Thursday, February 9, 2017

ISKCON Mumbai's Charges Remain (Karnataka HC)

[PADA: ISKCON Mumbai's members have been charged with various criminal complaints in the Karnataka court -- in their fight against ISKCON Bangalore. Apparently, the ISKCON Mumbai folks tried to have those charges removed, but the court is not going to do so. OK it looks like Bangalore is winning at least in this phase of the case.

The other good news is -- that it appears that due to this case -- the Bombay guys have trimmed down all their vehement verbal attacks on Bangalore since this happened. Thus, we have barely heard a peep out of Dayarama and Varada Krishna lately, maybe they are starting to realize that if someone is going to jail in this process -- it could be them?  And maybe they are realizing that whatever statements they make now, could be used in court against them?

Anyway, Bangalore has gone to court to prove that Srila Prabhupada is the acharya of ISKCON, and we should be glad that has happened. And we should give them all the credit for doing this, because for starters, no one else would have ever launched this much needed court case except them. The good news is, this report is a good sign for the Prabhupadanugas. The charges will remain, and there will be a court proceeding to address these charges. Goody! 

Oddly, people like Mahesh think we are going to distinguish ourselves as separated from the GBC by our using better title for our "renegade" group. Nope. The GBC does not care one fig what we call our group. We should (if possible) separate ourselves from the GBC with a legal framework, and what better legal name than ISKCON? 

Thus! If we can salvage the title of ISKCON, we should, because we owe that much and a lot more to Srila Prabhupada. OK really! We have no idea what we owe him, but that's another thing. Legally salvaging the title of ISKCON from the hijackers should have been the top priority of all sincere Prabhupada devotees the whole time, the good news is -- at least someone is figuring this out, and its not Mahesh and his team. 

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  1. Thanks prabhu, ok maybe they will win the name of ISKCON -- or maybe not. That's not as important as the idea of fighting for the name itself?

    As Krishna tells Arjuna, you need to fight, one way or other, and do not worry about the results.

    This seems to be a problem, most of our God brothers did not even bother to fight: -- For the name of ISKCON, or the citizens of ISKCON, or the books of ISKCON, or the children of ISKCON, or who is seated on the guru seat of ISKCON etc., they just sort of voluntarily handed the whole thing off to the pirates without much of a tussle.

    So I am not too worried if the name of ISKCON is factually won or not, the point is -- at least some people are fighting for that name, and they want Srila Prabhupada to be in the guru seat of ISKCON, and that is why they deserve credit for doing that.

    So I think this is a big problem, many people seem to think, unless I can be assured to win wholesale, I am not going to fight. Well nothing is assured. By that thinking, we would not drive our car to work, because there might be an accident on the way, and thus we may never get there.

    So everything has to stop, because its not assured our work will end in success? This seems to be more of a cop out than a sincere objection. At the same time, the Prabhupadanuga folks also might win the name, who can say? My point is, better to have tried than to have done little or nothing, which seems to be what most folks have done, and so the GBC sort of won by default due to the inaction of the opponents.

    Heh heh, its like the karmi motivational speakers, those who doubt the potential of success, will never have any. Anyway, this is a good development in our opinion, and we have to wait and see what Krishna's plan is. ys pd


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