Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Keep Bir Krishna in Serbia - Bosnia! (OK, maybe not)

[PADA: Oh swell, now the GBC says, only a local person can be the GBC. Well fine, how come all sorts of foreign gurus swarm all over Russia etc.? Why is Sivarama and Gopal Krishna allowed to be GBC in many foreign places? Sounds like more dysfunction is attacking the sum total of the demigods messiahs over at the GBC? ys pd] 


Lets remove Bir Krishna from Euro GBC

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  1. Lets sign the petition, and keep him out of the USA! My good friend is his ex-disciple, he said that when everyone was offering obeisances to Bir Krishna's meat eating and cigarette smoking mom and calling her "guru-mata," that was enough, Of course when the ex-disciple complained to the big GBC leaders, they did nothing. ys pd


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