Sunday, February 19, 2017

Art of Satsvarupa Das Goswami still promoted by ISKCON?

PADA: Yep, from the same person who said: "I have to battle constantly with doubts that Krishna is a myth"; "The more I chant the drier it gets"; "I am known as the guru of (psychotropic) pills"; and the author of Sanitarium (a sex novel) we find ISKCON is still promoting Satsvarupa and his crazy writings and art. Of course our art and writings are banned! Figures? You mean to say no one on the GBC has figured out that his writings and art -- are whack, and not fit for public consumption?     

This is SDG's future life, very lifelike!

This art frightens little children!

Devotee asks PADA: Is this man's brain in hell or what?

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