Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Kim Moller / Ajit Krishna / Torben Neilsen update


Kim Moller (Danmark): Are you really so envious just because I have a guru who is living and not dead..... ?? 

[PADA: OK so your "living guru" is preaching that Srila Prabhupada and people like Jesus are dead. Next point, you would never tell the followers of any guru that their guru is not relevant because he is dead, and yours is more relevant because he is supposedly alive, this is not Vaishnava etiquette. 

We never go even to the Christians and tell them they are foolish for worshiping a dead person, nor did Srila Prabhupada ever say such things. He said, Jesus is our guru, Jesus is my brother, there would be no culture in the West without the teaching of Jesus, Jesus is eternal -- and so on. He never said -- Jesus is the dead guy?  

That means any Christian can defeat you guys, because they know Jesus is eternal. Yep! Any meat eating person walking down the street has a better idea than you guys do. God is eternal, God's gurus are eternal, the Christians knew that when they were five years old already, and you still have no clue about these topics?

Great! So you worship a live body, which is of course pus, mucous, stools and so on, and you thinks that is advanced? Why do you think worship of a material body full of stools is advanced spiritually? Again, even the Christians know that worship of a living body is not the spiritual idea? 

Everywhere we see people with a sticker on their car "Jesus lives," and you want them to stop worship of Jesus, and worship your bag of stools live body? And your living guru program is connected to Rocana's and the GBC's living illicit sex guru's process? 

That means your guru also thinks Krishna is dead, because Krishna is a "previous member of the parampara"? Srila Prabhupada says that Krishna is eternal and so are His guru successors? I am not sure why your living guru is saying that all the other gurus in the parampara are dead, because for starters, that means Krishna is also dead? This is atheist idea! Sorry but Krishna is not dead, and all of His guru successors are also eternal just like He is. Why would I be envious of people who think Krishna and His gurus are dead, and we need to worship a material mundane sack of manure instead? 

Where do you get the idea that the eternal are dead? 

And worse, you are ultimately saying Srila Prabhupada's books are also dead, whereas all the rest of us are getting living guidance from these books and we are giving these living books to others, and these living people are also feeling living transcendental bliss by connecting with these living books, which means the guru is alive in these books. 

Of course the next apparent problem is, you are so ashamed that your living guru is so compromised with the GBC's illicit sex guru process, you cannot give us his name. So you worship a bag of stools live body, but you are ashamed to tell us which body that is? That means, for all we know, you have no guru at all? Even children argue like this, I have a million dollars, but cannot tell you where it is? This is all cheating and bluffing, I have a guru, but cannot mention who he is, which Srila Prabhupada calls -- post dated check word jugglery.]

Kim Moller: And by the way, you do not know what I support, you are just guessing and speculating as usual hoping very much that i would fall into your speculation world about ISKCON.

[PADA: What? No, Ajit Krishna and Torben Neilsen have sent me many time links to Rocana's site where he says, sure his gurus make mistakes, sure his gurus have all sorts of problems, sure we need to continue the guru by vote system so -- we just need to increase the enforcement of rules for these renegade acharyas. 

There is no need for me to speculate, we have read the site you folks advertise. You folks think gurus are reform school criminals who need better rule enforcement. Yep, our Jesus like messiahs are often criminals, we just need to have better police to reign our criminal Jesus? Why do you think a person like Jesus is a criminal who needs better policing?]  

Kim Moller: You feed from ISKCONs past mistakes, you live on it, you can not live with out it, its your only life......

[PADA: Right, you guys keep saying your gurus make mistakes, or worse they are sexual predators, which means they are conditioned souls. T
he GBC said previously that a number of their gurus have fallen into illicit sex and drugs, ok they said that in the past, and now today they still say their gurus may fall into illicit sex and drugs and so on. There is good news! Your gurus are not having sex with billy goats! Wow! I am impressed! No wonder you are ashamed to name your living guru. ys pd]   


Although the spiritual master should be a first-class devotee, it is not that every first- class devotee automatically becomes a spiritual master. He still needs to meet the second criterion — authorization. There are many examples throughout Vedic history of pure devotees who did not become spiritual masters. So a pure devotee is not synonymous with a spiritual master but a bona fide spiritual master should be a pure devotee of Lord Kṛṣṇa. "On the whole, you may know that he is not a liberated person, and therefore, he cannot initiate any person to Kṛṣṇa consciousness. It requires special spiritual benediction from higher authorities.” — Śrīla Prabhupāda’s Letter to Janardāna, Apr 26, 1968 "One should take initiation from a bona fide spiritual master coming in the disciplic succession who is authorized by his predecessor spiritual master. This is called dīkṣā-vidhāna.” — Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 4.8.54, Purport Indian man (1): When did you begin to become the spiritual leader of Kṛṣṇa consciousness? … Prabhupāda: When my Guru Mahārāja ordered me. This is the guru-paramparā. Indian man (1): Did he just... Prabhupāda: Try to understand. Don't go very speedily. A guru can become guru when he's ordered by his guru. That's all. Otherwise nobody can become guru. — Śrīla Prabhupāda’s lecture on Bhagavad-gītā 7.2 on October 28, 1975, in Nairobi, Kenya

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  1. Right, to say that the people who worship Srila Prabhupada, Madhvacarya, Ramanuja and Jesus etc. are worshiping a dead person is very insulting to all these great souls. And that is not even their worst problem, their worst problem is, while they are saying worship of a bona fide pure devotee is bogus, the alternate the present is -- we have to worship their debauchee guru process. So its not correct to worship a pure devotee, it is correct to worship an illicit sex guru lineage? And that is why their program is crumbling and ours is moving ahead. They also say that when the GBC promotes deviants this is "a mistake," nope, they ban, beat, sue and assassinate the people who object. That is not a mistake, that is a conscious deviation. ys pd


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