Sunday, November 20, 2016

Bhakti Caru Swami's "Follow The Authority"

[PADA: OK, so Bhakti Caru Swami and many of his GBC pals say that God's guru successors, pure devotees, pure servants of Radharani, parampara members, messiahs, and in sum God's personal sevakas, are often -- degraded debauchees -- who are falling down into: 

illicit sex; 
drinking Vodka; 
eating chicken salads; 
watching porno; 
watching football games; 
writing sex novels; 
shooting guns at occupied buildings; 
staying at four star hotels -- while the children in their charge are starving; going to star wars movies; 
dating minor aged female disciples; 
offering LSD to their shalagram deity; 
orchestrating selling ecstasy drugs to the public; 
getting ghost busted by Chitesvara; 
saying horrible things about Krishna; 
moving Radha Krishna deities from the temples to live under an open car port; gambling in Reno; 
calling women "toilets"; 
having illicit sex with taxi drivers; 
orchestrating mass child abuse; 
orchestrating crimes including murders, 
reading books about Hitler, 
shooting guns in the air and having the bullet come down and kill a cow; 
and so on ad infinitum. 

And the above program is what Bhakti Caru swami calls "A Vaikuntha Atmosphere"? Seriously! Well, we hate to have to point this out, but his idea of Vaikuntha seems to resemble the Church Of Kali Yuga?  

Why does Bhakti Caru Swami think that his church of Kali Yuga is another Vaikuntha? This is really amazing, apparently every day BCS wakes up and he says, "hey, what abominable deviation can we add today as part of the behavior of the residents of Vaikuntha"? 

OK, does BCS even have the foggiest idea of what Vaikuntha actually is? If this is Vaikuntha, no one wants to go there, is this his real plan -- to make Vaikuntha so bad -- no one will ever want to go there? What will Krishna's agents do to these people who offend Vaikuntha every waking moment of their lives? Vaikuntha is worse than hell, so no one wants to go there, and this is what BCS's gang is preaching to the public every day of their lives, i.e. they are doing everything they can to destroy people's faith in God and His pure devotees?  
ys pd]

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