Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Bhakti Tirtha Sent Hladini to Liberia -- to have her killed?

PADA: Bhakti Tirtha swami was famous for lecturing on divergent ideas like "the lost continent of Mu," "the subterranean demons," "the aliens in control of the world," etc. So much so, various GBC said he was "preaching crazy conspiracy ideas." Mahananda das, Hladini's husband, said that the New Vrndavana folks (like Bhakti Tirtha swami) "took control of my wife and took her away from me." 

Of course, he was a big supporter of Kirtanananda and the overall GBC idea that acharyas are often debauchees, hence he was well loved by the other GBC. Anyone who preaches that messiahs are usually debauchees gets a big seat of authority in GBC land, and anyone who preaches that acharyas are not ever debauchees (like us) are banned, sometimes beaten, sometimes assassinated. 

For example, Kula Shekhara das (the first disciple of Srila Prabhupada in England) was at a Bhakti Tirtha swami temple and he raised a few questions, and on his way out the door a karate expert disciple of Bhakti Tirtha beat him to a pulp. Kulashekhara was in the hospital with numerous broken bones, and he suffered from great pains in his body for the rest of his life. 

I met with Kulashekhara in Los Angeles and he told me he had to take all sorts of pain medications all the time. You'd think that the GBC would condemn Bhakti Tirtha for orchestrating the severe beating of Srila Prabhupada's disciples, but just the opposite happened, they glorified Bhakti Tirtha swami all the more, and they still do. Then again, some GBC chastised Bhakti Tirtha swami for "wearing clothes that made him look like an African prince," but not for the policy of having devotees beaten?

Anyway, for the record, we think there was a problem with his relationship with Hladini and he wanted to get her out of the way to avoid having a scandal made public. Bkakti Tirtha swami later on died from melanoma cancer, and how did you guess, his followers said he was "suffering for taking the karma of followers." Right, he was not supposed to take sins of others and think he was another Jesus, but he was encouraged to do that by the other GBC. ys pd  

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