golden murthy of Lord Sri Narayana.

“ ‘ “When Ekadasii dawns, take Your morning bath and then decorate the water pot with fine sandalwood paste and garlands. Then worship the pot again with first class incense, lamps, sandalwood paste and flowers dipped in sandalwood paste, and then devoutly/devotedly place many kinds of cooked food, pomegranate, and coconut before the water pot. Then remain awake over night.

“ ‘ “When the Dwadasi dawns, take the water pot to the bank of a holy river, or even to the shore of a small pond. After worshipping it again properly, Oh King of kings, offer it with all the aforementioned ingredients to a pure hearted brahmin, expert in the Vedic sciences. If You and Your military commanders observe the Vijaya Ekadasii in this way, You will surely be victorious in every way.”

“” ‘Lord Sri Ramachandra Bhagavan, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, did just as Bakad Albhya Muni instructed, and thus He conquered all demoniac forces. Similarly, anyone who observes the Vijaya Ekadasii in this way will always be victorious in this mortal world, and after leaving this world he/she will reside forever in the anxiety free realm of the Kingdom of God known as the Vaikunthas.”

“ ‘Oh Narada, my son, from this history you can understand why one should observe this Ekadasii fast properly, strictly following the rules and regulations. This fast is powerful enough to eradicate all one’s sinful reactions, even the most abominable ones.”

Lord Sri Krishna concluded, “Oh Yudhisthira, anyone who reads or hears this history will attain the same great merit as that which is earned by performing a horse sacrifice on days of yore.”

Thus ends the narration of the glories of Phalguna-krsna Ekadasii or Vijaya Ekadasii, from the Skanda Purana.

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Hare Krishna Singing Band (Vancouver Devotees)

Tips on Book Distribution (video)

Prabhupada is his own successor

PADA: Yes, its official, the mad rush to artificially concoct a "successor to Prabhupada" has been a totally depressing, criminal, scandalous and devastating failure, he is his own successor. Correct. ys pd

Prabhupada You Are Your Own Successor


Prabhupada you are your own successor
you live within your teachings
if we could carry them out
if we could formulate them precisely
then there will be no doubt
of what to do and how to do it
the mahajans make it clear
the mind of your sincere follower
close to your heart and near
the symptom will be mercy
distributed to one and all
the establishment challenged
the scientists no longer call
call the shots cover the soul
bring society to its knees
crying mothers weeping child
the demonic minds that feed
the social critic, the piercing eye
crooked and rascals, left high and dry
maneuvering of the political mind
matched and defeated with a heart that shines
the artists once awoken
the prophets words spoken
deep into the hearts of men
an influence they wield
mind and hearts healed
distributed knowledge but when
practical in every way
whatever place you stand
the place you find you'll not return
but always wish to stay
a political system broken,
broken but to reform
you have told us of these things
in love and hope conform
on every plain we stand
within and with out
Lord's Lilas in our heart
Mahaprabhu's no doubt
seeing all as spirit souls
selfishness declined
you the acarya of the world
so regal and refined
this will come to pass
the order from time ago
we are to carry out the task
bestowed glory that will show.
fearless in your service
a faith as staunch can be
without it we lose the way
although it will come again, just see
another soul will say again
to show what will be
the wisdom already let loose
Kali's domain set free
the sankirtana movement
it's destined sadhus say
forever the patient optimist
that's Prabhupada's way.

25% of Christians believe in reincarnation

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Aindra's Book Online

We want original books! (Edmonton Canada)

Good choice!

Art of Satsvarupa Das Goswami still promoted by ISKCON?

PADA: Yep, from the same person who said: "I have to battle constantly with doubts that Krishna is a myth"; "The more I chant the drier it gets"; "I am known as the guru of (psychotropic) pills"; and the author of Sanitarium (a sex novel) we find ISKCON is still promoting Satsvarupa and his crazy writings and art. Of course our art and writings are banned! Figures? You mean to say no one on the GBC has figured out that his writings and art -- are whack, and not fit for public consumption?     

This is SDG's future life, very lifelike!

This art frightens little children!

Devotee asks PADA: Is this man's brain in hell or what?

The Charade Must End (Roger Rodpush)

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Gainesville Refugees Need Support

PADA: It is amazing really, Jayadvaita swami (Jay Israel) says that his GBC gurus are many times engaged in illicit sex, i.e. God's successors and gurus are many times -- debauchees. And this is the person the GBC hand selects to be their editor, the guy who thinks God's successors are worse than the village drunk! ys pd 

Giving to Krishna (SP video)

Vegan Themed Race Car at Daytona

Friday, February 17, 2017

Capitalism Will Starve Humanity Unless It Changes (Forbes Magazine)

Prayers to the Dust of Vraja (Kirtana Video)

Krishna will help the sincere (SP Walk April 1973)

"Kṛṣṇa is there, within. Sarvasya cāhaṁ hṛdi sanniviṣṭho mattaḥ smṛtir jñānam apohanaṁ ca [Bg. 15.15]. Kṛṣṇa is dictating: "Now you go forward. Now you come back. Here is your food." He's giving intelligence. Sarvasya cāhaṁ hṛdi sanniviṣṭho mattaḥ smṛtir jñānam apohanaṁ ca [Bg. 15.15]. He's giving direction in every living entity, but when a human being, He gives direction, if he surrenders, that: "Go this way. You'll come to Me." Dadāmi buddhi-yogaṁ taṁ yena mām upayānti te. And that is human intelligence. 

So far these lower animals are concerned, they are given, being given intelligence how to eat, how to sleep, how to mate, how to defend. But a human being, if he engages himself in the service of the Lord, then Lord will give intelligence how to come back to home, back to Godhead. 

This is stated in the Bhagavad-gītā. That is the condition. Teṣāṁ satata-yuktānāṁ bhajatāṁ prīti-pūrvakam [Bg. 10.10]. "Only to those who are engaged in devotional service with love and faith, I give him intelligence how to come back to home, back to Godhead." Therefore, after coming to human form of body, we must awaken our intelligence about understanding the Supreme Lord. And if we take up the process sincerely, with love, then Lord within will give you dictation: "You come this way, come this way, come this way." Otherwise, not." -Srila Prabhupada Morning Walk—April 20, 1973, Los Angeles

Lord Chaitanya's Moon is Rising

[PADA: Well, what can we say, we have made more and more and more really solid connections from the African continent. We are making good progress there among an ever growing body of people who are rejecting the GBC's gurus and their "voted in" acharyas and alleged messiahs. 

One of the "renegade" ladies from there just wrote to PADA to say, what kind of religion votes in conditioned souls as their eternal parampara gurus? And then the GBC's leaders make false claims these gurus are as pure as God -- who can absorb your sins like Jesus -- because they are diksha gurus? 

Yet when she asked the leaders about the sadhana status of a particular GBC guru, another GBC said to her the GBC "cannot vouch for his sadhana." What! He is as pure as Jesus, but he may not even be able to perform basic sadhana? And apparently no one on the GBC even bothered to check if this guy is a basic sadhaka, before they voted him in as the next successor to God? Hee hee! ys pd]    

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Aindra Dasa Harinama Revolution (Video)

PADA: Aindra das pretty much sums things up here, if we are distributing millions of books to invite people to join our "Lord Chaitanya's Harinama Samkirtana Movement," but then we do not have working examples of the samkirtana process going on, its not going to work. That was the first thing the GBC did in 1978, they started removing the samkirtana devotees ... and we lost many of the best book distributors and harinama types. OK then they started having everyone selling oil paintings, candles and other garbage and they called that "samkirtana." No wonder Aindra was not popular with these leaders, but then again neither is PADA popular with these guys either  .... ys pd 

Cow Protection Goshala (Banglore ISKCON)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Keep Bir Krishna in Serbia - Bosnia! (OK, maybe not)

[PADA: Oh swell, now the GBC says, only a local person can be the GBC. Well fine, how come all sorts of foreign gurus swarm all over Russia etc.? Why is Sivarama and Gopal Krishna allowed to be GBC in many foreign places? Sounds like more dysfunction is attacking the sum total of the demigods messiahs over at the GBC? ys pd] 


Lets remove Bir Krishna from Euro GBC

Illicit Sex Makes Progress Difficult (SP quotes)

The Hrdayananda Krishna West program seems to be preaching a pretty lax standard when it comes to illicit sex. This is Srila Prabhupada's response to the claim of some disciples that "the basic principles of Krsna consciousness, as taught by Krishna, are the first-class method, but it is too much difficult to be followed by people in the West."

Srila Prabhupada: Once one becomes rascal, he becomes more and more and more and more and more rascal. They want relaxation, flexibility. That means that spiritually they are fallen, fallen down. Illicit sex is so dangerous. Everyone will be killed with this illicit sex.

That is the difficulty -- fall down. What can I do? I have already given instruction. If they do not follow, they fall down. That is sure. So dangerous. And in our society it is very easy to have such affairs, so many girls are there. I can say "don't do this," but if you do, what can I do?

This is the poison, illicit sex, and this poison will kill everything. This is the poison. And I cannot understand whether I shall be able to save my disciples from this poison. This is the poison. They do not take it seriously, but in the beginning I said, "No illicit sex." If you want, at all. These four principles, if they are not strictly followed, then he's victimized forever -- today or tomorrow. 

He should take little time, of his time, to save himself. Artificially, that will not save him; he will fall down. Krsna can excuse for some time, but it is not [indistinct]. Api cet su-duracaro [Bg. 9.30]. If unconsciously, or if you have some accidentally fall down, that is excused. 

But purposefully -- it is all rascaldom. Bali-mardana fell. Karandhara fell. Sudama fell. And gradually they are falling down. What can I do? I say that you shall remain fixed up in this way, but if you do not accept it, then how can I help you? If I say that "Don't drive a knife into your neck," and if you do it, so how can I save you?

January 3, 1975, Bombay


SB 4.27.5, Purport: These laws and scriptures are meant for human beings. As such, if one violates these laws, he becomes sinful. The conclusion is that unrestricted sense enjoyment means sinful activities. Illicit sex is sex that violates the laws given in the scriptures. 

When one violates the laws of the scriptures, or the Vedas, he commits sinful activities. One who is engaged in sinful activities cannot change his consciousness. Our real function is to change our consciousness from kaśmala, sinful consciousness, to Kṛṣṇa, the supreme pure. As confirmed in Bhagavad-gītā (paraṁ brahma paraṁ dhāma pavitraṁ paramaṁ bhavān (BG 10.12)), Kṛṣṇa is the supreme pure, and if we change our consciousness from material enjoyment to Kṛṣṇa, we become purified. This is the process recommended by Lord Caitanya Mahāprabhu as the process of ceto-darpaṇa-mārjanam (CC Antya 20.12), cleansing the mirror of the heart.

SB Canto 5 Sex with one's wife according to the scriptural injunctions is also accepted as brahmacarya (celibacy), but illicit sex is opposed to religious principles, and it hampers advancement in spiritual consciousness.

SB 5.5.10-13, Purport: Another important item is dvandva-titikṣā. As long as one is situated in the material world, there must be pleasure and pain arising from the material body. As Kṛṣṇa advises in Bhagavad-gītā, tāṁs titikṣasva bhārata. One has to learn how to tolerate the temporary pains and pleasures of this material world. 

One must also be detached from his family and practice celibacy. Sex with one's wife according to the scriptural injunctions is also accepted as brahmacarya (celibacy), but illicit sex is opposed to religious principles, and it hampers advancement in spiritual consciousness. Another important word is vijñāna-virājita. Everything should be done very scientifically and consciously. One should be a realized soul. In this way, one can give up the entanglement of material bondage.

A person enjoys illicit sex, and due to his blind, lusty desire, he thinks that no one can see him, but this illicit sex is thoroughly observed by the agents of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Illicit sex is never excused, and those who indulge in it are punished life after life.

SB 5.14.9, Purport: In Bhagavad-gītā (7.11) it is said: dharmāviruddho bhūteṣu kāmo 'smi bharatarṣabha. Sex is allowed only for the begetting of children, not for enjoyment. One can indulge in sex to beget a good child for the benefit of the family, society and world. Otherwise, sex is against the rules and regulations of religious life. 

A materialistic person does not believe that everything is managed in nature, and he does not know that if one does something wrong, he is witnessed by different demigods. A person enjoys illicit sex, and due to his blind, lusty desire, he thinks that no one can see him, but this illicit sex is thoroughly observed by the agents of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. 

Therefore the person is punished in so many ways, presently in Kali-yuga there are many pregnancies due to illicit sex, and sometimes abortions ensue. These sinful activities are witnessed by the agents of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and a man and woman who create such a situation are punished in the future by the stringent laws of material nature (daivī hy eṣā guṇa-mayī mama māyā duratyayā (BG 7.14)). Illicit sex is never excused, and those who indulge in it are punished life after life.

Illicit sex is the most prominent sin due to lusty desire. When one associates with the mode of passion, he is implicated in suffering life after life.

SB 5.14.9, Purport: The Supreme Personality of Godhead does not allow anyone to act against the stringent laws of material nature; therefore illicit sex is punished life after life. Illicit sex creates pregnancies, and these unwanted pregnancies lead to abortion. Those involved become implicated in these sins, so much so that they are punished in the same way the next life. 

Thus in the next life they also enter the womb of a mother and are killed in the same way. All these things can be avoided by remaining on the transcendental platform of Kṛṣṇa consciousness. In this way one does not commit sinful activity. Illicit sex is the most prominent sin due to lusty desire. When one associates with the mode of passion, he is implicated in suffering life after life.

Illicit sex must be stopped by those who are spiritually inclined or who are on the path of spiritual realization. Many devotees fall down due to illicit sex.

SB 5.14.22, Purport: Material life is such that due to indulgence in illicit sex, gambling, intoxication and meat-eating, the conditioned soul is always in a dangerous condition. Meat-eating and intoxication excite the senses more and more, and the conditioned soul falls victim to women. In order to keep women, money is required, and to acquire money, one begs, borrows or steals. 

Indeed, he commits abominable acts that cause him to suffer both in this life and in the next. Consequently illicit sex must be stopped by those who are spiritually inclined or who are on the path of spiritual realization. Many devotees fall down due to illicit sex. They may steal money and even fall down from the highly honored renounced order. Then for a livelihood they accept menial services and become beggars. 

It is therefore said in the śāstras, yan maithunādi-gṛhamedhi-sukhaṁ hi tuccham: (SB 7.9.45) materialism is based on sex, whether licit or illicit. Sex is full of dangers even for those who are addicted to household life. Whether one has a license for sex or not, there is great trouble. Bahu-duḥkha-bhāk: after one indulges in sex, many volumes of miseries ensue. One suffers more and more in material life. A miserly person cannot properly utilize the wealth he has, and similarly a materialistic person misuses the human form. Instead of using it for spiritual emancipation, he uses the body for sense gratification. Therefore he is called a miser.

The sexual urge is so strong that sometimes a man indulges in sexual relations with a cow, or a woman indulges in sexual relations with a dog. From the description of these verses, we can understand what an extremely sinful act illicit sex is.

SB 5.26.21, Purport: The sexual urge is so strong that sometimes a man indulges in sexual relations with a cow, or a woman indulges in sexual relations with a dog. Such men and women are put into the hell known as Vajrakaṇṭaka-śālmalī. The Kṛṣṇa consciousness movement forbids illicit sex. From the description of these verses, we can understand what an extremely sinful act illicit sex is. Sometimes people disbelieve these descriptions of hell, but whether one believes or not, everything must be carried out by the laws of nature, which no one can avoid.

SB Canto 6 If illicit sex is allowed to increase in a society, however, the entire society will be condemned, for it will be full of rogues, thieves, cheaters and so forth.

SB 6.1.22, Purport: This verse indicates how degraded one becomes simply by indulging in illicit sex with a prostitute. Illicit sex is not possible with a chaste or aristocratic woman, but only with unchaste śūdras. The more society allows prostitution and illicit sex, the more impetus it gives to cheaters, thieves, plunderers, drunkards and gamblers. 

Therefore we first advise all the disciples in our Kṛṣṇa consciousness movement to avoid illicit sex, which is the beginning of all abominable life and which is followed by meat-eating, gambling and intoxication, one after another. Of course, restraint is very difficult, but it is quite possible if one fully surrenders to Kṛṣṇa, since all these abominable habits gradually become distasteful for a Kṛṣṇa conscious person. If illicit sex is allowed to increase in a society, however, the entire society will be condemned, for it will be full of rogues, thieves, cheaters and so forth.

Prostitute hunting is so abominable that the desire for sex with a prostitute can ruin one's character, destroy one's exalted position and plunder all one's money. Therefore illicit sex is strictly prohibited.

SB 6.1.64, Purport: There are many instances throughout the world in which even a purified person, being attracted by a prostitute, spends all the money he has inherited. Prostitute hunting is so abominable that the desire for sex with a prostitute can ruin one's character, destroy one's exalted position and plunder all one's money. Therefore illicit sex is strictly prohibited. 

One should be satisfied with his married wife, for even a slight deviation will create havoc. A Kṛṣṇa conscious gṛhastha should always remember this. He should always be satisfied with one wife and be peaceful simply by chanting the Hare Kṛṣṇa mantra. Otherwise at any moment he may fall down from his good position, as exemplified in the case of Ajāmila.

SB Canto 9 According to Vedic culture, a wife is considered the property of her husband, and a son born by illicit sex is called dvāja.

SB 9.20.37, Purport: According to Vedic scripture, whenever a child is born there are some ceremonies known as jāta-karma and nāma-karaṇa, in which learned brāhmaṇas, immediately after the birth of the child, make a horoscope according to astrological calculations. But the child to which Mamatā gave birth was begotten by Bṛhaspati irreligiously, for although Mamatā was the wife of Utathya, Bṛhaspati made her pregnant by force. 

Therefore Bṛhaspati became bhartā. According to Vedic culture, a wife is considered the property of her husband, and a son born by illicit sex is called dvāja. The common word still current in Hindu society for such a son is doglā, which refers to a son not begotten by the husband of his mother. In such a situation, it is difficult to give the child a name according to proper regulative principles. Mamatā, therefore, was perplexed, but the demigods gave the child the appropriate name Bharadvāja, which indicated that the child born illegitimately should be maintained by both Mamatā and Bṛhaspati.

Sri Caitanya-caritamrta

CC Madhya-lila

One should also refrain from sinful activities—illicit sex, meat-eating, gambling and intoxication. Out of these four items, illicit sex is very sinful.

CC Madhya 7.128, Purport: Instead of living engrossed in material activities, people throughout the world should take advantage of this movement and chant the Hare Kṛṣṇa mahā-mantra at home with their families. One should also refrain from sinful activities—illicit sex, meat-eating, gambling and intoxication. Out of these four items, illicit sex is very sinful. Every person must get married. Every woman especially must get married. If the women outnumber the men, some men can accept more than one wife. In that way there will be no prostitution in society. If men can marry more than one wife, illicit sex life will be stopped.

Other Books by Srila Prabhupada

Krsna, The Supreme Personality of Godhead

A man should strictly follow the principles of brahmacārī life or, with the permission of the spiritual master, should get married. Single life with illicit sex is animal life, for the animals have no such institution as marriage.

Krsna Book 80: A system of human civilization that does not promote varṇa and āśrama is nothing but a polished animal society. Indulgence in sex life by a man or woman living single is never acceptable in human society. A man should strictly follow the principles of brahmacārī life or, with the permission of the spiritual master, should get married. Single life with illicit sex is animal life, for the animals have no such institution as marriage.


Bhagavad-gita As It Is Lectures

Sex is not forbidden, but illicit sex is forbidden.

Lecture on BG 2.12 -- Mexico, February 12, 1975: So instead of becoming sinful, to become pious, you simply follow these four regulative principles. The first principle is illicit sex. That is forbidden. Sex is not forbidden, but illicit sex is forbidden. That is not very difficult. Everyone wants. That is the necessity of the body, that sex. As we want to eat, as we want to sleep, similarly, there is sex desire. But if you want to become first-class man, then don't have illicit sex. Except marriage, do not have sex. 

The human society... Therefore, human society, there is marriage. There is no marriage in the dog society. So therefore, sex life within marriage and regulative principle, that is not prohibited. That means anyone who follows these rules and regulation, he becomes purified and pious. Without becoming purified and pious, you cannot understand God.

Srimad-Bhagavatam Lectures

We don't prohibit sex, but illicit sex is most sinful.

Lecture on SB 1.16.8 -- Los Angeles, January 5, 1974: If you have taken to Kṛṣṇa consciousness, try to execute it very seriously, means to follow the rules and regulation and chant Hare Kṛṣṇa. That's all. Five things. No illicit sex, no gambling, no meat-eating... We don't prohibit sex, but illicit sex is most sinful. Most sinful. Unfortunately, they are so rascals, one sex to another, another sex to another, another sex... That is māyā's illusion, influence. But if you stick to Kṛṣṇa... Mām eva ye prapadyante māyām etāṁ taranti te (BG 7.14). If you catch up Kṛṣṇa's lotus feet very tightly, then you will not fall down. 

But if you make a show of so-called brahmacārī, so-called gṛhastha, or so-called sannyāsī, then you will fall down. We are experiencing that. Then you must fall down. Kṛṣṇa will not tolerate a defaulter, a pseudo devotee. Māyā is very strong. Immediately capture him: "Come on. Why you are here? Why you are in this society? Get out." 

Illicit sex is sinful.

Lecture on SB 2.9.9 -- Tokyo, April 25, 1972, Informal Class in Room: One has got wife and he is having illicit sex with other woman, that is, that is crime. "You want to satisfy your sex? All right. You have got legitimate wife." "No. I want to satisfy my senses." Therefore illicit sex is sinful.

Illegal, illicit sex is most abominable. But either illicit or legal, there are so many sufferings.

Lecture on SB 5.5.16 -- Vrndavana, November 4, 1976: There are two kinds of sex life, legal and illegal. Legal is married life sex. That is taken as legal. And without marriage, like cats and dogs in the street or here and there, that is illegal. So legal sex life is still allowed. Just like Kṛṣṇa says, dharmāviruddha-kāmo 'smi. If there is legal sex, one man and woman, married, and only for progeny they get into sex life, that is allowed in the śāstra. 

But illegal, illicit sex is most abominable. But either illicit or legal, there are so many sufferings. So many sufferings. Illegal—now they are giving opportunity, abortion, killing the child, and so on, go to the hospital. That is also. And behind that, the killing the child, a very sinful, he has to suffer. He does not know. 

Ananta-duḥkhaṁ ca na veda mūḍhaḥ. He's taking the risk of suffering life after life. Those who are killing the child within the womb, they will be punished. They will also enter within the womb of the mother, and somebody will kill, and again he will enter another mother's womb; again he'll be killed. So as many child he has killed, he has to go to the womb of the mother to another womb, another. He will never see the light of the world. He'll be killed. 

This is the punishment. This is the punishment. But he does not know. Ananta-duḥkhaṁ ca na veda mūḍhaḥ. He does not know how the laws of nature is working, life for life. You have no right to kill any life. Even an ant you cannot kill even. You cannot kill even. If you kill, then you have to suffer. Illicit sex is so bad thing. If we indulge in illicit sex life, then we won't care for all these abominable actions.

Lecture on SB 6.1.19 -- Los Angeles, January 15, 1970: Now these condemned professions have become ordinary profession in the civilized society, but according to the Vedic civilization, these things are condemned things. Cheating or gambling, cheating and speaking lie, bandy-akṣaiḥ kaitavaiś. And stealing. These are condemned profession. But he adopted all these things because he was associated with a woman for illicit sex.

So illicit sex is so bad thing. This is the example. If we indulge in illicit sex life, then we won't care for all these abominable actions. That was the example by Ajāmila. We shall come to understand later on that he was married, but he left his legal wife, and he contacted a prostitute, and the association of this prostitute, he became a thief, a cheater, a gambler, a liar and so many nice things simply for maintaining the family.

Then he gave him the places—striyaḥ sūnā pānaṁ dyūtaṁ yatra pāpas catur-vidhaḥ: "You can remain in four places. Where illicit sex is indulged, prostitution, you can remain there; and sūnā," means unnecessary killing animals, slaughterhouse, "you can remain there. And brothel and liquorhouse, striyaḥ sūnā pāna, where intoxication is indulged, you can remain there.

Lecture on SB 6.2.4 -- Vrndavana, September 8, 1975: Mahārāja Yudhiṣṭhira, Mahārāja Parīkṣit... Parīkṣit Mahārāja was going on a tour. These Pāṇḍavas, they were the emperor of the whole world. So he saw that a black man was trying to kill a cow. So immediately he took action: "Who is this man trying to kill cow?" So he chastised him, punished him. He was going to kill him, but he saved himself, that "This is my time. I am Kali-yuga. I am the representative. 

So this is my business, to kill cow. So what can I do?" Then he said that "You better get out. Otherwise I shall kill you." "So where shall I go?" "Now, out of my kingdom." "Then where is not your kingdom? The whole world is your kingdom. Where shall I go? I am also your subject. You must give me a place." Then he gave him the places—striyaḥ sūnā pānaṁ dyūtaṁ yatra pāpas catur-vidhaḥ: "You can remain in four places. Where illicit sex is indulged, prostitution, you can remain there; and sūnā," means unnecessary killing animals, slaughterhouse, "you can remain there. 

And brothel and liquorhouse, striyaḥ sūnā pāna, where intoxication is indulged, you can remain there. And gambling." Pāna dyūta (SB 1.17.38). Dyūta means gambling. "You can remain in these places." So it was very difficult for Kali to find out such place because Mahārāja Parīkṣit's time the kingdom was so nice that there was no brothel, no slaughterhouse, no liquor shop and no gambling club. This is rājarṣi. So you could not find. Therefore Kali made a conspiracy how to get out Mahārāja Parīkṣit so that he could spread his influence. So long Mahārāja Parīkṣit was there, there was no influence of Kali-yuga. So after all, the age has come. It is ordained. 

So Parīkṣit Mahārāja was cursed by a brāhmaṇa to die within seven days, and after his death the Kali-yuga spreaded its influence. And now, by the advancement of ages, you will find these four places in every home. This is Illicit sex, and intoxication, gambling and meat-eating—this is Kali-yuga.

Philosophy Discussions

Illicit sex is sinful. Illicit sex is sinful, because it is not meant for begetting child; it is for sense gratification.
Philosophy Discussion on Thomas Aquinas:

Hayagrīva: So this is actually a faulty argument to say that, that illicit sex is sinful because it threatens the conservation of the species.

Prabhupāda: Illicit sex is sinful. Illicit sex is sinful, because it is not meant for begetting child; it is for sense gratification. Sense gratification in any form is sinful.

Sunnyvale Temple's Cows Naming Campaign

[PADA: These beautiful cows are imported from India, and they will be bred and raised here on the 80 acres parcel purchased to make the new Milpitas temple. You can help choose the names of the last two cows. 

There is a cow seva program every Saturday on the Milpitas property, with a play area for the kids etc. Eventually there will be a nice new temple, gardens, a school, and so on, very nice project for Krishna! ys pd] 

Srila Saraswati Lecture Translated into Russian

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Appearance of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura

[Feb 15th California Time Zone, fast till noon.]

Srila Prabhupada lecture found here:


Srila Prabhupada explains about the glories of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura: 

Compiled by Yasodananda dasa:

Books : Bhagavad-gita As It Is - Macmillan 1972 Edition : Bg: introduction : 1) Krsna, 2) Brahma, 3) Narada; 4) Vyasa, 5) Madhva, 6) Padmanabha, 7) Nrhari, 8) Madhava, 9) Aksobhya, 10) Jayatirtha, 11) Jnanasindhu, 12) Dayanidhi, 13) Vidyanidhi, 14) Rajendra, 15) Jayadharma, 16) Purusottama, 17) Brahmanyatirtha, 18) Vyasatirtha, 19) Laksmipati, 20) Madhavendra Purī, 21) Isvara Puri, (Nityananda, Advaita), 22) Lord Caitanya, 23) Rupa (Svarupa, Sanatana), 24) Raghunatha, Jīva, 25) Krsnadasa, 26) Narottama, 27) Visvanatha, 28) (Baladeva) Jagannatha, 29) Bhaktivinode, 30) Gaurakisora, 31) Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati, 32) His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. 

Srila Prabhupada gives all credit to his Guru Maharaja. 

... In Los Angeles many fathers and mothers used to come to see me to express their feelings of gratitude for my leading the Krsna consciousness movement throughout the entire world. Some of them said that it is greatly fortunate for the Americans that I have started the Krsna consciousness movement in America. But actually the original father of this movement is Lord Krsna Himself, since it was started a very long time ago but is coming down to human society by disciplic succession. 

If I have any credit in this connection, it does not belong to me personally, but it is due to my eternal spiritual master, His Divine Grace Om Visnupada Paramahamsa Parivrajakacarya 108 Sri Srimad Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Gosvami Maharaja Prabhupada.." 

Books : Bhagavad-gita As It Is - Macmillan 1972 Edition : 

Bg: Preface : Srila Prabhupada explains his birth in a family of transcendentalists and his meeting His Guru Maharaja 

Books : Bhagavad-gita As It Is - Macmillan 1972 Edition : Bg 6: Sankhya-yoga : Bg 6.42 : PURPORT : Birth in a family of yogis or transcendentalists - those with great wisdom - is praised herein because the child born in such a family receives spiritual impetus from the very beginning of his life. It is especially the case in the acarya or gosvami families. Such families are very learned and devoted by tradition and training, and thus they become spiritual masters. 

In India there are many such acarya families, but they have now degenerated due to insufficient education and training. By the grace of the Lord, there are still families that foster transcendentalists generation after generation. It is certainly very fortunate to take birth in such families. Fortunately, both our spiritual master, Om Visnupada Sri Srimad Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Gosvami Maharaja, and our humble self, had the opportunity to take birth in such families, by the grace of the Lord, and both of us were trained in the devotional service of the Lord from the very beginning of our lives. 

Later on we met by the order of the transcendental system.   

Srila Prabhupada explains the glorious literary contributions of great acaryas like His Guru Maharaja and others Books : Srimad-Bhagavatam : Canto 1:"Creation" : SB Introduction : Many devotees of Lord Caitanya like Srila Vrndavana dasa Ṭhakura, Sri Locana dasa Thakura, Srila Krsnadasa Kaviraja Gosvami, Sri Kavikarnapura, Sri Prabodhananda Sarasvati, Sri Rupa Gosvami, Sri Sanatana Gosvami, Sri Raghunatha Bhatta Gosvami, Sri Jiva Gosvami, Sri Gopala Bhatta Gosvami, Sri Raghunatha dasa Gosvami and in this latter age within two hundred years, Sri Visvanatha Cakravarti, Sri Baladeva Vidyabhusana, Sri Syamananda Gosvami, Sri Narottama dasa Ṭhakura, Sri Bhaktivinoda Ṭhakura and at last Sri Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura (our spiritual master) and many other great and renowned scholars and devotees of the Lord have prepared voluminous books and literatures on the life and precepts of the Lord. Such literatures are all based on the sastras like the Vedas, Puranas, Upanisads, Ramayana, Mahabharata and other histories and authentic literatures approved by the recognized acaryas. 

They are unique in composition and unrivaled in presentation, and they are full of transcendental knowledge. Unfortunately the people of the world are still ignorant of them, but when these literatures, which are mostly in Sanskrit and Bengali, come to light the world and when they are presented before thinking people, then India's glory and the message of love will overflood this morbid world, which is vainly searching after peace and prosperity by various illusory methods not approved by the acaryas in the chain of disciplic succession. 

Srila Prabhupada credits His Guru Maharaja for helping him to revive his old habit of deity worship.

Books : Srimad-Bhagavatam : Canto 1: "Creation" : SB 1.12: Birth of Emperor Pariksit : SB 1.12.30 : PURPORT : Srila Jiva Gosvami remarks in this connection that every child, if given an impression of the Lord from his very childhood, certainly becomes a great devotee of the Lord like Maharaja Pariksit. One may not be as fortunate as Maharaja Pariksit to have the opportunity to see the Lord in the womb of his mother, but even if he is not so fortunate, he can be made so if the parents of the child desire him to be so. There is a practical example in my personal life in this connection. 

My father was a pure devotee of the Lord, and when I was only four or five years old, my father gave me a couple of forms of Radha and Krsna. In a playful manner, I used to worship these Deities along with my sister, and I used to imitate the performances of a neighboring temple of Radha-Govinda. By constantly visiting this neighboring temple and copying the ceremonies in connection with my own Deities of play, I developed a natural affinity for the Lord. My father used to observe all the ceremonies befitting my position. 

Later on, these activities were suspended due to my association in the schools and colleges, and I became completely out of practice. But in my youthful days, when I met my spiritual master, Sri Srimad Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Gosvami Maharaja, again I revived my old habit, and the same playful Deities became my worshipful Deities in proper regulation. This was followed up until I left the family connection, and I am pleased that my generous father gave the first impression which was developed later into regulative devotional service by His Divine Grace. 

Maharaja Prahlada also advised that such impressions of a godly relation must be impregnated from the beginning of childhood, otherwise one may miss the opportunity of the human form of life, which is very valuable although it is temporary like others. 

Srila Prabhupada explains the power of sadhu-sanga and the powerful favor of His Guru Maharaja Books. 

Srimad-Bhagavatam : Canto 1:"Creation" : SB 1.13: Dhrtarastra Quits Home : SB 1.13.29 : PURPORT : Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, the great preacher of the principles of Srimad-Bhagavatam, has stressed the importance of association with sadhus, pure devotees of the Lord. He said that even by a moments association with a pure devotee, one can achieve all perfection. We are not ashamed to admit that this fact was experienced in our practical life. 

Were we not favored by His Divine Grace Srimad Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Gosvami Maharaja, by our first meeting for a few minutes only, it would have been impossible for us to accept this mighty task of describing Srimad-Bhagavatam in English. Without seeing him at that opportune moment, we could have become a very great business magnate, but never would we have been able to walk the path of liberation and be engaged in the factual service of the Lord under instructions of His Divine Grace. 

Srila Prabhupada explains the about the power of a true representative of the Lord like Srimad Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura.

Books : Srimad-Bhagavatam : Canto 2: "The Cosmic Manifestation" : SB 2.8: Questions by King Pariksit : SB 2.8.5 : PURPORT : In other words, the cleansing of the polluted heart by other methods (like the culture of empiric knowledge or mystic gymnastics) can simply cleanse one's own heart, but devotional service to the Lord is so powerful that it can cleanse the hearts of the people in general, by the devotional service of the pure, empowered devotee. A true representative of the Lord like Narada, Sukadeva Gosvami, Lord Caitanya, the six Gosvamis and later Srila Bhaktivinoda Ṭhakura and Srimad Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura, etc., can deliver all people by their empowered devotional service. 

Srila Prabhupada describes His Guru Maharaja as an avowed brahmacari.

Books : Srimad-Bhagavatam : Canto 3: "The Status Quo" : SB 3.12: Creation of the Kumaras and Others : SB 3.12.42 : PURPORT : During student life the brahmacaris were given full instructions about the importance of the human form of life. Thus the basic education was designed to encourage the student in becoming free from family encumbrances. Only students unable to accept such a vow in life were allowed to go home and marry a suitable wife. Otherwise, the student would remain a permanent brahmacari, observing complete abstinence from sex life for his whole life. 

It all depended on the quality of the student’s training. We had the opportunity to meet an avowed brahmacari in the personality of our spiritual master, Om Visnupada Sri Srimad Bhaktisiddhanta Gosvami Maharaja. Such a great soul is called a naisthika-brahmacari. Srila Bhaktisiddhānta Sarasvati Gosvami Maharaja, who at the present moment is preaching the philosophy of Lord Caitanya throughout the entire world through his bona fide disciples. 

Books : Srimad-Bhagavatam : Canto 3: "The Status Quo" : SB 3.22: The Marriage of Kardama Muni and Devahuti : SB 3.22.19 : PURPORT : After fulfilling his responsibility to produce a nice child, one should take sannyasa and engage in the perfectional paramahamsa stage. Paramahamsa refers to the most highly elevated perfectional stage of life. There are four stages within sannyasa life, and paramahamsa is the highest order. 

The Srimad-Bhagavatam is called the paramahaṁsa-samhita, the treatise for the highest class of human beings. The paramahamsa is free from envy. In other stages, even in the householder stage of life, there is competition and envy, but since the activities of the human being in the paramahamsa stage are completely engaged in Krsna consciousness, or devotional service, there is no scope for envy. In the same order as Kardama Muni, about one hundred years ago, Thakura Bhaktivinoda also wanted to beget a child who could preach the philosophy and teachings of Lord Caitanya to the fullest extent. 

Srila Prabhupada explains that Gaura kishora accepted Bhaktisidhanta Sarasvati as His disciple.

Books : Srimad-Bhagavatam : Canto 4: "The Creation of the Fourth Order" : SB 4.2: Daksa Curses Lord Siva : SB 4.2.18 : PURPORT : Because of this curse, Siva was deprived of his share in the oblations of Vedic sacrifices. It was due to the curse of Daksa, Sri Visvanatha Cakravarti comments in this connection, that Lord Siva was saved from the calamity of taking part with other demigods, who were all materialistic. 

Lord Siva is the greatest devotee of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and it is not fitting for him to eat or sit with materialistic persons like the demigods. Thus the curse of Daksa was indirectly a blessing, for Siva would not have to eat or sit with other demigods, who were too materialistic. There is a practical example set for us by Gaurakisora dasa Babaji Maharaja, who used to sit on the side of a latrine to chant Hare Krsna. Many materialistic persons used to come and bother him and disturb his daily routine of chanting, so to avoid their company he used to sit by the side of a latrine, where materialistic persons would not go because of the filth and the obnoxious smell. 

However, Gaurakisora dasa Babaji Maharaja was so great that he was accepted as the spiritual master of such a great personality as His Divine Grace Om Visnupada Sri Srimad Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Gosvami Maharaja. The conclusion is that Lord Siva behaved in his own way to avoid materialistic persons who might disturb him in his prosecution of devotional service. 

Srila Prabhupada says that He simply following in the footsteps of His Guru Maharaja in fullfilling the prediction of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu Books : Srimad-Bhagavatam : Canto 4: "The Creation of the Fourth Order" : SB 4.22: Prthu Maharaja's Meeting with the Four Kumaras : SB 4.22.42 : PURPORT : When Lord Visnu appeared in the great arena of sacrifice at the time when King Prthu was performing a great sacrifice (asvamedha), He predicted that the Kumaras would very soon come and advise the King. Therefore Prthu Maharaja remembered the causeless mercy of the Lord and thus welcomed the arrival of the Kumaras, who were fulfilling the Lord’s prediction. 

In other words, when the Lord makes a prediction, He fulfills that prediction through some of His devotees. Similarly, Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu predicted that both His glorious names and the Hare Krsna maha-mantra would be broadcast in all the towns and villages of the world. Śrila Bhaktivinoda Ṭhakura and Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Prabhupada desired to fulfill this great prediction, and we are following in their footsteps. 

Srila Prabhupada explains how everyone can follow in the footsteps of Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura.

Books : Srimad-Bhagavatam : Canto 4: "The Creation of the Fourth Order" : SB 4.23: Maharaja Prthu's Going Back Home : SB 4.23.5 : PURPORT : Srila Rupa Gosvami, after retiring from his minister’s seat in the government, went to Vrndavana and lived beneath a tree, like Maharaja Prthu. Since then, many people have gone to Vrndavana to imitate Rupa Gosvami’s behavior. 

Instead of advancing in spiritual life, many have fallen into material habits and even in Vrndavana have become victims of illicit sex, gambling and intoxication. The Krsna consciousness movement has been introduced in the Western countries, but it is not possible for Westerners to go to the forest and practice the severe austerities which were ideally practiced by Prthu Maharaja or Rupa Gosvami. However, Westerners or anyone else can follow in the footsteps of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura by living in a temple, which is transcendental to residence in a forest, and to vow to accept krsna-prasada and nothing else, follow the regulative principles and chant sixteen rounds daily of the Hare Krsna mantra. 

In this way, one’s spiritual life will never be disturbed. 

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura explains the unwanted creepers of bhakti. 

Books : Sri Caitanya-caritamrta - 1975 Edition : Cc. Madhya-lila : Madhya 19: Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu Instructs Srila Rupa Gosvami : Madhya 19.160 : PURPORT : 'nisiddhacara', 'kutinati', jiva-himsana' 'labha', 'puja', 'pratisthadi' yata upasakha-gana : The unwanted creepers have been described by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura. He states that if one hears and chants without trying to give up offenses, one becomes materially attached to sense gratification. One may also desire freedom from material bondage like the Mayavadis, or one may become attached to the yoga-siddhis and desire wonderful yogic powers. 

If one is attached to wonderful material activities, one is called siddhi-lobhi, greedy for material perfection. One may also be victimized by diplomatic or crooked behavior, or one may associate with women for illicit sex. Others may make a show of devotional service like the prakrta-sahajiyas, or one may try to support his philosophy by joining some caste or identifying himself with a certain dynasty, claiming a monopoly on spiritual advancement. Thus with the support of family tradition, one may become a pseudo guru or so-called spiritual master. One may become attached to the four sinful activities-illicit sex, intoxication, gambling and meat eating, or one may consider a Vaisnava to belong to a mundane caste or creed. 

One may think, "This is a Hindu Vaisnava, and this is a European Vaisnava. A European Vaisnava is not allowed to enter the temples." In other words, one may consider Vaisnavas in terms of birth, thinking one a brahmana Vaisnava, a sudra Vaisnava, a mleccha Vaisnava and so on. One may also try to carry out a professional business while chanting the Hare Kṛṣṇa mantra or reading Srimad-Bhagavatam, or one may try to increase his monetary strength by illegal means. One may also try to be a cheap Vaisnava by chanting in a secluded place for material adoration, or one may desire mundane reputation by making compromises with nondevotees, compromising one's philosophy or spiritual life, or one may become a supporter of a hereditary caste system. 

All these are pitfalls of personal sense gratification. Just to cheat some innocent people, one makes a show of advanced spiritual life and becomes known as a sadhu, mahatma or religious person. All this means that the so-called devotee has become victimized by all these unwanted creepers and that the real creeper of bhakti-lata-bija has been stunted.