Saturday, February 4, 2017

Steve Bannon, Donald Trump's "Dharma Warrior"

[PADA: As we have seen in ample cases, reading the scriptures is one thing, interpreting and applying them properly -- is entirely another. In the opinion of PADA, the USA leadership has stirred up a giant hornet's nest in the Middle East, primarily due to the leader's misinterpreting alleged Bible prophecies. 

And thus as a nation, we are now in the unenviable position of chronic damage control. We thought we were helping, but in reality we were opening a Pandora's box of troubles, which is sort of like what has happened with the ISKCON GBC? Anyway, lets hope that interpreting scripture goes better this time around, for both the USA and for the GBC. 

What is amazing to us is, often its the same people who created the fires who are then the self-advertised helpful fire department that will solve the problems, in both USA government and GBC examples. ys pd] 

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