Saturday, November 19, 2016

ISKCON has "flat-lined" on varnasrama (Abhirama Dasa)

[PADA: Abhirama correctly points out that the GBC gurus fall downs discredited and destroyed the movement, apparently he is not aware that gurus do not fall down? ys pd]

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  1. Yep, this does mean even their own GBC friendly people know that their "living guru" program has been a huge failure. They also see that nowadays the GBC's leaders are mainly interested in gathering Hindus to their temples, the people who are already inclined to the Vedic religion by birth, but they have been and still are -- losing -- the Western folks.

    In sum! The guru issue has paralyzed the movement, almost everyone seems to agree, although this has taken some time before they could admit. We said that this living guru process was bad news right at the start but, history had to play its way along, we could not really change it.

    At this point, all we can do is pick up some pieces from the wreckage and hope we can get some sort of process to continue on in some semblance of what Krishna wanted.

    For starters Krishna does not want idiots, fools and debauchees to be sitting in His Vyasa seats at his temples, that's a no-brainer, He will never be pleased with the GBC's illicit sex messiah's project, its condemned by God and all intelligent people, and even they have to admit its being rejected wholesale.

    At this point they are simply milking the Hindus and there is no easy way for them to get back to the real process, its too lucrative for them economically to continue things in the current mess they have made. They do not seem to realize they will have to pay it all back with compound interest eventually. ys pd


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