Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hari Sauri (Denis Harrison) Kills and Preserves the Parampara?

Hari Sauri now says we need to preserve the writings of Srila Bhaktivinode Thakura, to save the teachings of the parampara for future generations. Except, Hari Sauri and his book changing termites program are chomping up the books of Srila Prabhupada with tons of unauthorized changes. His program is not even preserving the writings of his own guru. And they are kicking out the book distribution devotees who do not want to promote these termite edited materials.

And Hari Sauri is the number one person who has preserved the worship of his illicit sex GBC's gurus project, and his program claims it is common for acharyas to fall into such illiusions, why preserve their writings if they are subject to maya left, right and center? 

Hari Sauri's program says God's guru parampara successors and acharyas are often: alcoholics, sex predators, drug fiends, machine gun swamis, porno swamis, criminals, chicken salad eaters, orchestrators of murders of vaishnavas; book changers, deviants, rascals, persons who illegally sell Prabhupada's temples and properties; people who orchestrate mass abuse and molesting; people who are watching star wars movies; people who are dating their 13 years old female students, ad infinitum. 

And this is how he has "preserved" the parampara? 

By killing it? Yep, even my trash man is way more spiritually advanced than Hari Sauri's debauchee-fied messiahs program. Hari Sauri has dedicated his life to adding all of the worst behaviors known to man into his alleged God's successor parampara, thus Hari Sauri has made God's successors into the worst examples of debauchees and naradhamas ever seen in any guru parampara in the history of the universe, and that is how he preserves the parampara?       

Hari Sauri wants to preserve his illlicit sex guru parampara, and have us protesters banned, beaten, sued and killed, and that is all he has ever done since 1977. He has thus preserved a nice seat at Yama's court, since no one is allowed to say that the successors to God are degraded debauchees left, right and center, because that is identical to saying God is a degraded debauchee Himself, because the successors are shaksat hari tvena, same as God Himself. 

So Hari Sauri's program says God's successors are deviants because that makes God a deviant. Why does Hari Sauri hate God? And why is he always allowed to preach his program's nonsense ideas, that God's successors are often illicit sex criminal deviants, in ISKCON temples?   

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