Monday, February 20, 2017

Prabhupada is his own successor

PADA: Yes, its official, the mad rush to artificially concoct a "successor to Prabhupada" has been a totally depressing, criminal, scandalous and devastating failure, he is his own successor. Correct. ys pd

Prabhupada You Are Your Own Successor


Prabhupada you are your own successor
you live within your teachings
if we could carry them out
if we could formulate them precisely
then there will be no doubt
of what to do and how to do it
the mahajans make it clear
the mind of your sincere follower
close to your heart and near
the symptom will be mercy
distributed to one and all
the establishment challenged
the scientists no longer call
call the shots cover the soul
bring society to its knees
crying mothers weeping child
the demonic minds that feed
the social critic, the piercing eye
crooked and rascals, left high and dry
maneuvering of the political mind
matched and defeated with a heart that shines
the artists once awoken
the prophets words spoken
deep into the hearts of men
an influence they wield
mind and hearts healed
distributed knowledge but when
practical in every way
whatever place you stand
the place you find you'll not return
but always wish to stay
a political system broken,
broken but to reform
you have told us of these things
in love and hope conform
on every plain we stand
within and with out
Lord's Lilas in our heart
Mahaprabhu's no doubt
seeing all as spirit souls
selfishness declined
you the acarya of the world
so regal and refined
this will come to pass
the order from time ago
we are to carry out the task
bestowed glory that will show.
fearless in your service
a faith as staunch can be
without it we lose the way
although it will come again, just see
another soul will say again
to show what will be
the wisdom already let loose
Kali's domain set free
the sankirtana movement
it's destined sadhus say
forever the patient optimist
that's Prabhupada's way.

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