Friday, November 25, 2016

Vasanta Dasa Would Like Your Prayers

This is his wife, now in intensive care unit. Christian churches have a program where the entire church is praying for their sick and dying, we need to adopt the same program, and develop more care and concern for one another. I have personally been at the bed side of a few dying devotees where almost no one else showed up to be with them in their hour of need. We need to change that. Yep, I know, a few elite GBC leaders get fifty servants taking care of them when they are sick, tending to their slightest issues, the peons, ok not so much. We wish Vasanta das and his wife all the best ... ys pd
* Hadidjah in ICU at UCLA * - on 16th St in Santa Monica
With labored breathing and possible pneumonia, she is now connected to more wires & tubes than we can count. Please send your prayers ASAP. She may be leaving us shortly. Thank you. Vasanta Das

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