Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Bhakta Dasa Defends Australia's Illicit Sex Guru Project

Bhakta Dasa, ISKCON Australia 

Dear devotees, Hare Krishna, Please accept my humble obeisances. 

All glories to Srila Prabhupada. As Communications Director for ISKCON Australia, I would like to give an update as to what the current ISKCON Australia policies and directions are on the following important issues: 

• Child protection 
• Domestic violence 
• Women’s issues 
• Sexual harassment and misconduct within religious organisations 
• LGBTIQ issues Recently there has been criticism of ISKCON Australia that, in regard to these issues, ISKCON has not done enough. 

[PADA: Currently, the overall Governing Body Commission (GBC) of ISKCON teaches its congregation members (and its children) that their "appointed and voted in" alleged Jesus-like "guru successors to God" are often falling down into illicit sex with men, women and children, if not drug addictions and crimes, and their alleged Jesus like messiahs are falling down on a regular basis. 

Where in any of ISKCON's scriptures, corporate papers, mandates or official charters does it say that God's messiahs, successors and gurus are often fallen down debauchees? And if this is not stated anywhere in the official ISKCON papers, is it not fraud to say this is part of the legal "statement of purpose" or official charter of ISKCON? 

And is this not illegally corrupting the morals of minors? 

(A) ISKCON teaches that their gurus are qualitatively identical to God. 

(B) And the Bhakta das folks are openly saying their alleged God's successors are often debauchees. 

(C) That is like saying God Himself is a debauchee because He is qualitatively like His successors. Why are they teaching small children that the guru is like God, and the guru is often a debauchee, thus God is a debauchee -- because God is qualitatively like His successors? 

Is there any official document that proves that the purpose of ISKCON is to teach people that God's messiahs, gurus and successors are often debauchees, which would in turn de facto make God Himself a debauchee since He is as pure as His successors? If the successor to God is not pure, then God is not pure. Where in the Krishna religion is it stated that God is as pure as a debauchee?] 

What many devotees may not be aware of is that ISKCON Australia has, already for many years now, been gradually implementing and increasing strict policies in regard to child protection and family violence issues. In my role as Interfaith Director, in speaking with other faith communities, they express surprise on how much we are actually doing and implementing. 

[PADA: OK but your GBC of ISKCON program preaches that worship of a pure devotee like Jesus is bogus, because he is worshiped by priests. You folks say that there has to be a living guru, and you say worship of Jesus is the "posthumous worship deviation," and handily, you have a bunch of illicit sex deviants in your pocket to forward as your alleged living Jesus - like gurus and "eternal links to God." 

If you are attacking the worship of Jesus as a deviation, simultaneously saying we need to worship your living debauchee messiahs, then what other faiths agree with your odious principles, that we need to worship your illicit sex gurus program to attain God, and worship of the actual Jesus of Nazareth is the bogus posthumous guru program? OK so Jesus is posthumous, thus we need to worship Bhakta's living debauchee's guru program? Where in the Krishna religion's books does it say worship of Jesus is the posthumous guru worship deviation, and thus we need to worship living debauchees instead of someone like Jesus?] 

I hope when you read what follows it will at least shed some light on the positive direction ISKCON Australia is taking on these most important social issues. Your servant, Bhakta dasa, National Communications Director, ISKCON Australia. 

ISKCON Australia – Communications Report: 

Going forward with correct policies in place, ISKCON Australia, like other religious institutions, have had to re-evaluate and clarify their policies and procedures in line with expectations of today’s society. 

[PADA: Today's society agrees that we need to worship illicit sex with men, women and children gurus to attain God? Where? Who are the people who agree?]

Child Protection: After the last ISKCON Australia National Council AGM, a proposal was presented and passed that ISKCON Australia strikes up an engagement with the Australian Childhood Foundation (ACF). The Australian Childhood Foundation has extensive experience in undertaking collaborative consultancy projects and / or tailored training for organisations that work with children, young people and families. 

These include activities which meet the needs of a broad range of individual professionals and agencies, including: 

• Clinical Supervision for practitioners about trauma informed practice. 

• Secondary Consultation for individuals, care teams and organisations about understanding and responding to the specific needs of traumatised children and young people, often engaged in challenging and harmful behaviour. 

• Workforce development packages that include training, reflective practice forums, action based research activities, and safeguarding children policy development and implementation. 

All projects are implemented by senior members of the Foundation’s Management Team with broad range experience in therapeutic approaches, child protection, family support, out of home care and mental health. As well, each Temple will have a Child Care Officer /s working under the direction of a National Child Care Officer who will be in close liaison with ACF. 

Domestic violence: 

ISKCON’s National Council has moved that: ISKCON Australia develops a Domestic Violence Unit to offer community support and help to individuals who are experiencing any form of domestic violence and provide access to professional help. Policies in regard to domestic violence are currently being worked out with the assistance of the Australasian Centre for Human Rights and Health (ACHRH). 

ACHRH’s vision is happy homes and a strong community. Healthy, vibrant women and children are the key. Creative dialogue between the Australasian community, the professionals, the policy planners and the academics is their chosen method. ACHRH’s objectives: (Quoted from their website) 

A) To inform the development of policies and programmes around gender and gender-based violence by combining community based initiatives with scientific knowledge and professional expertise. We aim to use qualitative aspects of the broader social and cultural context of gender inequities in gender-based violence in migrant and ethnic Australasian communities. 

We aim to make the community aware of gender dimensions of practices related to sexual and reproductive health & experiences of violence within marriage and outside. We partner with the community and educate and describe the health impact of gender inequities and gender-based violence. 

B) To evaluate interventions that empower women and men to improve their family life, enhance family harmony through building gender respect, gender equality and preventing and responding to gender-based violence. 

C) To provide scientific evidence for defining a public health response to gender-based violence. D) To improve education, awareness and the health of women, through a focus on sexual and reproductive issues within families ; undertake research to gender issues within sexual and reproductive health. 

ACHRH is founded on the concept that gender inequity is a substantial violation of human rights and undermines women’s dignity, health and access to health care. The main interest of the unit lies in the notion that Women form the basis of a strong family unit and a positive gender based relations in a family are the basis of a strong community. We intend to explore and share the knowledge in areas of gender-based violence and its impact on women’s lives and health with the community. 

[PADA: Where in any Krishna religion scripture does it say that the path to God is to worship an illicit sex guru lineage? ys pd]

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