Saturday, November 5, 2016

Hari Sauri Health Update

[PADA: We have a report that Lokanath swami also has Parkinsons. Anyway, it seems the GBC's folks always get medically treated, facilitated, and given finances and people to help them. Not so much help is given to the people who objected to their sexual predator messiahs project. 

At the same time, a devotee who read this said, we should really pray for these guys, the GBC's and their gurus are mostly suffering. They are going to need all the mercy they can get -- after supporting deviants sitting in Vyasa seats and saying that deviants are God's successors and qualitative Vishnupada equals. As Srila Prabhupada says, neither Krishna nor any agents of Krishna ever forgive false gurus, they are more or less doomed and so are their help-mates like Hari Sauri. 

As Jesus said, Lord have mercy on their souls, they have no idea what they are doing. The good news is, at least some of us avoided supporting these folks and their idea that sexual predators and criminals are the sum total of the demigods acharyas of the jagat. ys pd] 

Hari Sauri -- Denis Harrison 

Dear Maharaja's and Prabhu's, Pamho, agtsp. 

Many of you have been kind enough to enquire about my current health status so I provide here a brief summery of my one month trip to Denver, Colorado in Sep-Oct 2016. Before Denver my condition was as follows. 

1. Restlessness - I was unable to sit still for more than a few minutes, was constantly pacing up and down, couldn't lie down or relax. 

2. Interrupted sleep - due to the restlessness I could only sleep one to two hours at a time and my sleep was constantly interrupted with only a few hours of rest in the night. 

3. Shaking and Tremors - this is getting progressively worse, with shaking on the whole right side and recently the left arm; some mild cramping in the muscles and loss of utility of the right hand by about 60%. There are other symptoms but these are the prominent ones. 

TREATMENT IN DENVER: The treatment consisted of trying in small doses different strains of canabis oil. This was done under supervision with Mitravinda Mataji and in the first two weeks we tried 7 or 8 different strains. After two weeks Pranaballabha Prabhu found a local company that makes their oil from hemp rather than canabis. We switched to this company and tried several strains. 

RESULTS AFTER DENVER: I'm very happy to report some significant improvement in reducing the restlessness by about 90%, and consequently relieving me of the sleeplessness. We found one or two strains that were effective and which enable me to lie down and relax and sleep at least 4 to 6 hours at a stretch. 

We got this result from the canabis oil and fortunately were able to sustain it when we moved to the hemp products. Unfortunately as of writing we have not found anything to reduce the tremors and shaking, so this we have to work on. The advantage of using the hemp products is that they are all legal and can be exported from Denver to India or other parts of the world. 

SUMMERY: The one month visit was well worth the effort and expense and yielded significant result. We also got a much better insight into the production and application of the CBD/THC oils. I want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the many devotees who stepped forward with financial assistance, without which, the trip would not have been possible. 

I particularly want to thank Mitravinda and Pranaballabha Prabhu's for their selfless assistance. I also want to thank Tusta Krsna Prabhu, the Denver temple president, for providing one months accommodation and many other small facilities for an anxiety free visit. My sincere thanks to all the other devotees who have helped. I will keep this brief, if anybody has any further questions I'll be happy to provide whatever information I can. Always in your debt, I remain, Your humble servant Hari-sauri das

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