Tuesday, February 21, 2017

GBC takes their guru to -- court?

[PADA: Wow! Perhaps the most unpopular person in the universe, Jayadvaita swami the book changer, is now the main hero and "savior" of the Brooklyn temple sale fiasco. So this is amazing, the GBC first appointed Romapada as their guru -- then they found out much later, that the guru does not need to listen to the GBC because the guru is independent of ecclesiastical bodies. 

So now the GBC has had to go to court to get the legal justice system to contain and control their bogus gurus, gurus which they themselves appointed. Doesn't the GBC know, gurus are not controlled by ecclesiastical bodies, or courts, and so on and so forth, and guru is controlled and dictated to -- by God? The guru is getting dictation from God, not Jayadvaita swami? 

Now the GBC is saying they need to use the courts, to check what God is dictating and doing? Why not admit, their gurus are bogus and they are not getting dictation from God? 

Meanwhile, the GBC has launched YET another multi-million dollar legal problem, because their members are being charged with crimes in the Karnataka court, which the GBC will presumably pay possibly millions for their legal defenses. Why is the GBC always figuring out ways to waste millions more money on lawyers, court cases and -- now, taking their own guru to court? 

And the GBC / Rocana / Torben Nielsen crowd are still saying, we simply need to have better rules and regulations for our acharyas to contain and control them, and this will fix things! Fine except, if you have to fix your own acharya with legislation, rules, censure, removal for deviations, and now -- lawsuits -- then he is not an acharya. ys pd]      

GBC "vigorously opposes" the Brooklyn Sale


For immediate release
February 18, 2017
Contact: Jayadvaita Swami

GBC to NY Attorney General's Office:
The GBC "vigorously opposes" the Brooklyn Sale

On January 3, the GBC Executive Committee notified the New York State Attorney General's office that the GBC "vigorously opposes the [Bharati] Center's petition seeking approval of the Sale" of the Radha­Govinda temple in Brooklyn. The Executive Committee's attorney, Daniel Alcott, wrote to the Attorney General's office on the GBC's behalf.

The GBC's move dramatically boosts the likelihood that the State will disapprove the sale. Without State approval, the sale cannot go through. Mr. Alcott wrote to the AG's office that the GBC is the "governing ecclesiastical body" of ISKCON and the Bharati Center. And: "The ISKCON GBC is convinced that the sale does not promote the purposes of the Center or the interests of its members."

By narrowly focusing on "the purposes of the Center" and "the interests of its members," the GBC prudently offers strong reasons for disallowing the sale, while at the same time affording the prospective Buyer no grounds on which to sue the temple. (Last year in Mayapur, the NY leaders had raised the alarm to the GBC that if the sale were blocked the Buyer could file a multi­million­dollar lawsuit, and so the GBC proceeded with caution.)

Mr. Alcott's letter also asks that the EC be notified if, as expected, the question of whether the State should allow the sale goes to a local Brooklyn court. The letter reserves the right for the GBC to appear, through its EC, in any such proceeding.

Eric Weiss, an attorney representing congregational members opposing the sale, says that the GBC's letter is "a game­changer." Now the State will see a pending sale opposed not only from below by a large segment of the congregation but also from above by the highest body of ISKCON's religious hierarchy. Under the circumstances, the chances seem high that the State will disallow the sale.

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  1. Yes, this very strange. Romapada has kicked dozens and maybe hundreds of devotees out of the New York temple, including recently a nice couple we know personally, because they were challenging the bogus temple sale. So Romapada kicks dozens (ok over the years hundreds) of nice devotees out the door of ISKCON, removing the sevakas of the deity left, right and center, but the GBC never kicks out Romapada for removing all these sevaka citizens? Nor does ISKCON sue Romapada for selling the property of the society -- without the permission of the society? But the GBC did say they were going to sue us, because they own the copyright to Hare Krishna? And now book changer in cheif Jayadvaita, has to rescue the building from being illegally sold, while the GBC is sitting around -- not noticing even that the citizens are being purged? What is wrong with this picture? ys pd


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