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Problem of Contamination -- by Prahlad Nrsimha (France)

A Lack of Sincerity, and Contamination


Thanks, Gadi prabhu, for your nice article: "The Problems, the Offences, the Solution, Part II". What you describe in the first part of your article is exactly what we faced in France with, for instance, Nitai Gaura Sundara das, who, through his non-stop background and underground of politician actions for so long, is one of (or THE ) main person responsible of the miserable situation in our country at the moment: and he almost completely destroyed the yatra which is also so much divided that our two miserable temples can not even have the same GBC! That is the result of kanistha devotees with big positions.

We had the same thing with Param Gatim Swami, a real kanistha, with, at this time, the title of guru (!) (no comment!) and as GBC. The same principle acting: first my own private interest, and after, Sankirtana Movement interest. Completely secondary! Of course, things can not work this way and we have the unwanted result today. Almost everyone is outside and nobody, of course, willing to get involved anymore.

[PADA: Right, this is the main problem with the current management of ISKCON, "most people are outside." OK, the mass of devotees cannot work with these hokey gurus of the GBC / or their defenders like Brahma Tirtha / Rupanuga / Rocana / Kim Moller / Ajit Krishna / Torben Neilsen / Gaudiya Matha / Narayana Maharaja process. After all, who wants to have their children worship an illicit sex guru lineage apart from these small hand fulls of deviants? The mass of devotees and mass of public has no interest in worshiping an illicit sex guru "parampara." So their program is being more and more rejected, as it should be.]

Now, speaking about the international situation, I believe that, except some who are really preaching and are willing to be out of global GBC management for obvious reasons, the principle is the same. Many of our very big leaders have big positions they got through politics, like-minded friends, and the global corruption within our Movement since 1978... and so are not really spiritually qualified for those positions. 

So, the only solution for them to keep their positions and privileges, and income, is to slow down any real spiritual movement within ISKCON to the maximum. Because they are very lazy and slow with their mind and intelligence, and don't really want to make further spiritual progress and reach real transcendental level. If the Sankirtana Movement would expand as it should do, they would not be able to adapt themselves to this rhythm and would be spiritually overwhelmed. And loose very quickly their positions and privileges. 

So, they systematically use, among other things, the CIA techniques for sabotage (which you can find in the last Saturday Laffs of the Sun) to slow down everything to the maximum so they keep control.

If you have real experience of ISKCON, you can very easily check the fact that those techniques are very often used! Jayadvaita Swami, Bhakti Caru Swami, Giriraja Swami, Lokanath Parkinson Swami (how much time did he spend practicing in private his trembling so that it can appear in public as symptoms of ecstasy???) and others became expert in those techniques. 

And even if some of them are maybe at the moment out of official management, still their influence and authority stays important. So, it does not matter if Srila Prabhupada's movement is getting destroyed little by little. Their thinking is that, anyway, with the few years they still have to live in this life, there will be always enough in term of pratistha and money to finish their life very comfortably and be satisfied. So, everything is ok! They just pretend to be concerned about spreading the Sankirtana Movement like our non-devotee politicians just pretend to fight against unemployment, for example, but do exactly the contrary!

All those people agree with making so-called very big projects like very big temples in India like the TVOP because it does not imply real spiritual progress. It drives the attention of everyone to external things and distracts the attention from more essential things, meaning internal and real philosophical points which would jeopardize those leaders. It looks like virata rupa worship... the bigger it is, the more it attracts neophyte people and that means money, money, collect, collect. 

It does not mean real spiritual advancement which would come from the spiritual thinking of the people and would endanger their positions. All that because they don't want, themselves, to really make further spiritual advancement. They are very lazy and attached to material things. Not really sincere. So they have paralysed everything since so long, and anyone who would want to shake all that is considered an enemy. I don't say that they are 100% aware of what they are doing, it is possible that there is a non-conscious part. But it comes anyway from a lack of sincerity and contamination and so, is guilty!

Thanks again for your article!

Prahlada Nrsimha das

[PADA: Right, the first thing the GBC did in 1978 was -- to start kicking out the devotees, thus the samkirtana, deity worship, deity cooking, poojaris and so on were removed en masse, and these were all of the programs Srila Prabhupada wanted. They wanted the buildings and not the program of the acharya. So now they have empty ghost town temples, just like the Gaudiya Matha has had. 

Right! ISKCON has become paralyzed by politics. 

Sulochana said ISKCON has become constipated with corruption. Anyway you look at it, we need to build a separate program from these folks and move ahead, starting with, re-making the standard system of worship of the pure devotee Srila Prabhupada. As long as official ISKCON says we need to worship a sexual predator and deviant guru lineage, it will never grow. ys pd]

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  1. K Dasa: The problem is that many ISKCON devotees nowadays are brainwashed by the so-called ISKCON leaders who don’t really care about the abuse of women and children that are going on in ISKCON. The so-called ISKCON leaders will say “You are committing Vaishnava aparadha” to anyone who dares to question their dictatorship. But due to the bad association in ISKCON, the devotees are illusioned to think that the so-called ISKCON leaders are pure devotees. And devotees who bravely speak up about the deviations in ISKCON will be immediately kick out, banned and ostracized by higher authorities.


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